Wheel Guns, Reloads & the Joy of Things Getting Holes.

Not a bad day at the range yesterday. Took out the S&W 65-2 for a spin, tested some new reloads and I had a great time with my fellow club members.

About a couple of years ago, I found the S&W 65-2 online for a good darn price (Under $300). It was a LEO trade from the Texas Department of Corrections and the serial number starts with TDC which is cool. The gun shows some moderate wear and scratches which makes it not the prettiest girl in the collection but she is solid. I changed the springs to Wolff’s and the original grip to a Hogue Monogrip. The S&W 65-2 comes with fixed sights and I painted the front sight initially with Bright Sights Orange although now it is sporting Bon Bon’s Orange nail polish. Don’t ask, I might tell later.

My affair with the revolver has been strange. My first revolver was a loaner from my roommate who owned a S&W Model 13 who would leave it with me whenever he went out on a trip with the proviso that I would clean it after using it. Feeling the kick of a .357 Magnum was an eye opening experience for a guy who barely months before was anti-gun. After the Model 13, came the Ruger Blackhawk in .44 Magnum belonging to my brother in law. The usual stories of being such a powerful weapon that it would either kick me to the ground or park itself between the eyebrows were quickly eradicated and the only thing left was shooting that mule with pure pleasure and being more accurate that my brother in law who was a tad miffed about it.

Fast Forward 20 plus years, several semi-autos plus long guns and I bump online with the 65-2. It brought back memories of my first time (Specially since the 65 is the “evolution” of the Model 13) and with a wee bit of cash hidden somewhere available, I went ahead and bought it. It was the beginning of a rocky relationship which I will detail later. Anyway, I found that shooting revolver has improved my semi auto shooting a decent amount. It made me more aware of my trigger manipulation and more accurate as in “I don’t have 17 rounds to spray and pray.” And revolvers are a load of fun, specially when you arrive at a match and a fellow club member stars to give you grief about the ancient gun and after the scores are posted, you find out you beat the hay out of the disrespectful bastard.

And as a payback, next match will be shot with full power .357 rounds. I wanna share the love! But in all seriousness, get a revolver and shoot it. It is way too much fun.

(more to come)

911: Oh! You magical Number you!

Amazingly at work they offered CPR/Heimlich and AED (automated external defibrillator) training not only for free but you got paid overtime for it. Upon completion, you will get not only a nice card saying you are now a standing member of those who may be able to save a life, but also a card valid for 2 years displaying such info. A life-saving set of techniques taught under the best of incentives and several individuals rejected the idea. Some even verbally degraded it with various colorful idioms.

Some of the dissidents were old farts, set in their ways and so soured with life they plainly didn’t give a squat. I am guessing that the fact that they had to come to work at odd hours interrupting their mac & cheese and that day’s episode of Oprah was too much to sacrifice. A couple of youngins assumed their gansta stances and replied with the standard “Hey man. That just bullshit. I don’t need that shit.” Other not so young excused themselves by using a myriad of reasons, but I  could read out of their bodies and verbal patterns was that they were too embarrassed to be embarrassed in front of others.

I asked one of the youngins what would he do if his Mom ( a woman with a history of vascular problems) would suddenly need CPR. His answer was “I’ll call Call 911.” When asked what would it happen if 911 or rescue wasn’t immediately available, his response was “Why it wouldn’t be?”

It saddens the hell out of me that people are willing to be mentally castrated this way. In order to save face, they rather depend on the kindness of the Government to help them get out of trouble. Then when their dreams dead stop as they hit the shoals of reality, they moan and complain and demand more government control. It is sort of trying to treat a rattlesnake bite by injecting more poison into your veins. It must hurt to think logically while pride is in the way.

I am gonna be humming it all day.

Tam’s going to Knob Creek…probably she is there by now. She composed a little verse in celebration.

Beltfeds and subguns and antitank rifles,
Loud GE Gatlings that ear muffs can’t stifle
Cannon and mortars and Tannerite fun
These are a few of my favorite guns!

I am gonna be humming it all day long while soaking in envy. Nothing like full auto to brighten up your life. Tam, enjoy  it for us mere mortals.

The Grimnoir Chronicles: Dark, twisted and 100% Correia.

Larry Correia is one of my favorite authors and also a self-appointed sadist to his fans. Right now he is offering a sample of seven chapters of his next work: The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic so we can literally beg and threaten him with a copy of the book.

The book won’t be released till next year (remember the part about self-appointed sadist to his fans?) but it is already drumming up a storm. If you haven’t read anything of Larry’s, check his blog or buy his first book: Monster Hunter International which Larry also gives a taste for free here. If you like it, be ready: Monster Hunter Vendetta is coming in September.

