Facepalm News: Graiglist Car Buying. Have you gotten the message yet?

How is it that in the era of the Information Superhighway, 24 hour news cycle and other assorted informational providers, we have people that have not gotten the idea that buying a car through Craiglist and the prospective buyer/seller requests to meet at a dark & remote location at the weird hours of the day is a huge neon sign in Sensurround screaming DON’T FRIGGING DO IT!

Of course, if you had previous negative experiences and still don’t get it, there is nothing much we can do for you other than ask you where do you want the flowers sent.

According to Mondejar, he and his girlfriend met the seller of the used vehicle in the parking lot, but the seller ended up robbing them. “Everything was good, and then held me and my girlfriend at gunpoint,” said Mondejar. “I’ve been robbed before, but nothing like this.


Probably a Fake Swiss Anecdote.

Read it some years ago in the interwebs.

During the first days of World War II, a Wehrmacht general was touring Germany’s border with Switzerland with a bunch of butt-kissing Journalists. At a checkpoint, one journalist asked the General if there were plans for dealing with Switzerland in case they decided to break their neutrality. The General scoffed and said that the Swiss were not an issue and that they wouldn’t dare take any action against the mighty Third Reich. “I ask you, what can 500,000 Swiss do against a one million Wehrmacht Soldiers?”

“Shoot twice.” answered a voice on the Swiss side of the checkpoint.

One of my “Allergies”.

My “Allergies” is what I call any thing or recurring situation where danger can pop-up. Some are obvious as hell like pissing off a bunch of Hell Angels, sticking a knife in an electrical outlet, rattlesnake handling (or any snake) or trying to have a rational argument with a belligerent drunk. I know that nothing good is gonna come out of it and that I will be kicking myself in the ass later.

But if there is one thing in South Florida that will make me cringe in horror faster than Lady Gaga making out with Cher is the sight of an armored truck. I don’t know if it is my particular perception, but for some reason armored trucks seem to be hit at least once a month around here and always violently. We all should know about what is perhaps the most infamous armed confrontation in the late 20th century: The Miami FBI Shootout where the FBI went toe to toe with two dangerous armored truck robbers who were preparing for another heist. At the end, two FBI agents were dead, five wounded and the two critters were also doing their last repose on cold slabs at the coroner’s office. Just yesterday a Brinks truck was robbed not very far from my house leaving one guard dead of a head shot wound. That tells me that the critters are not unwilling to go ugly fast and that they are taking no chances with bulletproof vest.

My “medicine” for this “allergy” is quite simple: Avoid the hell out of the trucks. I will simply will not go inside a store that has an armored truck parked outside either delivering or doing a pick up. If I am already inside the store, I will seek a location as far as possible from the doors, start scanning like crazy and pray the damn thing leaves soon. I will not park near a truck even if it is empty and the guards are having some empanadas and cuban coffeee at the corner cafeteria. And I will even take it to driving and let a truck pass me or I’ll search for an alternative route just in case.

I would hate for my wife collecting my life insurance because I died because of some bags of quarters being delivered to the local Big Box store. And no, I will not ask her opinion on the subject.

ZOMG! There be Negroes at Culver’s Frozen Custard!

My take on the City of Madison News Release about the arrest of five members of Wisconsin Carry Inc.


New Charges To Be Issued Regarding Culver’s Incident

The Madison Police Department (MPD) has conducted a review of an incident that took place this past Saturday night at Culver’s Frozen Custard restaurant, 4301 East Towne Blvd. Based upon the further investigation, Chief Noble Wray has concluded the appropriate charge for all 5 Negroes is Disorderly Conduct (DC). Accordingly, DC citations will be issued, and Obstructing a Peace Officer tickets given to two will be rescinded.

Officers were dispatched to the restaurant around 6:50 p.m. after a 62-year old Madison woman called 911. She had just observed several Negro men enter the crowded Culver’s restaurant. In her initial statement to officers, she stated” I didn’t know what the law was, and I thought I should at least call so the police can come and check it out cause I didn’t want to be that one person that saw Negroes and didn’t call, and then have something terrible happen”. In a follow-up interview with detectives, she further stated that she thought it was very odd that these individuals would be at a family place. She noted she felt somewhat “rattled” and also “felt uneasy” about the Negroes at the family restaurant. She went on to say that they all appeared calm, but noted “Negroes who shoot up restaurants also look calm before it happens.” She did state that she was very concerned that if she didn’t make the call and something did happen, she would feel horrible.

