TACOMA, Wash. — A woman working at a Tacoma hotel shot a man who was chasing her and two other employees with a knife early late Tuesday night.

The Tacoma Police Department (TPD) responded shortly before midnight to the Quality Inn in the 8000 block of S. Hosmer Street for reports of a 45-year-old man with a knife who had been asked to leave the property.

When officers arrived, they learned that the man with the knife had started chasing two women and a man that worked at the hotel. At some point, one of the females shot the knife-wielding man.

Tacoma hotel worker shoots alleged knife-wielding attacker | king5.com

It is my belief that some people staying at places not their homes and not in their neighborhoods, decide that the usual rules of cordial interaction and overall civility stop applying to them.


An employee who spoke to KING 5 on condition of anonymity said she thinks the suspect was drunk and that workers had had previous encounters with him. She said that she had never seen the man sober.

And I am going to blame this on management. I understand that coming out of the COVID economic debacle is hard and you need as much clientele coming to your location to spend money but allowing bad guests into your lodging facility is plain dumb. In the era of TripAdvisory and instant news with long archival memory, having your hotel tagged as a place where people get shot tends to be a kiss of death for good business.  This drunk bastard should have been trespassed for good long before this and if he ever returned to the premises, call the cops and had his ass kicked out or plain arrested.

And you as a guest should never let your guard down. I have plenty cases where people have been attacked in their rooms or right outside because they are not paying attention. You do not control the points of access and exit in a hotel; you are just renting the air and furniture inside a big room.

Stay safe, trust no one.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “Your reminder that hotels and motels are not safe places.”
  1. Its even more interesting at hotels taking state money to house the “homeless”…you book and pay for a room only to get there and find they are full up…

  2. In Tacoma, only the criminal element get to carry weapons at work. For is citizens it is verboten. I guarantee you she will be fired for saving herself.

  3. In Tacoma, only the criminal element get to carry weapons. For is citizens it is verboten. I guarantee you she will be fired for saving herself.

  4. I didn’t see anything in the story about the man being a guest at the motel.

    Seattle is a shit hole and had plenty of drugged and drunk homeless loitering everywhere. Could just a really been one of those idiots.

  5. One other point, when they called 911, they were told there NO OFFICERS AVAILABLE to answer the call, as they were all tied up on an armed robbery that had happened earlier…

    1. One addtional item of interest..

      Late to the party..


      Tacoma Police confirm that a call came in from the hotel, however, all resources were already in use responding to an armed robbery call from earlier in the night.

      “If the officers were to come prior, before that incident happened, I wouldn’t be scared or terrified to be working,” she said.

      >>>>>>She says police only showed up after she called to report the shooting.<<<<<<<<

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