Why we carry…. The Animal Rights Version

It is amazing the stuff you get to read in the Interwebs. By accident I bumped into an Animal Rights Activist messages and they are not warm and panda fuzzy.

melissa bachman ARA
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The rest is the info on her available vitals and possible relatives which I am not planning on sharing here.

Here is a photo pf Ms. Bachman and a bear she took.
bachman bear

We see things differently: To the Earth Huggers, this is evidence of murder in the first, enough to make them all mad and utter death threats. To us is “She took that huge thing with bow and arrow? Holy ***! Who would want to mess with that woman?”

Some idiots apparently do want to mess with her. I am sure she is well aware of the threats and has planned accordingly. I am also sure most of the internet Guy Fawkes are just posing, but we also sadly know that there are true crazies out there that take their crazy ways from the basement to Real Life…

…and that is why we carry.

Why We Need a Law Allowing Defensive Display of a Weapon.

The robbers eventually fled and Ahmed locked the door. But a minute later they decided to try and break back in.

“By their behaviors and from what I saw, it appeared they were trying to get back into the store to finish the job,” Dosser said.

Dosser happened to be walking by University Market and saw a man with a gun pounding on the door. The gunman then looked at Dosser.

“There’s a million thoughts that go through your head in that, you know, 10 to 20 seconds,” Dosser said.

With a permit to carry a firearm, Dosser said he pulled out his own gun and held it at the ready position. That’s when the two men got into their vehicle and took off.

“I am shook up. Don’t get me wrong,” Dosser said. “This isn’t something that people like myself that carry a weapon ever want to have to do.”

via Mpls. Man With Permit Pulls Out Gun, Stops Robbery In Progress « CBS Minnesota.

If I am not mistaken, Minnesota like Florida does not allow the Defensive Display of a Firearm. It is very doubtful that Mr. Dosser will be charged with a crime as he did stopped a Forcible Felony in progress and defended a victim. But that is just it: Doubtful, not 100% sure.

We need that 100% as the law of the land everywhere.  It is insane that we have to be legally forced to shoot a criminal or not touch the gun at all if the result is a charge and possible conviction for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. We cannot risk ourselves than an eager-for-headlines prosecutor decides he does not like you or the fact you are legally armed and sends you to the poor house or prison because he went ahead and charged you with a felony.

Our legal mandate has always been that we use the gun to stop the threat. We don’t give Coup de Gras if the subject is down and unable to continue the Forcible Felony. By the same measure, if we are able to stop it by the simple display of the gun, we have legally and morally achieved the mandate without anybody needlessly pouring blood on the ground.

In Florida, HB 89 (CS Filed) has been given a favorable by the Criminal Justice Subcommittee. This is not the original bill but a substitute that includes the possibility for those serving time for not shooting somebody after displaying a firearm can apply for Executive Clemency. If you are a Floridian, please contact your State Representative and Senator and ask them to fully support this bill when it comes to the floor.

Everybody else in other states, get cracking! Support your state’s gun rights organization and tell them you need a law like HB 89.

It is just frigging common sense.

UPDATE: Read the comment section for Andrew Branca’s input.  And get his book too: The Law of Self Defense. The Indispensable Guide to the Armed Citizen, 2nd Edition.

I believe that we should have more books about guns, training and the law than guns themselves.  This one is one that you need to have and read from cover to cover.

Again: Who is funding Moms Demand Action? The bill must be staggering

A dana Loesch tweet got me a bit of interesting info:

I went “Who is Berlin Rosen?” It turned out to be a What. A Public Relations firm based both in NY and DC. So who they work for? I am glad you asked! Among some corporate entities we have  SEIU, MoveOn.org, Greepeace, and Rock the Vote. They just were involved with the election of Bill DeBlasion in NYC and a long list of distinguished electoral clients. And of course, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

Valerie Berlin and Jonathan Rosen are the founders  of BerlinRosen and directly tied to the NY State Democratic Party via working under former State Senator Eric Schneidermanand who now is the Attorney General of New York State and take a guess who were involved in his campaign for AG? You got it.

Hiring a NY/DC PR firm is not cheap, I don’t care if they see eye to eye on political stuff. They talk the talk, but at the end of the day, cash is king and they demand it.

I am going to keep researching this little thread. Who know what may unravel. Anybody else feeling “sleuthian” is free to lend a hand.

Sunnyvale, CA…. West Coast Liberal Irony.

On November 20, 2013, the City replied to our request and sent these responsive documents, some 97 pages of policies and purchase orders. In its own records, the Sunnyvale acknowledged several key arguments relating to effective self-defense and implicitly concedes that we are correct about common semi-automatic firearms and their necessary components, like magazines. For example:

  • Unloaded firearms are useless and not tactically-appropriate for self-defense;
  • Modern semi-automatic firearms provide significant upside to those who are forced to use them for self-defense; and
  • Magazines having a capacity greater than ten (10) rounds — “large-capacity” in government elitist-speak — offer such material benefit that they are specified for City employees and provided to them at taxpayer expense

via No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: CalGuns Does A Little Digging Into Sunnyvale And Finds A Treasure Trove Of Hypocrisy.

The really sad part is that I am no longer surprised at this kind of elitist idiocy.  I am still pissed it happens, specially when it involves Taxpayer’s money…. taxpayers that are NOT allowed to purchase and possess the same type of articles The Betters deem necessary for their butt-saving needs.