This is an old bit of audio, but it’s going viral again and is more relevant than ever.


The man did break into the woman’s house, rape her, and beat her to within an inch of her life.

Nobody came because budget cuts resulted in the local Sheriff laying off 23 of the 29 deputies it had.

Now consider on of my last posts about the massive shortage of officers law enforcement departments are dealing with as retirement and quitting are up and recruiting is down.

You can call 911 but nobody is coming.

The department is strapped for resources.

Prepare to defend yourselves.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “You are on your own, nobody is coming to save youto”
  1. part of your plan should be hound the ever loving crap out of your “representatives” until they become firearm friendly. having people who can ruin your life on your side is paramount. THIS is the biggest fight we have. and if not already, begin carrying while on the homestead. as mentioned, be observant and practice your plan. You might live in a “safe” area but complacency breeds failure. only time my firearms get locked up is when wife’s family comes over and not ALL of them get locked up… there is always one on me. oh, and many still have the “it won’t happen to me “ syndrome…then it does..

  2. Living in NH, I have noted that the local police would do their best to assist if the need arose. (We’re not short-staffed around here.)

    Still, the odds are high that they won’t actually be present when something happens.

    Be preapared.

    1. Indeed.
      The odds of bad things happening in rural areas is rather low, but not zero. Consider the machete murders in Mont Vernon some years ago. And if bad things happen, it’s a given that the police is many minutes away. For example, in New Boston, even if there are no other calls and a cop is on duty, it can still take 20+ minutes to respond simply because of the size of the town.

  3. If you have children, teach them to defend themselves as soon as they’re old enough to be responsible. If you don’t have guns for some reason, there are kitchen knives. Don’t shy away from the hard lessons.

  4. The quickest way to get cops to your home,, is to tell the dispatcher, “That is alright. I are armed and I will handle it..”
    Watch how quickley the dispatcher’s tune changes.

    Cops “on the way”, may not actually save you from the threat though. So be armed and prepare to repel boarders with deady force.

  5. Sorry she got assaulted, but I just can’t seem to work up much sympathy for people, men or women, who are too weak minded to take responsibility for their own well being. Unless she was a prohibited person, legally blocked from owning a gun, and, even if she was, she should have found a way to obtain a .22, or even a 20 gauge, immediately following the first ass whupping he gave her. Even a .22 will make a guy think twice, if she puts a few in the right spot. And one in the exact spot, and he won’t think anymore.

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