This chart says it all.

That son-of-a-bitch out traded Nancy Pelosi.

He’s an ex-Navy SEAL who has been in Congress for four years.

How in the fuck did he learn to play the market better than Warren Buffett?

I don’t think he was building experience day trading while hunting terrorists in Afghanistan.

Does something seem fishy to you?

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Your gut feeling about Dan Crenshaw is right”
  1. Dan Crenshaw is a RINO puke!!! I hope he is primered in this coming election and replaced with a MAGA candidate.

  2. He had me going for a while. I thought he was ok at first, then little bits started coming forward. The photo with Twatts. Certain comments here and there. Then when confronted about why he hadn’t done or said anything about the J6 people being held unconstitutionally, he said that there wasn’t really anything he could do and that’s why he’s been so quiet on it. That chapped my ass thoroughly. Then when I saw another version of this chart a while ago, I full-heartedly came to the conclusion that, at best, he’s just another grifter pile of crap. I can only guess at what the worst could be. I just hope he goes away ASAP.

  3. He lost me when he supported Red Flag laws, but called them something else.

    Very disappointing coming from someone that fought to preserve our Rights.

  4. I remember when this “clown” was our the little darling.

    We gots a Clown problem on the right.
    And a Savior Problem.
    We get alot of these Liars.

    As they say….
    NO ONE..
    Is coming to save us.

    These vermin are all the same.

  5. Sadly, Crenshaw crushed his three primary opponents on March 1 with 75% of the vote. So Dan “screw due process” Crenshaw will be the Republican candidate for district TX-02.

  6. Everyone who out-traded Comrade Pelosi is red. Maybe I should say out insider-traded Pelosi since they all do insider trading that would get you or me arrested.

    Crenshaw apparently learned the lesson that war is a racket, and the way to come out on top is to be the capo di tutti capi as the mafiosa say.

  7. I suspect longtime politicians like Pelosi have learned the real money is not in insider trading but rather government contracts to friend and family businesses. 30-50%return on a few million is nothing compared to a 20+ million busywork contract every other year. Moreover the insider trading is easier to prove and illegal, but nepotism while distasteful is not. To me this graph shows who is the most inept of the corrupt political class not who is the dirtiest.

  8. Seth,

    Congress has exempted itself from SEC Insider Trading Regulations. Also other laws like OSHA and EPA.

    It sort of makes sense to exempt them from many regualtions. Can you imagine if a corrupt EPA, OSHA, and DOJ went after Congresspeople like they did to President #45 and his supporters? Except now it is used to further corruption.

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