This Tweet from Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland.


There were a number of people pepper-sprayed.  Some sent to the hospital.  A man knocked unconscious by the Antifa mob.  Another man hit with a hammer.  A young girl hit with Mace.

All in all, very few arrests.

Weapons were not seized quickly unless you don’t count pepper spray as a weapon.

This whole situation got violently out of hand.

So why does Mayor Wheeler think it was a success.  There were no mass shootings, which obviously only come from the Right.

The Proud Boys were hustled out of there quickly.

The amount of hurt and damage caused by the Proud Boys was minimal.

Clearly, Mayor Wheeler has a “see no evil” policy when it comes to Antifa.  So as long as no crazy Right-winger hurts anybody, it was a good day.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “You have to read between the lines of the Portland Mayor’s Tweet”
  1. From what I’ve gathered there was NO violence from the Proud Boys. They showed up, walked around a little, and left. One of their number got arrested, but never touched anyone — and was blocked by other Proud Boys.

    All the violence was Antifa.

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