On Easter Sunday, a former fellow student paid a teen $20 to punch Kelsey, according to investigators, fracturing his neck and crushing nearly every bone in his face.

“He has four titanium plates in his head and face,” Christi went on explaining a long list of serious injuries her son endured from the punches.

The brutal beating was recorded by another fellow student. In the recording, you can hear laughing as Kelsey falls to the ground. Not only scarring Kelsey physically but emotionally.

“It’s violent and evil and there has to be consequences.”

Brandison Dru Daniel, 20, who police say paid the teen to punch Kelsey, faces conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and criminal responsibility for facilitation of a felony charges out of Wayne County. The juvenile is in juvenile detention.

A detention hearing is being held Wednesday for the juvenile. District Attorney General Brent Copper tells News 2 he is considering filing a motion to have the teen moved to adult court.

Family leans on prayer after Collinwood teen punched for $20 (wkrn.com)

I am not holding my breath and expect the culprits will serve nothing else than a misdemeanor charge at the end if they plea guilty.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “Your reminder of “One Punch” damage.”
  1. Every time I see a story like this I wonder what’s wrong with the DAs in question, and why they are not including attempted murder among the charges.

  2. I’ve posed this question to people many times before, and it always at least makes for an uncomfortable silence, and some get quite upset. How many times would you say I should allow someone to punch me in the face, before I shoot them? I have too many physical issues that rule out running and at 60, as difficult as it is to admit, not a match for someone who’s maybe 20 or 30 years younger in a physical altercation.

  3. A reminder that the DAs prosecuting Kyle Rittenhouse insisted he should just ‘take his beating’.

  4. How about the 20 yr old gets charged with attempted murder for hire? I hope the yout does get charged as an adult. I know, I know, we don’t want to stifle an aspiring rap artist with a long prison sentence.

  5. The Mother said it was more than one punch? The damage is so bad, that unless he had a bone condition, I think it would have required more than one punch?

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