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UPDATE: It seems that the creator of the video decided to remove it and a good thing that is.

For those who missed it, the gentleman in the photo pas shooting at the old Moms Demand Logo, specifically the rendition of a bullet coming out of a barrel located in the lower left side:
MomsDemandAction_Logo-375x300After he is done shooting, he brings the target back, shows his grouping and gleefully says “Happy Mothers Day!”

Not quite the class act one would expect. Plus the Gun Control idiots are making free advertising out of it.

Can we like not behave like the Opposition? KTHX!

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Unfortunately some people have more technology than brains:

Moms Jackass

And this is the video:

And yes, he has the right to be a total jackass but does not have the right to make our jobs harder.

And then CSGV jumped the shark… (YCMTSU)

I know I have to go to the eye doctor so that was the first excuse for not believing what I was seeing. Glasses wiped and re-applied to my nose, I could not help myself but laugh:

CSGV card game a

Here is the full size of the pic:

CSGV card game
Click to enlarge

What is next? Wayne LaPierre voodoo dolls?  Michael and Shannon dolls with Gun Free summer-house and pink corvette, followed by SUV full of GI Joe’s Bodyguards?

Make it official & feel sorry for them.

But..but when you invoke Stand Your ground you go free automatically. Moms Demand said so!

Wheeler admitted to fatally shooting 28-year-old Charles Roberson on May 3, 2009, in the parking lot of her Verdant Drive apartment complex in southwest Atlanta, the news release said.
However, she said she believed that she had the right to do so under the “stand your ground” law.
Wheeler said she thought her brother was in danger when she heard an argument outside. She left her apartment with a gun and opened fire, grazing a nearby woman before arguing with the man who was arguing with her brother earlier, prosecutors said. As the argument escalated, Wheeler shot Roberson in the head. She said she believed Roberson had a weapon and she was in danger and had “no duty to retreat,” authorities said.
Witnesses testified that Wheeler was the aggressor.

via Atlanta woman using ‘stand your ground’ defense found guilty… |

Damn  it… there goes the Narrative.

And I had a Sumdood!

So I get a radio call from Super-Visor to return to the office most ricky-tick or fast of whatever slang he is using this week.  When I get there, see this older guy siting askew in a chair. Super-Visor announces all seriously that the gentleman was attacked and robbed in our parking lot and that he barely made it to the office requesting that paramedic be called (only paramedics? Ding!)

I interview the gent and he explains that he was walking on his way home cutting though our parking lot when he got attacked from behind. he fall flat on his face, kept getting pounded and felt how somebody ripped his wallet off. When he came to, he saw 2 Bravo Males walking away: one with jeans and a red shirt and the other with black pants, black shirt that had “I heart NY” on the chest area (Ding!)

“Sir, which way did they go?” I ask. “I don’t know. I didn’t see them” (Ding-ding-ding!)

Police & paramedics arrive and they start doing what they do while I give the guy a deeper examination. I have to say that we must give a bonus to our grounds-keeping people because we have the cleanest parking lot in South Florida because the brand new shirt the victim was immaculate and without a single speck of the usual dirt and debris….so by know it is not longer Ding! but Quasimodo doing Carol of The Bells at Notre Dame.  I pull Super-Visor to the side and inform him that the guy is full of bovine excreta and probably some junkie wanting a free fix from the paramedic. Super gets all huffy and puffy saying I shouldn’t be so judgmental and cynic.  Of course, not five minutes later, paramedics tell us the guy shows no signs of attack and he is probably faking it up to get a shot of morphine,  courtesy of the county.

They loaded Mr. “I’ve Been Attacked and I don’t know where they went” in the “boolance” (Yes, I read them blogs too, Where do you think I got the Sumdood?) and left our place.

Knowing that I had my first Sumdood (2) made me feel warm/fuzzy even if it was not that sexy. Now where do I get my patch?

Dear Everytown: It means that 60% were stone cold sober.

More rehashing of old gun control scare memes:


everytown guns in bars

You have to admit they are crafty in their misdirection.  They cite the DOJ study and although they don’t show you the study, let’s say it is truthful for argument’s sake.

What is the argument from Everytown? That people legally carrying guns in bars will inevitably lead to Wild West shootouts. But that is not what the study says, just that 40% of convicted homicides were drunk. Now you can be drunk in your house and murder somebody, or at church (them communion wine), at a state fair, in your front porch, boating, etc. And also it does not say that they were killed with firearms, it says homicides in general but all of the above is conveniently ignored by Everytown.

And the #1 reason they mention the DOJ study? I am guessing they could not find an event where a citizen legally carrying a concealed or open weapon in a bar, got drunk and starting to shoot out the place.  Or if they did, (I don’t recall any off-hand) it was such an off beat occurrence it would make them a bigger laughing-stock.

“Well” says Ms. Gunsense “At least it is only a minority of redneck states that allow guns and alcohol.”

guns in bars

Storm in a teacup.  And we are the ones allegedly peddling fear.