I hope we never have a war between the American citizenry and the US Military.

I mean that sincerely.

The results would be horrific for both sides.

But there are some people, mostly on the Left, who think the US military would trounce the shit out of the citizenry because of their vastly superior technology and training.

That, I doubt.

The US Navy proved that today on their official Instagram page.

If the shit ever hit the fan, and the military was maneuvered against the American people, there is a not insignificant chance that personnel ordered to occupy our city streets will have their weapon optics mounted backwards and have no idea how to shoot their gun.


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By J. Kb

26 thoughts on “You can’t take on the military”
  1. Also see insane chicken wing. Might as well just hold the magwell with that foregrip position.

    Smidgeon oh credit for the giggle switch, but irrelevant by the NFA severely distorting the playing field.

      1. That’s a Trijicon VCOG 1-8x (pretty sure it’s the 1-8 model) and it is most certainly mounted backwards. Some armorer and PAO/social media specialist is fixing to have a very rough day with some very long meetings.

      2. Birdog, for a classic style scope, yes, the objective is usually larger to capture as much light as possible.
        For low power variable-magnification optics (LPVOs) the objective is often only an inch or 30mm, same size as the rest of the tube; the larger end is the eyepiece you rotate for setting the magnification.
        With the lower mag you don’t need as much light collection; and modern optics coatings have improved light transmission so you don’t need as big of an objective to get the same amount of light to the shooter’s eye, all else equal.

    1. @Therefore, beyond the scrambled eggs, the “sir” also has the “Command at Sea” badge. So that leads me to believe that that’s not just any O-5/O-6, but that’s the CO of ship. Whoopsie!

  2. This pic is getting a lot of traction on social media. I just saw it on LinkedIn; lots of comments regarding a backwards scope, officer shooting, lens caps on, etc. Larry Correa has a great article on Monster Hunter Nation, written after Shifty Schiff made comments about the US Military having nuclear weapons vs. Armed Citizens. Hint: those citizens are soldiers.

  3. If it comes to us vs the military only a fool.would go head tp head with them.
    You don’t go after the soldiers. You go after their families. When that happens
    the military will fold as the foot soldiers go AWOL to protect their families. After that
    you target the families of politicians, media talking heads and the Fed LEO people.
    You never attack a stronger head on. Always find their weak spots and go after those.

    A civil war has no rules and everybody is fair game. That’s a reality those in power
    seek to have forgotten.

    1. “A civil war has no rules and everybody is fair game.”



      “Dennis had always assumed that the combined might of our armed federal agents and their SWAT Teams, reinforced with local police and, if necessary, the National Guard or even the Army, could crush any conceivable right-wing reaction to his plan. But social network analysis couldn’t find snipers who were not part of any network. That’s when we began to hear of “The Militia of One.” In the end there were too many rifles, and too many willing shooters.”

  4. If and when a second civil war begins, the US Military will play a limited role, but a global alliance will not. What do you believe would happen if say Florida or Texas was nuked and or invaded by a China-Russia-Iran type alliance and the US Military is commanded to wait till the end then enter to clean up the aftermath. Do you think the rest of the states would resist or fold. How many Islamists and Islamist radical sympathizers would implement coordinated attacks in strategic areas of each state? And lastly how many of your 10–40-year-old children would plead with you to stand down because they believe the liberal leftist propaganda?
    Civil wars are the Hell of the Hell Holes. The worst of the worst. And the entire world wants this for the USA…….today. And someone here tell me, how will you accurately identify non-white friendlies? How many patriots remain strong today, still capable of physical battle. Have you done the necessary homework required to keep control of your specific geographical area? What organization is in place? And who will be ‘your leader’ into combat?
    I hear all types of talk almost daily at the range. Men who look like me, men with the opposite color skin who are like me, all saying similar ‘things’ that I read here today. I ask one question every time the subject is brought up, “Who will you follow into battle or are you the one who is going to lead others into hell?”
    Still waiting for a cohesive answer which strategically incorporates……fighting an enemy with no local vulnerabilities.
    Do you all believe our federal, and some of our state governments, haven’t already sold their people out or if they haven’t yet, won’t give the greenlight to a foreign power to take “The People” down if they should attempt to rise up against the federal government?
    People other than a true constitutional American own this once great nation. Non-Americans own the land you stand on today. I assert we won’t be fighting our own government, but instead their owner’s militaries.

