A sign posted in a front yard brings an interesting debate. At the center of it, your constitutional rights. In the past few weeks there’s been a number of stories involving guns on school property in Olmsted County. The issue Friday is a gun near school property and the way one woman is voicing her concern.
Matthew Halleck brings his two girls to and from the outskirts of Harriet Bishop Elementary in Rochester every day. “I’m going to protect my children anyway I can,” said Halleck.
For Matthew, that means carrying a concealed gun that he has a permit for, while adhering to all legal boundaries. “It’s not crossing the street here, where the crosswalk is, it’s making sure it’s concealed so the kids can’t see it,” he said.
But Matthew is no longer the only one who knows he’s carrying a gun. Recently a sign went up in a front yard across the street from the school. It has Matthew’s picture on it and reads, “This man carries a loaded gun around your children every day.

via – UPDATE: Gun Control Issue Sparks Controversy in Rochester’s Harriet Bishop Neighborhood.

So Mr. Halleck is carrying legally even though he may had an accidental display of the firearm which is not illegal since Minnesota is an Open Carry State and the world is about to come to an end?

Since we don’t have a way to stop him, we felt it was important to notify the neighborhood and the parents that there is an armed man in their presence,” said Kimberly Edson, a Rochester resident who put the sign up. “The first couple days of school he had it very visible, we saw it and were quite concerned,” she said.

Ms. Edson who works as Head of Readers Services at the Rochester  Public Library (and apparent hardcore Vikings fan) thinks “outing” Mr. Halleck & trying to shame him will make things safer in this world of ours.

Oh well, to each their little hysterical tragedies.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “ZOMG! A man is carrying a gun legally!”
  1. “So Mr. Halleck is carrying legally even though he may had an accidental display of the firearm which is not illegal since Minnesota is an Open Carry State and the world is about to come to an end?”

    Howdy Miguel. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t seen it and and I’m always glad to hear this kind of thing in my home state. Minnesota actually doesn’t fit the definition of what I consider to be an open carry state. You are required to have a permit to carry, however there is no requirement to conceal.
    Actually if Mr. Halleck had driven his girls to school, he would have been totally legal driving onto school grounds and dropping them off. That is specifically written in the law.
    Personally, if I were Mr. Halleck, I’d consider heading down to the Rochester Public Library and hanging out. Something also completely legal in this state.

  2. If a sign like this went up in my neighborhood, I would be sorely tempted to put a photograph of the hysteric’s house on a billboard with the caption: “The Residents of this House Do Not Own Guns (but do have a nice 1080p TV.)”

    But since that would be a Dick Move, I probably wouldn’t follow through…

  3. I keep wishing for a situation where an armed good citizen saves the lives of sniveling anti gun hysterics, or the lives of their children. They would probably be ungrateful, but that is the caliber of these people I believe.

  4. Does the looney parent that posted the sign not take their children to the store, the park, the movies? Maybe it’s one of those “Moms Demand Action” members.

    I’d wager that their kids are around more armed citizens in those situations than at the bus stop.

    I hope Matthew just open carries his side arm from now on at the bus stop. It will teach the children that not just police and bad guys carry a gun. It will teach them that some citizens take personal responsibility seriously, and do their part to keep themselves and their children safe, without relying totally on others to do it for them.

  5. Karma can stink. Here is a Craig’s List AD that posted.

    What a wonderful person. (Rochester, MN)

    Kimberly Edson, of 3610 4th Pl NW, Rochester, MN 55901 (that’s right across the street from Harriet Bishop Elementary school) is a wonderful person. She doesn’t like people who own guns, and probably doesn’t own any herself. She’s also Head of Readers Services at Rochester Public Library.

    If anybody wanted to drop by and tell her what a wonderful person she is for this:

    I’m sure they would be more than welcome to. There’s also this:

    That has her picture on it. And here’s her address:,+Rochester,+MN+55901/@44.0289595,-92.5185108,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x87f75ef528b4baa1:0x600f037e3bda5dbd

    Just in case anybody wanted to catch her in between home and work.

  6. Kimberly Dawn Edson

    Resides at

    3610 4th Pl NW

    Rochester, MN 55901-7502


    Is Employed at

    Head of Reader Services

    Rochester MN Public Library

    101 2nd Street SE

    Rochester, MN 55904


    Attends Church at

    First Unitarian Universalist Church

    1727 Walden Ln SW

    Rochester, MN 55902

    (507) 282-5209

    She can be found on FB at

    “Kimberly D. Edson

    **All available publicly and most she has voluntarily posted for public consumption**

    Is it not past time for those on the Right to begin using the tactics
    used by the left when defending and advocating their positions?! Its
    time to get to work folks.

  7. She was a delegate to the DNC. (Who would have guessed?)
    She goes to a “church” that “flies its rainbow flag proudly” (Ditto.)
    She is married to another woman named Angie Joyce.
    She is a librarian, but seems to focus on “social justice” issues.

    It appears that she is indulging her activism during the day, while taking a salary from the taxpayers. And if she does put up more signs around town, as she said she would, I think she might qualify as a stalker. If you have a little spare time, call the Rochester Public Library, and ask why she is being allowed to carry on her private crusade during the day (including interviews), instead of working for her taxpayer-funded salary.

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