Venezuela Gas Trucks cannot move because not enough diesel is being produced.

Out of the 2,500 PDVSA fuel trucks used to distribute gasoline across the country, only 1,400 are still operational and the rest cannot move because lack of fuel available in their region or maintenance parts are not coming according the Diario La Verdad.

The refineries in Venezuela are in such bad shape that gasoline has to be imported to cover the slack in production. Now, how this is gonna affect the transport of food is a very important question: PDVSA trucks have priority because they are government and still are failing. Most food transport is private.  Something is bound to collapse in the already screwed up food distribution system. .

There has to be a very Special Hell for Venezuelans in the US that support Bernie Sanders.


Going about it the wrong way

The latest in Bully Victims.

I guess people are still trying to find the Kumbaya solution for bullying after it became a rally some 18 years ago after Columbine.

There is none.

In fact this video of the kid whining to mommy inside the mini van is almost a guarantee of another beating. The moment and quantity of mommy involvement in the situation will determine how much your value as target increases.  I know, I went through the whole bully shit and Mom complaining to the school with zero positive effect and just an increase of harassment and violence. I ended up lying to my mother and saying that shit was OK so she would stop going to school to complain and guaranteeing another beat down within 48 hours.

One day, sick enough of the crap, I tossed aside the “Violence is not the right answer” and “Don’t fall to his level” crap and decided to go toe to toe with one of my abusers. He was sent home with ice bags around his face after I unloaded years of frustrations on him and he did not get too damaged because I simply did not know how to properly throw a punch… but I did practice on him!.

I was not bullied till the following school year and this guy ended up needing stitches in his scalp. Even though back then a cut that required medical treatment was a big deal, so was the code of silence and the fact that the guy’s rep would be ruined when people find out his head was trying to exit through a school window’s glass thanks to my effort.

The only proven solution to stop your kid from being bullied is having him go after his bullies. II know it is a different era, so I would recommend have a recorded history of the bullying plus the attempts to amicable end the problem.

Then let nature run its course. It is a cold world out there baby and nothing warms you up better like victory over assholes.

Hating NRA is the new Viagra.

It seems trying to blame anything related to guns with the NRA produces and erection that lasts more than 4 hours including women:

Police were called over reports of a man with a gun in a legal carry state, and within minutes of their arrival, they opened fire on the man—even though he posed no threat, was complying with their commands to the best of his ability, and was even crying and begging the officers to spare his life. In response, the National Rifle Association has been eerily silent.

NRA Silent As Cop Murders Innocent Man Because He Legally Held a Pellet Gun An Hour Earlier (The article appears in The Free Thought Project, but I don’t give linky-love to obvious clickbait bullshit)

Wait, what does the NRA have to do with the Daniel Shaver event? Somehow in the minds of some feverish deluded individuals this is a gun rights case.

As journalist Radley Balko noted on Twitter, “The insanely heavy-handed police response to Daniel Shaver came after someone reported seeing him with a rifle. (it was a pellet gun). Arizona is open carry, including for long guns. So the NRA will denounce this verdict and demand better training for Mesa police, right?“

Somebody did not just “saw him” with a rifle, they saw somebody aiming a rifle from a window on his third floor room at the ground area of the hotel he was staying. And it does not matter that later it was discovered to be a pellet gun: you simply do not take chances.

Daniel Shaver’s Rifle. Not quite the easily identifiable Red Ryder.

A quick check makes me think that the Free Thought project is a Lefty Anti-Cop site. But what amazed me was that I found the link in an alleged Pro 2A  forum without any type of explanation why it was posted. Other than mentioning and blaming the NRA, this has noting to do with the organization.

Hating the NRA is an official Sport of the Socialists: I was unaware that caught so many followers on the other sides.  The Right to Be Stupid and Shoot yourself in the Political Privates is seems to be catching popularity on our alleged side also.

Bunch of dumb fucks.