We’ve seen a number of isolated Islamic terrorist attacks in the US.

American first responders and law enforcement have training and procedures in how to deal with them.

Even in a mass shooting event like Uvalde, which wasn’t Islamic terrorism, where police failed to respond adequately, the victims were isolated to one room. The Pulse nightclub shooting was the same.

Israel prepared for attacks by one or two terrorists going after cafes or buses.

A few hundred to few thousand terrorists crossing the border en masse overwhelmed the Israelis ability to respond and caused disproportionately more chaos and casualties.

I think this is the next step.

Have a few hundred or few thousand Islamic terrorists enter the US and congregate in a couple of large cities.

Then attack all at once.

It would overwhelm law enforcement.

There aren’t enough SWAT teams to deal with a thousand active shooters in a city.

The Army or National Guard couldn’t be activated fast enough to respond.

Such an attack would last for days and kill many thousands of Americans.

I believe that people like this are entering the US and waiting until they reach a critical mass to pull off a 10/7 type attack.

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By J. Kb

25 thoughts on “10/7 is coming to the US”
  1. If they follow the Hamas stylebook, it’ll involve hostages. Given that their attack will likely be on denser areas, it’ll likely have a high proportion of liberals/leftists. I’ll be interested to see how those hostages who are of that ilk (and their friends/family) spin the situation and if any have an epiphany.

    1. Re epiphanies, that would require some ability to correlate past and present with expected outcomes, plus a bit of abstraction. Many people – not just leftists – are not very good at that.
      Instead, I’d expect a “give in to their demands” outcry more than anything else, tbh. Not that that would resolve anything in the short term, let alone the long.

  2. That reminds me to load a few more magazines … and make sure Mrs B remembers the labeling scheme for “this is ready for use.”
    Reorganizing the workroom / gun room / secret lair. Again. Still.

  3. Finished Kurt Schlicter’s latest book – The Attack – last night. It is exactly the widespread terrorist attack you describe.

    Which got me to thinking – Tom Clancy wrote Debt of Honor in 1994, in which a Japanese pilot flying a 747 flies it into the U.S. Capitol. In 2011 Muslim terrorists did just that with the World Trade Center buildings and Pentagon.

    I wonder what the timeline will be between Schlicter’s book and the Real Event. In any event, I ordered more ammo this morning.

    1. Ever read Clancy’s “Teeth of the Tiger”?
      There’s 4 simultaneous (relatively) “mass shooter groups” who sneak in through Mexico.
      2003 it was written.

  4. That’s not what scares me. What scares me is the enemy going out to attack random places in rural America. We know the cities are death traps. Can you imagine the freakout if people get slaughtered in the middle of nowhere? Can you imagine what a democrat admin would be able to push through congress to thunderous applause? You think the patriot act is bad….

    1. In Schlicter’s book the last chapter deals with that. I think he, unfortunately, credits government with a very great deal more common sense than it has or will ever possess; the four-letter words we have in Congress and government – especially in Congress, the Executive branch agencies and the White House – would look at such a situation as an opportunity to grab more power.

    2. That scenario has been around since 2002. Don’t be mistaken, I think it is likely and well rehearsed.

      Consider this: there’s a camp of Islamic fundamentalists in rural Broome Co., NY. About 1.5 hrs from NYC and 25 min from Binghamton, NY. Locals used to report (believe me, they would know very well) the sound of routine practice with 7.62×39 AK style carbines and 7.62×54 rifles. Haven’t heard much about this area as of late, but it was going quite well around 2013 – 2014.

      1. There are “Islambergs” all around the country. And, yes, that’s what they call themselves.

    3. My wife postulated the “rural” case quite a while ago. The counterargument that comes to mind is that cities are often defenseless-victim zones while rural areas (with the possible exception of a few retarded far-left states) are full of people able to defend themselves and their neighbors.

      From reading Caroline Glick’s articles, I get the impression that 10/7 was in significant part an intelligence failure brought on by senior people being 100% focused on getting rid of Netanyahu, and not at all on the safety of the country. Add the fact that Israelis don’t have the right to keep and bear arms unless they are in some special favored category. So the “overwhelmed” point is in many ways similar to the “big city terrorist attack” case in the US.