    1. We have historical model of this — the transmississippi theater of the War Between the States. It was a completely different animal than the more organized campaign of the Army of Northern Virginia. In Kansas and Missouri, raiding parties murdered families, burned farms, and assaulted people on the road. There were death squads that would stop travellers on the road and ask them “Where do you stand on the question?” (i.e. slavery). If you gave the wrong answer, they would kill everyone in the caravan. Unfortunately, since nobody wore uniforms, the travelers often didn’t know what the “right” answer would be. The Federal irregulars were called “Redlegs” and “Jayhawkers” and the Confederate irregulars were called “Bushwhackers.” Since the Federals won, being a Jayhawk is good and being a Bushwhacker is bad.
      For instance there was a group of Confederate irregulars fighting in Missouri and Kansas called “Missouri Partisan Rangers” aka “Quantrill’s Raiders.” The Federal forces occupying Missouri in 1863 decided to stop them by kidnapping their families and imprisoning them in Kansas City. The prison collapsed, killing many of the women and children, including Bill Anderson’s sister and Cole Younger’s cousin. In revenge, Quantrill raided Lawrence Kansas and killed almost all of the adults males in the town. Many of the postwar outlaws such as the Youngers, James gang,
      Some years ago, I mentioned in passing to my boss that by family tradition, one of my relatives rode for a time with Quantrill. It turned out that his family was from Lawrence and were Jayhawkers. We sat down one day and spent the afternoon trying to figure out whether my family murdered his family, or his family murdered my family, or both.

      1. hh465, seems we have a few things in common. My Scottish family on both sides came here to work as railroad engineers and were caught up in the war. Both my grandfathers refused to speak of their father’s and grandfather’s participation in the war. It was a topic not to be mentioned. I am the person in my family who has been charged with both family’s histories and the war is missing in both records. There was one mention of whether God would forgive them for what they had done. Torment on both sides was present. Both of my grandfathers were rough, hard as nails, with no compassion except for wives. Both my grandfathers went through the 1st WW and told me that their fathers and grandfathers went through a far worse war. Killing your own kind is the worst hell.
        Thanks for posting hh465, it’s a memory lane which must be preserved.

  5. just the licensed hunters in the USA number somewhere around 30 million… as stated above, the problem is being organized and WILLING… if people can’t be bothered to go vote, you think they are going to fight??
    it would be a full on guerilla war… and the politicians should be first…
    talk of civil war is also another fear mongering tactic amunst all of the “end of the world” doom n gloomers.. wasn’t March 11 supposed to be some “catastrophic event”?? the stupid eclipse was too, yet HERE WE ARE.. live your life and stop validating the fukkin doom n gloom…. those “empties” in the air look kinda big to be .223.. and maybe im blind but isnt the giggle switch on “safe”???

    1. those “empties” in the air look kinda big to be .223.. and maybe im blind but isnt the giggle switch on “safe”???
      No, it’s on Auto; the “pointer” is opposite the lever, so this one is thrown all the way to the Auto position. And the “empties” appear to be regular .223/5.56, but are deflected toward the camera so they look bigger (and blurrier since they’re no longer in the focus plane, which makes them look bigger still).
      The real question is, why the Hell is he firing full-auto with his scope on backwards (which would be bad enough) and one lens cap closed? How do you tell if you’re on-target if you literally cannot see the target? THIS is the “amazing work of our U.S. Navy Sailors”?
      “Go Navy!” … I guess….

  6. Is the model in that photo right handed, left eye dominant? I suppose it’s possible.

    The picture reminds me of the publicity photo of Pete Buttigieg when he was running for President and was trying to look like he had a military background. He’s in camo holding a rifle. But somewhere there was a version that wasn’t cropped, and my reaction as a novice shooter is that his body language and manner of holding the weapon were exactly those of a guy who had never held a rifle in his life and didn’t particularly want to. And of course that makes since, since he was a REMF accountant, not an actual soldier.

