Explain this one to me.

Some months ago, Florida got raked through the coals about the Pill Mills. The cry came from far and near demanding we closed pain clinics that “everybody knew” were only selling pills to addicts and adding to the illegal trafficking of prescription pain killers. I had no problem with that.

People now are defecating bricks because the the Feds have issued orders to California Medical Marijuana stores to shut down in 45 days or face prosecution. Apparently 100% of those who go to these stores to buy weed, do so because they legitimately sick and in desperate need of the item according to the complainers.Yeah right!

Apparently geese in California have it better than the ganders in Florida.

CSGV: Humor is optional.

I am guessing that the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence was having issues with their Facebook page and they did not realize anybody could post without having to “like” them. So I could not help myself and added a comment to one of their latest rants.

I guess CSGV did not find my gallows humor directed at their principles funny and promptly deleted my post and fixed their Facebook Page so they need to be “Liked” again before you can post something that will get you banned.
You are very welcome Ladd!

CCW Saves Girl from Pit Bull: CSGV & PETA are shedding tears.

A 13-year-old girl survived a mauling by her pit bull Monday night when neighbors came to her aid, with one of them shooting the dog to death after two others futilely beat it with bats trying to get it to let go of her face.

And coming soon in the Brady Report: Concealed Carry Nutjob executes family pet.