I am being black-pilled so hard over this Columbus shooting.

You know, absolutely know, this will be used against concealed carriers in self defense.

“You didn’t have to shoot that guy, he just wanted to knife fight you.  You are the bad guy for bringing a gun to an impromptu knife fight.”

I can’t live in a post-fact/post-context society.  I was not cut out to live in the Kafkaesque, obtuse, diktat-ruled Soviet system.

I’d rather have anarchy than that.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Your choices are being stabbed or going to prison”
  1. “I’d rather have anarchy than that.”

    To quote that Noted Moral Philosopher, Dr. Frank N. Gutter, “…and you shall have it, in abundance!”

    VJ and her soulmates will see to it.

  2. We’ve been having escalating anarcho-tyranny for decades now.
    And… Kafka, or Camus? (Maybe both?) The past couple of days, I’d been trying to recall the title and author of something I read in a bloody awful literature class back in high school, which turns out to have been The Stranger by Camus. French guy in Algeria kills an Arab, which is no big deal, except that he didn’t cry at his mother’s funeral, for which he must die. It’s not the facts of the case, it’s the emotions that count.

  3. A knife fight. That’s the narrative. Huh…

    I didn’t see that. I saw a black teen chimp out and try to stab another, unarmed, woman. In a normal world, that’s attempted murder.

    These people are evil. Flat out evil. Everything must be twisted for their gain.

    1. Maybe it was an urban reimagination of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, specifically the assassination scene?

      Then this officer comes off like a latter-day Frank Dreben.

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