Note: This post was originally schedule to appear on Monday as this week had a glut of articles and events already posted. But they done tick me off.

Caught this in Facebook:

ThinkprogressI saw that it linked to an article in so, I covered the browser with the proper biochem/progressive-hazard protection my antivirus had and clicked on the link. In the middle of the babble I found this gem of absolute contradiction.

Thinkprogress2aLet’s check that red line again:

“While machetes were the primary weapon used in the genocide, the government made a concerted effort to buy firearms and distribute them among elites.”

Among elites….among government elites. Among those who were politically faithful to the regime at the time and would lead the Hutu populace (already inflamed by a campaign of racial hatred) to chop and mince the Tutsies who were weaponless. So exactly how this is a ringing endorsement for draconian Gun Control laws just escapes me. If anything is a clear mandate to be not only armed but better armed that the government. Second Amendment rings a bell? Anyone?

Then it comes the final contradiction:

guns were the preferred weapon for mass killings


at least 17 percent of genocide victims were killed with a firearm.

My math might be off some, but last time I checked, 83% is a bit bigger than 17% leading me to believe that machetes, spears and even clubs created more death than guns….which were only distributed to an elite, a minority.

They want Gun Control because they expect to be that Elite, that minority in control of the guns and therefore everybody else. Screw ’em, we are not waiting for the boxcars heading East to start complaining.

UPDATE: Guess who joined in the stupidity?

CSGV Rwanda


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “You gotta love it when they make our points.”
  1. i am affraid,i’m sorry i am a christian, not suppose to have fear,but i do,not for me but for everybody,god be with us

  2. True democracy is 100% equal rights, including property rights and the right to own weapons. This is how you can determine that communism with its dictator, Nazism with its supposed superior race, and supremacy groups with their supposed superior race, gender, religion, socialism with the government running everything, the nanny’s in government (mayor Bloomberg, etc.) who think they know better than everyone else, etc.: are wrong and to be opposed.

    When only one group, for example the government, has weapons, or perhaps the significant weapons, control of all property, etc., it is likely at some point in time as the makeup of the group changes, the weapons will be used unjustly against others to take their liberty and property.

    History bears this out in the USSR. The USSR started in the 1920’s with communism. When it failed to produce goods and services, limited free market capitalism was allowed. When the free market succeeded, the dictator stole all of those businesses and farms. – This is a warning about communist China repeating history.

    God help U.S.A.

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