YouTuber making prank video shot at Dulles Town Center

The victim critically injured inside Dulles Town Center mall said he was recording a prank video for his YouTube page when he was shot.

Tanner Cook, 21, remained in the intensive care unit the next day with his mother by his side after one bullet pierced through his stomach and liver.

Officials arrested and charged Colie on Sunday with aggravated malicious wounding, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and discharging a firearm within a building.

Sheriff Mike Chapman said the shooting was a result of a fight that broke out in the food court between both men. The gunfire caused panic among mallgoers.

“I was playing a prank and a simple practical joke, and this guy didn’t take it very well,” said Tanner Cook.

Despite what led up to the gunfire, Tanner Cook’s father said the shooting was shocking and unnecessary.

“They were making a video at the mall and trying to have fun with people and this guy wasn’t having fun,” added Jeramy Cook. “There was a phone that was around him and they were interviewing or talking to him, and he didn’t like it and he pulled out his gun and shot my son.”

Despite his injuries, Tanner Cook said it will not stop him from creating videos.

So he pulled a prank on the wrong guy and got a stomach and liver full of bullet for it.

I’m not saying it was a good shoot, it wasn’t, but fucking around with strangers in a public place is a pretty fucking stupid thing to do.

The fact that he’s gonna go back at it is proof positive that he’s a moron.

I guess YouTube fame and money is more important than not getting shot.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “YouTuber won a stupid prize”
  1. You never know when someone is having a bad day. Screw with people, eventually you’ll run into someone who just isn’t in the mood for it, I suppose.
    I make no statement on whether the shooting was good, bad, justified or not … but as a general observation, if someone is in the middle of a prank, it’s not always obvious to them it’s a prank and there is the possibility they will react as if it is very serious.

  2. I have seen enough videos of “do stupid things, win stupid prizes” with the youtubers trying to go viral with some stupid prank. In fact, most of the time, the prank is not even funny in the first place, but the smack down they get from the pranked is hilarious.
    Here is a pro tip. No one wants to see you pranking total strangers. It is really not funny.

    1. Unless you’re Allen Funt. He made it entertaining… but today’s pranking-as-“entertainment” is not even vaguely in the same category.

  3. He dindu nothing. It was just fun. Totally harmless.

    First search result from reddit:
    “His YouTube channel is ClassifiedGoons. Some of his videos include:
    “Aggressively Sniffing In People’s Ears Prank!”
    “Stealing Beds From Mattress Stores Prank!”
    “Asking Workers to Help Us Steal Prank! (Cops Called)”
    “Fake Mall Security Prank!”
    “Fake Vomiting On Uber Drivers!”
    “Fake Target Thug Employee Prank!”

    It was only a matter of when, not if, he would eventually get himself shot.”

    The “prankster” also said he will continue making such videos.

    1. Seeing that list of titles, my sympathometer went to zero, and hearing about the “prankster’s” intentions has it banging on the peg trying to go negative.

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