Time to Baker Act good old Joss Whedon.

The firefly creator has slowly descended int o the deepest pits of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  He’s been told my many friends to stay the fuck away from Twitter and he seemed to have done so last year, but he returned and this one was his latest today:

Sure as hell both Mal Reynolds and Buffy would had beaten the ever-loving shit out of him.

Special hell.

Rep. John Lewis to protest NRA convention… from a mile away.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) will lead a protest Saturday against the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual convention.Lewis will join hundreds of gun control supporters in a rally against the NRA, which is holding its convention in downtown Atlanta inside of Lewis’s congressional district.
Lewis is teaming up with gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety to oppose what the group calls the NRA’s “guns everywhere agenda.”

Source: John Lewis to protest NRA convention | TheHill

And once again if you decide to drop by their “protest” on Saturday, here is the map:

The “Protest”will begin at 11:00 am and probably dissolve the second Dana Loesch start asking questions to Shannon Watts or it is time for lunch, whichever comes first.


Dear Ms. Gadja (Moms Demand Florida): Quote the right sections of the article.


Interesting enough, the researchers did not blame the “loose and deadly gun laws” in Florida:

The researchers note that their needs to be more understanding about the role race, poverty and other social pressures play in neighborhoods with high rates of gun violence injuries when considering possible solutions.” Targeted public health interventions by municipal— and state-level policy makers, starting with employment opportunities, economic inclusion, poverty reduction programs, and efforts to reduce structural racism, would likely have a significant county-wide public health impact,” researchers wrote.

Source: Study: Gun Violence In Miami-Dade Disproportionately Affects Young Black Men | WLRN

And it makes sense that guns are not the issue. All other races/nationalities in Miami Dade have equal access to guns  and they do not show the GSW rate of mortality.  Therefore other factors must be taken in consideration above the politics of it all. Here is the link to the study and feel free to read it and process it. The problem is not gonna go anywhere because it would mean the politicians would have to accept that decades of social programs have been useless.  Guns are easier to blame in front of the cameras.

Don’t settle for second best.

Have you ever considered taking martial arts classes for self-defense purposes? If you did any research on the subject you quickly realized that there are many martial arts disciplines from which to choose. If you want to narrow your list of options then consider what the best martial arts for self-defense are according to a Navy SEAL.
Jocko Willink‘s first recommendation is a gun and a concealed carry permit. If that isn’t possible then he also has a few other recommendations.

Navy Seal Rates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu As 2nd Best Self Defense

But we knew that already.

Cleaning the Neighborhood

MIAMI (WSVN) – A Miami homeowner turned the tables on a man who, police said, was trying to break into his house, fatally shooting him, Wednesday.According to Miami Police, the homeowner opened fire on the subject who had entered the home, located in the area of Northwest 71st Street and Fifth Place, just after noon.A woman who said she lives in the home said the homeowner was inside the home with their 3-year-old son at the time of the attempted burglary. She said the child alerted his father there was someone else in the house, and it was at that point that the homeowner encountered the perpetrator and discharged his firearm, killing him…
…According to the woman who lives at the residence, the homeowner was taken to the police station for further questioning. He was later released.

Source: Police: Miami homeowner fatally shoots burglar – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

This is the Brownsville/Little Haiti Area. Very humble and unfortunately some criminals make it dangerous, but you can’t escape the fact that there is good people living by the way you see property being taken care. There might not be much on fancy landscaping, but it is not overgrown either and it is hard to find a house that does not sport a decent coat of paint.

The unnamed gentleman homeowner did more for the recovery of the area than 20 years worth of politicians’ promises.

Words not only have meaning but consequences.

This is a face (not necessarily the face of the Antifas): BAMN By Any Means Necessary.

I do believe they are setting themselves for a major disappointment and possible deaths with criminal charges, maybe even a RICO beef or Terrorism.

If there is something we have learned the hard way in the Gun Culture is that both actions and words will come back to haunt us during a criminal investigation and judicial procedures. Prosecutors (and the Media) will scour your life in search for words that might be construed (or twisted) as you having a mean and violent streak. Notes from a gun class you might have taken and a stand-alone notation that says “Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out” which was intended as a joke will now be used to demonstrate you are nothing but a blood-thirsty hatemonger who always wanted to massacre people.

By Any Means Necessary are fighting words on themselves. Accompanied by violent actions are just nails in their legal coffin but they are not even registering that in their radar. They are young, invincible, bulletproof and above the law…in their minds which is a feeble pedestal that will be knocked down with a slight application of harsh reality.

It is going to happen that one of these idiotic BAMN/Antifas are going to use some implement that will be considered a deadly weapon against a person they don’t like and this person will happen to be armed and defend him/herself. And eve though the heads of the organizations were praying for a martyr for fundraising and advertising purpose, they will be utterly shocked when the shooter is sent home after the event is classified as legitimate self-defense.

And if the State’s District attorney has any lead in his or her pencil, a charge of first degree  murder may be brought to the organizers of that particular Antifa event since their actions contributed directly with the death of their buddy. At least that is what I think but IANAL.

Them Smart People are predicting more violent confrontations so be ready and act like the Good Guy & Gal that you are. I do hope you never get in trouble, but that does not mean you are supposed to get a crowbar across your head.

And the repetitive reminder to check your state laws regarding self-defense and to check with people who really know about it, not some guy in an internet forum.