Book Review: Pale Horse Coming.

If you are a shooter, Stephen Hunter should not need an introduction. He is one of the few writers out there that knows guns and its applications plus he is a hell of a story teller. His Bob Lee Swagger series are well know and even one made into a movie (Shooter) but I confess I have a soft spot for Bob’s father Earl Swagger. He is old school, righteous and inflexible in his mission. He is mentioned in some of the Bob Lee Swagger books, but the ones were he is the main character are a world appart.

My favorite is Pale Horse Coming. The book is perhaps the one of the best portrayals of darkest and worst examples of the human souls unchecked. The first half of the book is Earl’s travels to Hell on Earth, almost abandoning all hope and so well described your own mood will become as miserable and hopeless as Earl’s itself. The second part is all Fire and Brimstone as only can be achieved when justice is served magma hot and shoved down the throats of evil men. It is St. Michael descending into Hell to whip Satan’s ass with a crew of like minded archangels. And what archangels! No spoilers here if you haven’t read the book, but even with the names disguised by Mr. Hunter, you will know who they are and agree that you would not mind going to a righteous war besides these men.

“I am giving you a night in Dodge City, where I bet in your heart of hearts you’ve always wished to be.”

Dodge City was a nunnery compared to what’s coming in that book.

Quiroga: I hate thee.

I remember clearly that day min elementary school when a teacher read to us Horacio Quiroga‘s “The Feather Pillow”. I got home to literally beat the crap out of my pillow even though it was stuffed with some artificial filler. Quiroga was a fantastic horror writer from the early 20th Century and the absolute definition of a tortured soul. Later in High School I was treated to his Decalogue of the Perfect Story Teller and I was always haunted by rule 9.(Loosely translated):

“Do not write under the empire of emotion. Let it die and evoke it later. If you are capable to revive it as it was, you have artfully reached the half way point of your road.”

No doubt I am an emotional writer. I’ve been writing on and off for many years but mostly for myself and the occasional very non-professional works. The Word Processor and the Internet has helped me expand (and seriously get in trouble) but I still write in the moment when I am exploding emotionally about something. Now that I am forced to write “seriously” (as seriously I can which ain’t that much. I don’t take myself seriously enough) I find myself again remembering Quiroga’s #9 and damming his cursed soul.

Horacio Quiroga in the jungle, Misiones Province, Uruguay.

PS: To KJ, first article should be there soon. Second article on the works.

Safety Bullet? I don’t think so!

Sometimes one wonders what goes through somebody’s mind when they design a product, specially safety related. Although I applaud ingenuity, I have to say the levels of dangerous consequences of this particular item are just too much. The idea that if I need a gun in a hurry and I have to add two slide racks on a semi automatic to get it operational or having to chase after a rod in a revolver is just too chilling. The potential to convert a firearm into a club in the heat of the moment is just too great. And it is kinda insulting treating a 1911 (or any modern handgun) like a muzzle loader.

And the weapon’s handling technique of the gentleman is less than desirable. I am guessing that kind of safety is not available in his universe.

Combat Wombat T-Shirt: Kick ass looks doing the right thing.

Larry Correia writes the weirdest stuff. For somebody like me that is not into the sci-fi/monster/horror/UFO/Strange Creatures beat, I do admit I enjoy peeking into his mind through his books. Next thing you know, there is a great logo inspired by one of his works and the coolest thing is that his share of the pie goes to Baen Books’ Operation Baen Bulk to pay for shipping supplies to troops overseas.

So order a T-Shirt, get Larry’s books and you will be doing a great service to our guys fighting in the sandbox.  You can order via to order and click here for sizes and prices.

EPA Considering Ban on Traditional Ammunition.

Via NSSF. The Center for Biological Diversity (tree hugger,-humans-are-evil organization) wants to have a ban on all lead-based ammunition. EPA dutifully and with servility decided to try and bypass the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, a law in which Congress expressly exempted ammunition and open hearings and comments on the subject.

So time to get buys and start protesting this idiocy. You can leave your comment for the EPA here and it is also a good idea to start contacting you representatives.

Slanted a bit, aren’t we?

From KLFY, Lafayette, LA.

Murder May Be Self Defense

Doucet allegedly made his way into the home armed with a pipe wrench and in search of the homeowner.  He eventually found him, but the homeowner was armed as well, with a four ten shotgun.  Detectives say he then shot Doucet and killed him

Is it me or can you actually hear the disappointment oozing out of the article.