If our more lethal diverse military hadn’t just lost a war and hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons and gear to a bunch of boy-raping goat herders with AKs that are as old as I am.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “You know what would make this bullsh*t a little easier to swallow?”
  1. And not even self-awareness to think this might not be the best time to post *anything* touting our military prowess.

  2. Also, this clip needs to be playing on loop over every TV in the White House, DOD, DOS, and every other agency that is currently making a hash of everything they touch.

    [sarc]At least they’ll get cushy six figure jobs with MIC companies, NGOs and non-profit think tanks.[/sarc]

  3. Wokness is to our modern army what the red pantaloons were to the pre WWI French.
    But at least that army could fight.

  4. And the poster looks awful white and male in this blue check photo to be lecturing about diversity.
    How about stepping down and giving someone more diverse your position?

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