Things the Democrats will defend or encourage athletes doing from the sports fieldor podium:

Kneel during the anthem? Check

Disrespect the American flag? Check

Call America “Amerikkka” and a racist, genocidal, white supremacist country? Check

Call the former President “orange Hitler?” Check

Criticize China’s many documented human rights abuses?  No, that will cause the Speaker of the House to violate your First Amendment Rights by warning you from the Speaker’s desk to shut the fuck up and play ball.

Is it any more obvious that our political elite are whole owned by the Chinese Communist Party?

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Your daily reminder that our government is owned by the Chinese Communist Party”
  1. On the surface, I think the request is not unreasonable. The Olympics are about open competition without the taint of politics.

    The problem is politics have moved front and center in sports worldwide. Which just amplifies the isocracy. If Pelosi, or any other nationally known politician had spoken out against the politicization of sports, and done so consistently, I would be fully in support of her statements now. She didn’t, they don’t. Which makes this absolutely laughable.

    1. Um, that’s what the Olympics were about in 1896, and perhaps as little as a century ago. By 1936 it was obvious that this was no longer true, and starting at least as far back as 1968 it has been increasingly blatant.

      I agree there is some way you could construe that warning as reasonable: any person visiting China who acts otherwise is at lethal risk from the Communist dictatorship running the country. This is why sane people do not visit China, or North Korea, or Russia, or other countries with similar rulers.

      I keep worrying that the CCP will (a) lock up visiting Americans with the excuse of “quarantine” and (b) having done so, will invade Taiwan while telling the USA not to interfere or the hostages will get it.

  2. I take it as admission that any US citizen kidnapped or taken by the Chinese government will be abandoned hence the warning to be quiet. The current administration has made it plain since Afghanistan they will not protect US citizens abroad or elsewhere by actions if not by word.

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