This Zina Bash making a “white power” hand gesture thing has reached fake moon landing levels of conspiracy theory.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, in a moment of honesty and reasonableness, called this nonsense.

It is, of course.  The alt-Right meme squads scored a decisive victory with this hoax.  Praying on the hysterical gullibility of people with TDS to make them look even stupider.

That fact that even partisan media groups like CNN and Buzzfeed have to admit that the “WP” hand sign was a hoax and this is benign, wasn’t enough for the truly deranged.

Some internet nutjob knows more about this than her own husband.

NOBODY!!!  It has to be a conspiracy.  If you asked me, having watched to video, I think she was picking at something on her arm, probably out of boredom or trying not to fidget too much on camera.  That’s a lot more reasonable than “she’s giving secret Nazi code during a Senate SCOTUS hearing.”

Hero of the #Resistance, proves that he’s taken himself apart at the seams because of a meme hoax.  The alt-Right does this just to trigger the TDS sufferers and Gu allows himself to be triggers, just to prove the alt-Right’s point.

Says someone who sides with the party that called this guy a hero and wanted to give him a Purple Heart for doing this before Congress.

Smirking like a child molester during testimony is praiseworthy.

Looking annoyed at the histrionic antics of Senate Democrats is unprofessional and rude.

This thing has no signs of ending because it’s another smoking gun that Trump is a secret Nazi to the people that want to believe that Trump is a secret Nazi.




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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Zina Bash was filmed in a sound stage at Area 51”
    1. There isn’t. There IS a lot of made up nonsense and bovine excrement, but there is no “white power” sign. Or if there is, this ain’t it.

      1. It is entirely arbitrary, and that is by design. If your attempt to obey the SJW “rules” is like nailing jello to a wall, then your very life is entirely subject to the whims of those who hold the whip hand of power. And Twacebook et al has handed that whip to the ones willing to devote their lives, not to family, not to business and productivity, not to faith, not to learning and wisdom, but rather to the use of mob power to rule others. And giggle that they can do so.

        “Nine rings were given to the rule of Men, who desire power above all else. But they were all of them deceived.”

  1. “However, Zina Bash did sit behind #Kavanaugh most of the day making snide faces, smirking and ridiculing Senators who opposed the hearing.”

    In other words, she sat there and watched Bash’s every move rather than listening to the substance of the questions and answers. Good grief! The entire world really has turned into 10th grade home room.

  2. Progressives seem to be really good at inventing brand new insults that no one has ever heard of before and no one ever will a month later.
    “Water buffalo” comes to mind as an example from a few decades ago.

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