This is not a gender identity.

This is sexual predation.

This is a weak male using the language of Woke Progressivism to guilt and coerce people into having sex with him even though they are not sexually attracted to him.

This person is a rapists who uses words and the implied threat of canceling instead of fists or a gun to subdue his victims.

I keep bringing these up because there are many of you who have children.

You need to be aware of what is going on.

I know that none of you would let you teenage daughters walk dangerous streets in the dark for fear of what would happen to her.

You need to be aware of this type of sexual predator too, who prowls social media emotionally manipulating and abusing potential victims.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Your daily reminder that these people are sexual predators”
  1. Newspeak alert: “manipulative” is off limits, as are “predatory” and “sociopathic”.
    The approved term, now appearing in ever so many favorable articles, is “emotionally intelligent” – as in, “Emotionally intelligent people use this one simple trick to get others to do their bidding!”
    Remember: the Inner Party is made up of emotionally intelligent people.

  2. The people who fall for this crap are stupider than the people pushing for it. I am not attracted to transgenders. Nor am I attracted to morbidly obese people. I am not particularly attracted to Asian women, nor am I particularly attracted to women with a lot of freckles. Does not mean I am phobic of any of them, nor do I hate them.

    The scale of human attraction is not binary. One is allowed to be attracted to the 10-20% of the population they are attracted to, and not be attracted to the rest. I can look at a woman and find her attractive, but not find her sister attractive.

    Children (and manipulators) will push an either/or choice on something like this. Don’t like me, than you hate me.

    Idiots like this deserve to be ridiculed.

  3. Raise your children to be mentally strong and intellectually independent and to never go along with the whimsy of the crowd.
    Predators look for weakness, and prey on weakness. It doesn’t change whether it is a lion on the Serengheti Plain, or a sexually perverted rapist on your child’s schoolgrounds. Predators are going to Prey on the weak. Always.

    1. That, and teach them to shoot as soon as they are old enough to understand the Four Laws. Which may be anywhere from around 7 to 16 years depending on the individual. (Also consider one of the martial arts — I’ve seen plenty of evidence those teach not just physical skills but also valuable discipline.)

  4. Wow. Where to start….

    RE: “want to have kids” — Yes, people who want children do tend to avoid relationships with people who can’t have them. I have personally witnessed marriages ending in divorce over this exact issue. And yes, I’ve seen it go both ways, so SHAME ON YOU for assuming only women can suffer from infertility!

    RE: “‘super straight’ is not a real sexuality … it’s made up” — I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that “super straight” means “zero attraction to men dressed as women,” and in response: 100,000 years of human history says you’re wrong, bub.

    And right there is my problem with a lot of the LGBTQIAA++EIEIO mentality. It’s not enough that non-straight orientations are considered “normal”; it’s that non-straight orientations must be normalized to the point that they’re “more normal” than what’s biologically necessary to maintain the species.

    If it were “more normal” for Neanderthals and Cro-Magnuns to be attracted to non-procreational relationships, proto-humanity would never have survived past the first Ice Age.

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