Our “Kooks” versus theirs: The value of hypocrisy

So a big deal has been done in the LeftBlogs and the Traditional Media about this group that allegedly wanted to kill cops. They are just foaming at the mouth and asking for God to deliver Fire & Brimstone to the Conservatives for sins not committed against Law Enforcement. And it struck me funny that they are so pro-cops all of the sudden.

You see, if the Hutaree were really planning on killing police officers, we will be the first to go volunteer as jurors and convict their sorry asses to the deepest dungeon or nastiest penal colony in the nation. However the Left has a funky view of Cop Killers: They celebrate them! You think I am kidding? Check the great efforts made by the Left to liberate Mumia Abu-Jamal giving them accolades and even the French renaming a street after the vermin. Yet we are the ones that celebrate violence and we are the obtuse.

How do we want to treat child molesters and rapists? Gimme a rusty hacksaw, some ammonia and a tarp. Come back in an hour with the mop and a bucket. However the Left is willing to give a pass to scum like Roman Polanski who drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13-year-old girl. Liberal Uber Idiot Whoopi Goldberg went as far as saying that “It wasn’t rape-rape.” And like her, many Hollywood types jumped in the same bandwagon.

And don’t make me go inside the hallowed walls of Congress. You should know at least one case were a Republican screws up and has to renounce in shame and half a block ahead of the tar and feathers of his own people. The Left will go into the Betty Ford Clinic mode (I know I am showing my age) having the particular culprit give an “emotional” and “heartfelt” apology, send him to a rehab clinic and re-elect him again for the same seat.

So assorted Left Wing idiots, spare me your staged indignation. Nobody is buying.

Death Prescription.

David Codrea brings us the health tip of the day courtesy of Kaiser Permanente. It seems that among the many things you can do to improve your quality of life such as wearing a seat belt, eat fruits and vegetables or drinking fluids, you should unload and lock away all your firearms.

As I am reading this, I have the TV on in the background where I can hear our local Murder und Mayhem TV station providing info on a home robbery invasion that happened in Plantation, nearby beautiful Fort Lauderdale.

Police said, at around 12:34 Tuesday morning, an intruder stormed into the home along Northwest Sixth Court and 75th Terrace and tied up and robbed the couple inside. “I heard some shots,” said Adino.

Neighbors said even though the husband cooperated with the intruder and handed over valuables, he was shot dead. “Why did they kill him? She said they gave them everything that they have, so why did he kill him,” said Adino, baffled.

So how are these two items connected? They are not… yet.

You know it will happen eventually. Somebody will actually heed the “Health Care Professional’s” advise, secure his or her firearms and get killed by those stupid instructions. If we are lucky, a huge and necessary lawsuit will ensue and send a company into a tailspin. Pundits will come out to defend the imbecile that came up with this amazing stupidity and point out that you actually have no chance to defend yourself in this situation. The usual fake statistic researches will pop out telling you that you are more liable to die with a gun in your house and the victim will be blamed for having appealing consumer goods in the household that attracted the poor criminal who has been denied the good things in life by an uncaring society. Of course the NRA, SAF, GOA, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, El Niño, Global Warming, Gun Bloggers, and a slew of others will get a lion’s share of the blame for not contributing with the creation of Walden 2 as the Gods of Progressive Thinking have intended.

If you happen to be under the care of a physician or medical group that subscribe to the idea that you are a stumbling idiot and must be kept disarmed in the name of political correctness, I suggest you print out a copy of this form and have them sign it: FIREARMS SAFETY COUNSELING REPRESENTATION: PHYSICIAN QUALIFICATIONS AND LIABILITY and them promptly ignore their advice. Remember that those carrying a stethoscope are harmful to your health.

UPDATE: More info on the murder. It was also a double murder attempt and arson. The Scumbag set the house on fire with the wife tied inside the house and a 5 year old sleeping. When apprehended, tried and convicted, I volunteer to push the IV with Drano in his ass.

Spring Sunday in Miami. Shooter’s Style.

A lazy Sunday. 77 degrees, cool breeze of 14 miles per hour and a humidity of 45% makes for a great time to spend time in the porch doing IDPA Scores and casting some bullets.

And that would be basil in the pots. Out of view we have parsley (two kinds), rosemary, oregano, Bay tree, cilantro, dill and I forget what else.

Next time you are grilling and a minute before serving, drop a 6 to 10 inch branch of rosemary in the coals and close the grill. The smoke will give a slight rosemary flavor to your meat or fish without overpowering any other flavors. The smoke will also scare away mosquitoes and other bugs.