A Virginia man with a history of assaulting cops ended up with burns over 85% of his body when his clothes burst into flames after an officer used a Taser to subdue him during an early Sunday morning DUI arrest, police and his family members say.

via Va. man catches fire after police use Taser after crash – NY Daily News.

The guy runs away from the cops, drives like a maniac, rolls over & crashes, Rescue needs to be called to extricate him, he is rescued & starts to fight with the cops, gets tased, catches on fire? And it did not happen in Florida?

And the obligatory relative comment:

“He may have a bad reputation, but he is a human being that is loved by many, No one deserves this to happen to them!”

If you loved him so much, why didn’t you do something about his constant drinking and driving without a license? Oh yeah, that is too much work.

Hat tip to Lagniappe’s Lair who should be posting more about the dog anyway!

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