LAKE COUNTY, Tenn. (WZTV) — A mom’s instincts quickly took over during the terrifying moments a man broke through a window and crawled into her house – and it was all caught on home surveillance video.

Keane Winchester grabbed her 2-year-old son and barricaded themselves inside a bathroom during the home invasion in Lake County over the weekend.

Police responded to the scene within about 10 minutes, Winchester said. Thankfully, mom and toddler were both found unharmed.

Tennessee mom barricades with 2-year-old inside bathroom after man breaks in house | WZTV (

We are living in an increasingly mad world were the former rules of societal living no longer apply. You know longer can afford the luxury of sayin “I can’t have guns in the house because I have small children” because that can be a death sentence.

Cops took 10 minutes to get there. How many videos we have seen of attacks that get done under a minute? This guy breached in 28 seconds police was still not even notified since probably the mother was on the phone with 911 giving the initial information.

And yes, call 911 if you can and yes, barricade as much as possible, but have a tool that will effectively resolve the conflict if all barricades fail and use it to the extreme.

You watched the video and read this post. It did not take 10 minutes.

Think about that.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “You need to be prepared to repeal boarders.”
  1. This also suggests some serious caliber is needed, because that perp is clearly under the influence of something nasty. Can’t tell what but it may well be something that causes him to be unresponsive to moderate injury.

    1. True, broke that window, didn’t clear the shards still in the wood and climbed through. You know he was cut from here to there, didn’t slow down.

  2. Marksmanship. If the cpu is taken offline, the system crashes.

    No, I am *not* that good, hell, I’m not *that* good on a range, let alone while in mid adrenaline dump.

    Simply another reminder that I need to get out to that range, MOAR!

  3. Police responded to the scene within about 10 minutes, Winchester said.

    What Winchester should have said is, “BANG BANG BANG!!!”

    (That response is equally valid coming from Mssrs. Smith & Wesson, Mr. Ruger, Mr. Glock, or any other purveyor of functional defensive tools.)

    1. Also, that guy was definitely on something (or maybe off something he should be on — hard to tell). Didn’t seem to notice the pain from full-on punching the door and window bare-handed.

      A guy like that is not going to be influenced by the pain of being shot. You’ll need center mass or CNS hits; shut down the hydraulics or the control signal (the CPU, as Reltney McFee puts it above).

      Training and practice are necessary. As the good Col. Jeff Cooper said, “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”

  4. In the words of Clint Smith:
    “Aim for the crotch!”
    No ammount of drugs can keep your body walking if there is just pulp where the pelvic bone used to be. Also there are many major blood vessels in that area.

      1. pkoning: True enough, however a pelvis shot has reasonable likelihood of hitting a bone, and, with enough KE, rearranging that bone. Deleterious to ambulation.

        Failing that, there is s whole lot of verra important non-bone in that neighborhood. If the enervation to leg “A” is severed, leg “A” ceases to contribute to locomotion. If the (femoral)(iliac)(aorta)(popliteal) [depending on how rapidly your target is moving/how much the adrenaline dump affects your aim] artery is severed, it does not take long (considerably less than the ten minute police response cited above) before lack of blood pressure takes the CPU offline. In the interval, there is a progressive degradation of the ability to (move)(think)(interpret data and act upon it) [consider this as your assailants ability to target you], as the volume of circulating blood drops, and along with it cardiac output and blood pressure.

        While a shotgun load will deposit a mass of perhaps an ounce of lead into your assailant, the spread at common indoor ranges will be negligible: very much resembling the bore of the weapon. That is nothing to ignore, and is a larger impact area than your Mark I, mod 0 firearm in .38/9mm/.45/.40/.44/..308/.223 (etcetera), I am personally unclear on how each pellet will react upon impact with bone. (gotta be somebody: likely, a lot of somebodies, on this blog: who know this part of the particulars better than I do!)

        Having said all that, a 9mm on my hip may be preferable to the 20 ga I have to retrieve from the closet.

        I pray I never find out.

    1. Repeal their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of my stuff. Repel them from my presence, or this vail of tears, whatever.

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