Holy fucking shit.

Many of those Americans are contractors.  Civilians who there to help the US government in Afghanistan and provided technical support to US infrastructure over there.

The government has no idea how many of these people are still in Kabul and has no plan to get them out.

For the longest time, American policy was “no one is left behind.”  Under the Biden Administration, it’s “fuck ’em.”

They are doing it to Americans overseas and they will do it to Americans here at home.

This is the death knell of American leadership, live before our eyes.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “You are on you own. Nobody from the government it coming to help you. The people running the show are absolute dog sh*t and are only interested in lining their own pockets.”
  1. I have to admit, if you’d told me a month ago the current pack of retards running things would not only drop the soap in Afghanistan, but also toss Americans in country under the bus as well, I’d have laughed.

    Someone commented elsewhere that they wondered what Marcus Luttrell thinks of this.

    I’d be more concerned about what Luttrell might DO about this.

  2. Insane, the lack of a planning here. Funny that only after the Taliban get to Kabul that we hear of the thousands of Americans stuck all over that shithole country. Not when the Taliban were stampeding across the country for weeks taking over every major province along the way….exactly how are Americans supposed to get the airport? Taxi? They should have been evacuated before a military withdrawal. WTF is this administration doing?

    And no one is going to be held accountable for those that get left behind.

  3. When my boys were boy scouts, their troop could have planned this withdrawal(oh, I’m sorry: ROUT!) Better than Our! BEST! Men! Appear capable of.

  4. The sheer level of incompetence displayed in this clusterfuck is off the charts. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. I think China is emboldened enough that an invasion of Taiwan is inevitable.

    1. As I mentioned a day or two ago, citing a WSJ article from last June: over half of all chips, and over 90% of “high end” chips, is made by TSMC in Taiwan. If the CCP conquers Taiwan, either that production will end — if the factory is destroyed or run into the ground by standard communist incompetence — or the civilized world’s chip supply will be at the mercy of the CCP. (And if they do supply chips, sensible people will ask whether the CCP inserted back doors into them, the way they have reportedly done in the past with PC motherboards manufactured in China. Good luck finding back doors inside processor chips…)

  5. Any Americans remaining in Afghanistan have got to be praying that the Taliban decide to take them hostage for ransom, rather than… well…

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