Today it’s forcing a man to bake a gender transition cake.

Soon it will be forcing you to gender transition your child because some Progressive teacher/school counselor/bureaucrat activist says your child is trans.

If you want to know what will make me go absolutely First Blood/Law Abiding Citizen/Killdozer going for an all time casualty high score, it’s having some fuck-off judge tell me that I have to hand over my children to the modern day Mengeles for gender transition.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “You will be forced to comply”
    1. So?

      Since when has a SCOTUS ruling affected left-wing agendas?

      Like, well, how easy is it to get and carry a pistol in DC? Or in Mass-hole?

  1. OK, so bake the cake.

    Accidentally use salt instead of sugar. OOPS, sorry. Here is a full refund.

  2. So, if a radical jihadi comes in asking a jewish baker for a cake celebrating the bombing of israel, he can’t refuse to bake it.

    If some sicko asks a christian for a cake graphically celebrating pedophila, he can’t refuse to bake it.

    FFS. Freedom of association carries with it the freedom NOT to associate

    1. Yes, but that requires a willingness to obey the Constitution, a.k.a., the Supreme Law of the Land. And that is something progressives have never been willing to do and never will.

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