    The Attack Kindle Edition by Kurt Schlichter (Author)
    Get copies and give it to your local Mayor, police Chief, and Sheriff
    Give paperback copies to your friends for birthday, Christmas, etc
    Get other people to read this book – copy and paste the URL everywhere you think thinking people might see it

    1. Don’t forget “Day of Wrath” by William Forstchen. First book I read that left me seething in anger, though “The Attack” came close.

  6. OT news – just saw that DeSantis rather gracefully conceded and dropped out of the primary race.
    Sorry, @Miguel. Hopefully he will run again.

  7. Amigos, you overlook the vast number of muzlords that the gubment has openly brought in. Check out the Somalis also. Anyone want to venture a guess as to what the shipping containers that haven’t been inspected might have inside? Electrical grid is vulnerable. Recall the California transfer station that was targeted a few years back? Put hundreds of thousands in the dark. No one was caught either.
    The options are not pleasant. Big cities gonna pay the price.

  8. The trick would be sneaking hundreds or a few thousand terrorists into the country and then coordinating such an event. That requires communication between groups. Such communication exposes the plan to being intercepted by the Fed Gov allowing such a plan to be if not thwarted then mitigated. So if such an event happens successfully it would imply the Fed Gov was complicit. If 10 patriots get together to discuss the problems in DC 5 of them will invariably be Fed agents. So they DO know what’s going on. So when something happens involving several people it would mean the Feds approved it.

    1. Re coordination, nah. Preset the day and time. That way there’s no chatter as such, and if a single cell is broken, there is no comms chain to penetrate to find the others. Even if you know the day and time from that one cell, there are far too many possible targets to cover them all.

      1. Preset the day and time to do WHAT? For them to accomplish an event on par with the 10/7 Israeli attack MANDATES planning, cooperation and communication. Otherwise it just a bunch of random incidents lacking the political effect of a coordinated attack. Will some of these invaders commit terrorist attacks. Almost certainly. But without massive efforts involving the above such attacks will be minor isolated events.

        1. The terrorists have the advantage of time and surprise.
          The pre-established date and time doesn’t have to be next week, or next month, or even next year. It could be years from now, and in the time between now and then the standing orders are “get in and get ready”, and then they just wait out the clock. (And that’s assuming they start now, and haven’t been moving people across the border and into place for the past several years already.)
          10/7 required far too much preparation and planning for it to be an off-the-cuff ad hoc attack. It was in the works for years. A similar attack on American soil would be no different.
          Oh, and RE: If 10 patriots get together to discuss the problems in DC 5 of them will invariably be Fed agents.
          This is true, but if we’re discussing the possibility of a 10/7-style attack, we’re not talking about patriots, are we?
          The question then becomes, “If 10 Islamic immigrants get together to discuss … well, anything, up to and including an attack on U.S. soil … will ANY of them be Fed agents?” And I propose the answer is “No”, because Islamic immigrants is not the demographic the Feds have been told is the “greatest threat”. (That would be white conservatives, patriots, NRA members and 2A enthusiasts, Oath Keepers, and “III%-ers”.)

    2. Coordination: that’s easy. First of all, strong crypto is available. Apart from that, just because the government could intercept communications doesn’t mean they would, much less that they would act on it. Do you think PC agencies are going to spy on domestic terrorists belonging to a politically favored religion, or worry about the possibility that their communications might have evil purposes?

  9. thexrayboy: suppose the actors were pre briefed, ref day, date, time, and designated target? Suppose with (what? 500 k “migrants”? Isn’t that around 50-FIFTY!- divisions?) enough personnel, you do not really care if everybody acts as planned? Hell, even if only 3 % of he entrants are malefactors, 3 % of 500,000 folks is still 15,000 actors, and, as has been postulated elsewhere, a dozen trained actors could shut down a large city, unaided. So, if one “only” had a single division of operators, who were trained, had their plan briefed to death, and were unopposed (at least initially), just how much damage could they do, both directly, as well as from follow on effects?

    As one fellow said, “that’d be a cut so large, wide, deep, that a Comanche warrior would look at it, and mutter, ‘Dayyy-ummm!'”

