You don’t fix stupid by adding more stupid

The Venezuelan General Assembly supposedly came up with the solution to eliminate the Colectivos, the armed pro-government goons that roam and attack any opposition activities. Civilians having and carrying guns is already forbidden, so let’s do that again in two layers because it worked so damned well in the first place.  The Colectivos are criminals and we all know how well criminals obey the law, right?

But we cannot forget is that even if Maduro leaves, even if Chavismo is rooted out, Venezuela will still be governed by people who do not want civilians to be able to say NO with a bang when the Government violates Human rights.

2 Replies to “You don’t fix stupid by adding more stupid”

  1. Correct me if I got this wrong, but “Asemblea Nacional” is Maduro’s rubber stamp fake parliament, not the real Parliament authorized by the Constitution. Right? So the fact that they would make proclamations like this is to be expected. It has no more legal merit than any other pretend-decision of that illegal regime.

  2. An armed population is another version of Separation of Powers- no one group or person a monopoly of force.
    Tyrants cannot allow this.

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