This is why the Second Amendment exists, and moreover, is why the Second Amendment should (and I believe does) protect the right of citizens to possess armor piercing, anti-materiel, and high explosive weaponry.

I absolutely do not trust law enforcement use of robots in patrol applications.

It’s one thing to use a robot to deal with a bomb, but I will not accept a robot bring used to deal with people.

The potential for abuse is just too high.

You as a citizen deserve to be armed with the equipment necessary to defeat whatever equipment can be brought against you by a tyrannical government.

If they deploy robots against you, you should have weapons capable of destroying robots.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “You’re daily 2A justification”
  1. It’s more likely to get shot by a ‘fellow’ officer. 🙂

    Reality: It’s uses are going to be so limited and operation time-consuming/complicated enough that it will stay boxed up in a trunk 99% of the time except for photo ops or a technophile office wanting to play w/ it.

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