The MPD made contact Saturday night with the Negroes. Upon officers’ requests, three of five produced identification so that officers could determine they were not convicted criminals. Two of five refused to produce identification and were issued Obstructing a Peace Officer citations. It was determined they were not felons.

The officers were faced with an ambiguous situation. When responding to investigate suspicious – or potentially dangerous – circumstances, police must:

• Preserve or Restore Order and Public Safety.
• Investigate whether a crime had been committed, was being committed, or was about to be committed.
• Protect the Constitutional Rights of those involved.

The complainant’s statement clearly reveals that she recognized the potential for violence from these Negroes, and it was this fear that motivated her call to police. On the basis of this fact, the MPD will be rescinding the 2 obstructing citations. They were issued in error. Instead, citations for City Ordinance DC will be given to those who engaged in the behavior that led to the need for police to be called.

The DC statute does not require an actual disturbance take place, only that conduct in question is of a type that tends to cause or provoke a disturbance

Chief Wray wants to make clear: It is the department’s wish that concerned citizens call 911 when they see Negroes.

Following Saturday’s incident, he sent an internal memo to all officers:

MPD officers regularly are dispatched to reports of individuals who are Negroes. When responding to these incidents, officers should:

• Approach the suspect using the proper tactical response. The individual should be contacted, controlled, and frisked for weapons if appropriate. Officers should separate the suspect from any weapons in his/her possession during the encounter.

• Officers should conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether any violations of state statute or city ordinance have occurred. Some of the relevant offenses to consider include:
• Carrying a Concealed Weapon (§941.23)
• Disorderly Conduct (§947.01)
• Carrying a Firearm in Public Building (§941.235)
• Carrying Handgun Where Alcohol Beverages May be Sold and Consumed (§941.237)
• Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm (§941.29)
• Safe Use and Transportation of Firearms (§167.31)
• Possession of Short-Barreled Shotgun or Short-Barreled Rifle (§941.28)
• Gun-free School Zones (§948.605)
• Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Person Under 18 (§948.60)
• Endangering Safety by Use of Dangerous Weapon (§941.20)

• Officers should verify that the firearm is not stolen, and attempt to verify that the Negro possessing the firearm is not legally barred from doing so (as a felon, due to an injunction, (Jim Crow’s Law,) etc.). However, someone who has been detained is not legally obligated to provide identification to officers if no criminal ordinance violations have occurred. A person who refuses to provide identification should not be arrested for obstructing; however, if probable cause for another offense exists the suspect should be arrested for that offense and can then be identified during the citation or booking process.

• When responding to incidents involving subjects openly Negro in public places, officers should investigate to determine whether the suspect’s actions caused or were likely to cause a disturbance. The primary factors to be considered include the location, time of day and witness/bystander perceptions. Remember that the disorderly conduct statute does not require that an actual disturbance take place, only that the conduct in question be of a type that tends to cause or provoke a disturbance.

• It is my expectation that MPD officers encountering individuals who are Negroes in public places will take a pro-enforcement approach. If the investigation shows probable cause for a violation, the suspect should be arrested or cited.


Yes, it is incendiary and no, I am not playing the race card. Discrimination is discrimination and the gentlemen were not doing one damn illegal thing when a uneducated and frightened woman called 911 and was aided by a doubly uneducated operator who dispatched 8 even more so uneducated police officers to harass citizens complying with the law and exercising their rights. Will the City of Madison will send a SWAT team if I call 911 and report a Muslim man buying a box cutter at the local Home Depot is making me “uncomfortable”?

Cheerleader tackles ex-beau problem with a gun.

How many times have we seen slasher movies where the cheerleader is the first one to get it? For one ex-boyfriend the old time movie narrative did not happen as planned.

The armed intruder exchanged gunfire with his ex-girlfriend, Mackenzie Rae Putnal, after putting a gun to her head Monday night, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office….. When he ordered the couple to sit on the floor, she escaped downstairs in her parents’ home and grabbed a gun, police said. They shot at each other and both missed.

Good for Ms.Putnal and women in general. Although the Ex had a restraining order (which was ignored as usual) she had the wherewithal of not allowing herself become a victim, got a gun,  fought back and survived the attack.

I will not make any comments on her selection of male companionship. She might need some help on choosing better specimens. Two losers on a row may indicate a problem there. But she can surely kick some butt 😉