Reasons to Deface Monuments are Easy to Come By.

James Woods posted this and I understand why he should be worried: The Left will always find a reason to destroy what they want

And I am sorry to say, in this case it is easy:

“In WWII the US Armed Forces were segregated and this monument represents White Privilege killing the Yellow Man out of islands that belonged to them. White Colonialism at it best! BRING THAT STATUE DOWN!”

Shit, I used Colonialism, didn’t I? I dated myself! 😀

This is my face right now…

A kid in Facebook just now saying he is “not a Socialist but..” is telling me why what I know about the Spanish Civil War is wrong.

I can literally feel the people (kin and others) that fought and got fucked on both sides of the war and are no longer with us, look up from their graves and ask: “Quien coño es este pendejo?” (“Who the fuck is this asshole?”)

And no, I ain’t telling mom.  She’d do the Evil Eye thing on him.

She is Old School like that.

And after that…

But no matter, the Confederate memorials are coming down. A couple of years ago it was the battle flag, now it’s time for the next step. All across the country, big diesel powered erasers are going to remove history. It won’t stop there, of course.

The book burning is coming.

Source: Borepatch: Using The Big Eraser

And after that:


And of course, if the ovens contravene the Clean Air Act, the Thought Criminals can always warehoused in Gulags where they can be productive till they cease to consume oxygen.


It is the Lefty way, right?


Public Service Announcement on “Taking Sides.”

If you are one of the morons online repeating these or similar “witty” idiocies:


This is your official FDA warning: You are a Genocide Denier.

You cannot take the side of the Worldwide Communist Assholes, responsible for one hundred million people in the 20th Century and assume a position of moral superiority. That you are even pretending the Left has done nothing bad since Marx penned his communist  bullshit in the 19th Century makes you a dangerous political imbecile.

Enter Chelsea Clinton:

Who the fuck came up with the idea that in this mess there is only the Nazi Side and the Antifa side? And how many morons are out there firmly believing I am a  Nazi sympathizer because I want to equally punch both sides in the face and remove their kneecaps? Not choosing between two arbitrarily assigned execution methods is not neutrality, it is common sense and self-respect.

Let me put it this way: Antifa and Nazis are not “sides”, they are targets to be shot in the face by Americans who are tired of their shit and just want to live in peace and freedom.

Does that help in making your decision ?

Moms Demand Assume. (BUSTED)

The photos of the tax form were photoshopped. This is what happens when I don’t follow my own rule of always reading the source material.

My apologies for the fuck up.

It is nothing new that I believe Moms Demand believes its followers are dumber than rocks and lies to them without an ounce of shame. That goes double for what they think about Gun People since they built and believed the narrative we are a bunch of dumb ignorant rednecks.

I just found out this little exchange from last month in Twitter.


And a bit bigger:

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.