CNN: Feinstein’s body, accompanied by Pelosi, arrives in California on plane from president’s military fleet

One of the things that makes the United States different, and better, than most other countries is that all officials and members of the military take an oath to the Constitution of the United States.

They do not take a loyalty oath to any one person. They do not pledge their allegiance to the president, they swear an oath to the Constitution.

There is no “President’s military fleet”. That is an affront to me and every American. Even the 747 that the president travels in is not “the president’s plane”. It belongs to The People.

In this one headline, you see how twisted the left is.

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By awa

8 thoughts on “You can’t make this shit up”
  1. Every day there are examples of twisted logic from liberals. And “logic” is used very loosely.
    These people are mentally unstable lunatics. We the People HAVE TO start treating them like the 26% they are.

  2. With tinfoil hat firmly on—-when you see the democrats “take” the next presidential election, and the way in which they take it, remember this headline. The leftist know they have taken the office of the US Presidency permanently (their mindset, their belief) so the military is their private personal military, there are no “We The People” anymore. And I believe the leftist’s man behind the curtain is Obama. They are mocking the entire system of the USA, while they replace it using the system, via semantics. They too are wordsmiths Awa.

  3. I think this is just a case of reporters being stupid. I looked at a pic and she was flown in a VC-32 of the 1st transport squadron, 89th Ops group, of the 89th airlift wing. That’s a sister squadron to the presidential airlift group. The VC-32 is a 757 painted in the same scheme as and sometimes used in place of the VC-25 that the president flies in. You’ll commonly see them called Air Force 2 because that’s what the VP normally flies in. So calling it the president’s fleet is incorrect technically, but to an idiot that doesn’t know better, it actually makes sense.

    1. You beat me to it but a couple hours. The only thing that could even be close to being described as the “President’s Military Fleet” are the VC-25s that are assigned to the Presidential Airlift Group under the 89th that conducts the SAM/SAAM flights.
      But accuracy doesn’t get clicks, so here we are. *facepalm*
      With a 9 figure net worth and her own Gulfstream, Feinstein’s estate should have shipped her carcass back to CA and not put it on the taxpayer’s dime. But that’s too much to expect from the nomenklatura.

  4. Is it me or is the font weird?

    Also, did something happen to the login? Word Press can’t seem to find my email account.

  5. I am surprised that Nancy Pelosi would fly back on the same plane as a deceased old woman. I mean, the chance of a mix up of the two is unlikely, but it is not zero. Especially if there was a pro Trump cargo handler abord.
    I heard today that Diane Feinstein had someone as her power of attorney, for her private business. Things like signing checks, making decisions for her, medical and such, and all of the other things that go along with a power of attorney.
    The day before she died, she cast a vote in the U.S. Senate. Let that sink in for a moment. A Senator who was not competent to handle her own private affairs, due to her diminished mental capacity, still was casting votes for the people of California in the United States Senate.
    I suppose that it is not that big of a deal, what with Fetterman also being mentally not all there, but still the candidate of choice of the Democrats for the midterms last time. And we also have a President who is perhaps somewhere in between the two. And yet the Democrats are still fighting each other, out of the public eye of course, over whether they will let President Biden run again or not. Make no mistake, Biden will not run unless the leadership of the party, the REAL leadership of the party, deems it so. That rests completely on whether they think that he can beat whomever runs for the Republicans. At this point, it looks to be former president Trump, but they are fighting tooth and nail to try and stop him from running. So that tells me that they don’t think that they have anyone who can beat him.

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