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When wires cross, hilarity ensues.

Which is to say that, whether or not the allegedly well-intentioned reformers of Moms Demand Action and are aware of it, they are flirting with disaster. On the surface, Ann Marie’s grubby little hope that police will eventually “have a run in with one of these clowns” may appear to be less threatening than was Ronald Ritchie’s fatal mendacity. But, if Marie were successful, the end result would likely be the same. There is no kind way of putting this, I’m afraid: Ultimately, what we are seeing on the fringes of the gun-control movement is the suggestion that American citizens be “SWATted” for their choices — that, in the name of a political disagreement, one party calls the cops on another and, under false pretenses, puts them in harm’s way. Is this reconcilable with “common sense” change?

via Moms Demand SWATting | National Review Online.

I had clicked on that article as it appeared in my Facebook timeline and when I read the mention of this blog, I started laughing. It was a merry laugh because I immediately figured out that there was an obvious and “serious” case of garbled signals between Bob Owens and Charles C. W. Cooke. Regular readers have seen Bob in the Comments section and I have sent you over his blog in several occasions and he is a gentleman and a proud defender of Gun Rights.

I contacted him via Facebook (OK. Threatened him with a duel with Nerf Guns. Reparations must be made!) and he was apologetic. I have not had contact with Mr. Cooke before, but I have heard him on the NRA News podcast several times so I know he is also cool, specially for a Brit…OK, kidding aside, he is one smart fella, keep him on your must-read list.

I am guessing the article will eventually be fixed, I can wait. If CSGV or Moms read the article, they should be having fits as neither have much love for yours truly and specially CSGV who has put me in his “Insurrectionist/Must Be Sent to Detention/Re-Education Camp” list.

Then again, I am a suspicious person. Maybe Bob Owens was trying to get me Blog-SWATted?


CSGV keeping an eye on the Chris Kyle movie.

CSGV Kyle 2


Dear Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence:

I can tell you up front that you guys won’t like it.  He died at the hands of a sick man he was trying to help. He believed that No Man Left Behind applied even after service was over because he knew the nightmares weren’t.

And you won’t like it because it will show he had Honor, a foreign concept to you guys.