  7. Is that AI generated? there’s no scope rings – either AI, or that particular scope has it’s base molded straight into the scope body. Anybody ever seen a scope that does that? Everything I’ve ever seen has needed rings.

  8. I will bet every dollar that pResident Briben allows me to keep in my wallet, that is not Navy personnel in the pic, nor is it an actual firearm. Props and models.
    The Navy likely hired on a media company to cover their social media accounts, and they staged that pic.
    Alternately, if it is an official Navy pic, the model is an office puke who has never held a rifle after basic, the photographer likely takes pictures of nothing but ships and planes, and the producer is some social media contractor. It was approved by some officer who took a quick glance, said “fine” then continued working through the 18 inch high stack of other crap on his desk.

  9. One point I don’t see mentioned is that I think there would be significantly more indiscriminate killing and very loose roe compared to pretty much every other conflict we’ve participated in. It will be full hate and war crimes IMO. No one is going fare well.
    Re picture. We ArE tHe OnLy OnEs PrOfEsIoNaL EnOuGh

  10. Backwards scope, handguard installed incorrectly, VFG close enough to the magwell as to be pretty much useless.
    Almost feels like that rifle was drawn from the arms room just for some photo op and not even checked out. I’ve heard tale of either rifles having to be stored in certain configurations due to how the racks are set up in arms rooms or that, if they go back to Crane for Depot level maintenance, they’re returned a certain way (scopes backwards/in the wrong location, BUIS in the wrong spot, etc.) so that an armorer has to go through everything and properly set the rifle back for the end user. I could well see it being the case that this rifle was just grabbed out of the lockup for a photo op and no one gave any thought to it’s condition.
    I will say one thing. Every time I see some retired officer get on TV or social media and spout of an dogs**t take on the second amendment or gun control, this is exactly the type of officer I think of. Not a professional in arms, a politician that gets his required quals in (maybe, if he doesn’t have them pencil whipped) and gets a few pictures to show off later as his “bonafides” in the subject.
    Funny thing, the Navy took that post down about an hour after I shared it yesterday. There’s definitely an “all hands” meeting or two somewhere in the Navy today to discuss this.

    1. I will say one thing. Every time I see some retired officer get on TV or social media and spout of an dogs**t take on the second amendment or gun control, this is exactly the type of officer I think of.
      And every time some retired officer gets on TV or social media — or runs for political office — and spouts their crap, this is the kind of photo I want to respond with, but with all the mistakes called out so non-gun-people can see them, too.
      I want the public to understand that a politician’s “former military” creds do NOT necessarily mean they know what they’re talking about. After all, a soldier with a Dishonorable Discharge for assaulting his CO is “former military”, too. So was Benedict Arnold, for that matter, and he served with distinction before his betrayal!

  11. This is all on his NCOs. The fact is that a *lot* of officers in the military have little or no combat experience. I was an active duty officer in the Army for 8 years and DoD civilian for an additional 4. I spent almost all that time in the third subasement of a building in Rockville Maryland with a very large computer and no windows. I went out in the field a total of about eight times during those years and only for a week or two at a time. I put the RE in REMF.
    Whenever I went out into the field, I had to keep reminding myself how to act. I was an O-5, which causes a lot of enlisted folk and younger officers to pay attention, even though my rank was essentially a courtesy to make my pay competitive (I was, among other things, Medical Corps, and rank is more a factor of training than command responsibility there — or was, anyway). I could easily seem myself making stupid mistakes like this guy did.
    However…. I had a couple of NCOs who made it their jobs to make sure I did OK. For every step I took in the field, one of my guys was there whispering in my ear. They may sure I looked good for my official photograph, they made sure I knew protocols, they made sure I handled equipment correctly. And I learned early on to listen to them. They had my life in their hands. I remember once being at a site in a helicopter, hanging out the passenger door with my imaging equipment. They were the ones holding onto my ankles.
    The commander of this boat almost certainly had an cadre of NCOs and enlisted who catered to him. The fact that they let him look like this says that either they were stunningly incompetent or they didn’t have much respect for him. In any case, it’s more on them than it is on this guy.

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