Sunday was the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Social media broke down into two camps.

Camp 1: Predominantly the Right, along with some moderates and independents.  Posted remembrances of the victims of the attack and tributes to the first responders.

Camp 2: Wokies, Leftists, Biden voters, people with Pride flags and pronouns in their bios.  Posted equivalence between 9/11 and the 1/6 protest and used 9/11 to attack Trump supporters and Republicans (most of Camp 1) as terrorists.  Some even went as far as to say 1/6 was worse because the protesters were Americans.

Yesterday proved that we are headed down the path of Balkanization.

That some people can look at the 9/11 attacks, where 2,996 Americans died, see pictures of the Twin Towers burning, the picture of the falling man, the months of rescue and recovery operations, and then look at video from a few hours one afternoon in January, where the only casualty was a protester, and say “the were the same and ackchyually the second one was worse;” I just cannot share a nation with those people.  Camp 1 and Camp 2 cannot coexist peacefully sustainably.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Yesterday was a bad day on social media”
  1. 9/11-“biggest inside job ever” was one line I saw of course with zero proof.. democrats dont need to continue with trying to divide us. We the People are slowly self dividing ourselves from these lunatics.

  2. Yeh… I made the mistake of looking at tw*tter yesterday. Controlled demolition, and how come we didn’t get perfectly-framed, high-def video of the plane hitting the Pentagon, and the rest of the tinfoillery. I didn’t see the one about the cruise missile with a holographic projector to make it look like an airliner, but then I wasn’t looking for very long.
    Also, it appears that some people who seemed sensible a few years ago are now ascribing Trump and Brexit entirely to Russian meddling, completely disregarding the underlying resentment of foreign overlords that has ever plagued empires.
    Every day is a bad day on “social” media; yesterday just a little more so than usual.

  3. And yet people post here and all across the internet, don’t make trouble, keep your head down, don’t fall for the bait and get violent, just wait to vote the insanity out, etc. Yeah, right. It’s coming to you whether you hide in the basement or give as best you can, be ready, there is no living with evil demonic cretins, they WILL NOT STOP their evil.

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