  10. “Wound my heart in a monotonous languor”

    That was the message, broadcast in the clear, in French, by the BBC over commercial radio, to the French resistance to indicate the D-Day invasion was imminent, and that it was time to start the sabotage campaign in earnest. The Germans heard it, understood what it meant, but did not know what the exact timetable was. Neither did the French, other than “very soon.” That was all that was needed.

    The same principle would work just fine to trigger action on the part of embedded terrorist groups. No one in any of the groups (composed of small cells, 4-6 members each) would have to know anything except “when you hear the message go kill Americans.” They don’t have to know anyone outside their cell, or for that matter, anyone in their cell, just have the tools, training and ambition. The perfect wind-up toy, replicated thousands of times across the country.

    How do you get the message out? During their training teach them to listen to specific local news programs on TV or radio every day at a specified time; when The Day arrives just buy time for an on-air commercial on those stations and include the message. The U.S. has 4 time zones – noon in NYC is 1100 in Little Rock, 1000 in Denver and 0900 in LA; the commercial runs at the appropriate time in each area so the event kicks off everywhere at the same time, overwhelming.

    Or, issue everyone a burner phone, crippled so it cannot send a message but will receive one, and send a mass text. There are any number of methods available for initiating the action. The point is, all the heavy lifting – the training, psych stuff, education, location of “tool storage” etc. is done “off site” – once they cross the border in Eagle Pass they will have no further contact except, at an indeterminate time, the activation signal. Days, weeks, months, years, it doesn’t matter. No comms so nothing to detect and analyze. NSA will be sitting on their thumbs in the dark and rotating.

    As for numbers, Christopher Dornan tied up southern California for weeks with very limited assets, and he wanted to survive (probably, at least at the outset). With a few more assets – I’d guess 4-5K nationwide – and a simple plan – “if it’s not you or your buddies in the cell, kill it however you can, wherever you can and rape it if you want” – and with the promise of 72 virgins awaiting, post-event survival is not an issue.

    Frightening because it is so simple. And Suzy Creamcheese at the mall or grocery store with her toddlers doesn’t stand a chance; neither does her husband Bob at the office.

  11. There is always a silver lining. During covid it was parents awakening to what was happening in public schools.
    If a 10/7 attack happened here, attacks on the 2A would cease for a couple of decades.

    1. I respectfully disagree (as much as I wish I didn’t).
      If a 10/7-style attack happened here, the antis would be crying and wailing about how the easy access to guns allowed the terrorists to arm up with military-grade hardware and thousands of rounds of ammunition and bring the battlefield onto our streets, and how we NEED to repeal the Second Amendment and pass “common-sense gun restrictions” NOW.
      It doesn’t matter that attacks like 10/7 also happen in nations with strong “gun control” laws.
      It doesn’t matter that a “terrorist attack” is NOT a “battle” waged on a “battlefield”.
      It doesn’t matter that commercially-available guns are NOT “military-grade”.
      It doesn’t matter that in much of America undocumented and/or illegal immigrants don’t have the IDs necessary to buy retail guns (can’t submit a NICS check without photo ID … and only Leftist states give driver’s licenses to illegals).
      It doesn’t matter that if any terrorists DID bring full-auto AK clones with them — probably Chinese, probably “liberated” from a Central or South American government armory, and almost certainly acquired illegally — they did NOT get them here.
      It doesn’t even matter that all their accusations and rhetoric is based on a pack of lies, and it won’t matter if armed citizens successfully halt an attack, or several attacks.
      The pro-2A community will be blamed, and the Second Amendment will come under even more focused attack. You know the media will eat that s#!t up and broadcast it loudly and often — the lie will travel around the world twice before the truth gets its pants on — and the low-information rubes will believe it and vote accordingly.

      1. Archer, you beat me to responding to SJ_VB, and I was thinking exactly what you posted. Absolutely right Archer. Liberal leftists hate the truth, can’t determine the truth, and are victims of the truth on any political subject and that goes double on the subject of guns and gun ownership.
        If the second amendment national community overwhelmed every 10/7 type attack, the ‘victim class leftist’ would cry rivers and scream from the rooftops and BLM combined with Antifa and other radical groups would march on government buildings everywhere demanding the nation be transformed into one giant safe space.
        And the global elite would become involved on every level. It would transition into a physical second civil war—right not we are in the beginning stages of a second civil war.

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