Month: July 2011

Chiappa: Bankruptcy Made Easy.

So, you have a new take on an old firearms design. The first production models come out and get mixed reviews from firearms experts. Still, your gun is so Buck Rogers looking and the the perceived recoil so minimal it appears you may have some success and market share in the very competitive US market. So, what should you do to ensure you don’t sale enough guns to buy printer ink? Insert not one but two RFID chips in your gun to track it from production to final ownership and beyond.

Smooth move from Chiappa Firearms! Yep, according to a news release, Chiappa guns will be tagged and you can rest assured any gun you buy from them will be able to be traced.

From the press release in Italian and using Google Translate:

Designed specifically for the delicate application, this system has implemented solutions to overcome the limitations of the TAG application, from a strong presence of metallic masses, while respecting the aesthetic product.
The microchip is a writeable, even in stages, which can be inserted in both the visible and protected in that weapon. It ‘hard to removable without significantly altering the characteristics of the weapon and then accompanied the weapon forever, providing all information earnings – and upgradeable – the production cycle, as well as information commercial property on registration and data.

Seriously? Who is in charge of your market research? Sarah Brady?

H/T to One Inch Group

UPDATE 7/28/2011: MKS Supply Inc. the US marketer for Chiappa Firearms has something to say about the chips.

CSGV: We make it up as we go.

Taking a cue from ATF, CSGV now has coined a new expression for the multiple long gun report requirement:

This creates the idea of crates upon crates of machine guns being dropped in elementary schools during recess so youngings can shoot each other over marbles and which Transformer is the coolest. The DOJ language is a bit more simple and equally stupid:

two or more semiautomatic rifles greater than .22 caliber with detachable magazines

Behold the most dangerous assault weapon in our country! The Ruger 10-22!

About the only bulk here is the BS coming out Ladd Everitt.

CSGV: We need more laws!

Once again doing my rounds in the Facebook page of the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence.I see their celebration about the new law proposal by the Congressional Caucus To Cover-Up Operation Fast and Furious.

The new proposal brings nothing new other than an extended 10 years in a federal pen and, if I read it right, eliminates the monetary punishment altogether. Now, the issue is not that we need a new law but that the laws we have get enforced and that once convicted, the criminals serve the time they deserve.

I was doing a little reading on this Operation Castaway thing which some say id Fast & Furious part deux. According to the BATF release, “Hugh Crumpler, III (age 63, of Palm Bay) was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for dealing firearms without a license and unlawfully possessing short barreled rifles.” Now, violations of NFA top at 10 years & $100,000 per violation. Each gun is a violation according to the actual law. Now check the pic below and just count the short barrel ARs.

That is a grand total of 12 SBRs (Short Barrel Rifles) for a grand total of 120 years of hard time. Add to that again the BATF release where it says that “Crumpler has trafficked, for several years, more than 1000 firearms to various groups and defendants who have exported these weapons all over Central and South America and to Puerto Rico.” That is an additional 10 years plus $100K per gun sold (1,000 weapons times 10 years = 10,000 years.) And yet, somehow Mr.Crumpler gets sentenced to 30 months?

Even if Crumpler cropped a deal with ATF and the prosecution and manages to deliver the heads of all the capos of the Mexican Cartels in a platter to the office of the Director of the ATF, it does not begin to cover for committing 1,000 federal firearm crimes.

While this crap happens, CSGV and the rest of the Anti-Rights groups take up the airwaves and cyberspaces to blame Gun Owners for gun trafficking to Mexico.

At least Mr. Crumpler was not caught passing bad checks in Florida or he would be facing 5 years in Rayford instead.

A quick thought on National Right to Concealed Carry.

A National Right to Carry Bill brings a smile to my face. Apart from the obvious, the thought of Criminals in places like New York or L.A. having to rethink the idea of hitting tourist is just too much not to enjoy. I can envision a couple of thugs scratching their plans to attack a couple of tourists because they found out they sound or look like they are from Florida or Texas or whatever “retrograde” state we might come from.

NYC would benefit enormously from the Tourist trade: Not only we would bring our monies to town, we get to reduce the crime rate without any additional expenditure for cops or equipment.

I’d see t-shirts like this becoming popular:

“I reject your reality and substitute my own.”

CSGV had a link to a blog/webiste/whatever where Dr. Art Kamm riles against the NC bill that allows guns in places where alcohol is sold. As I read the article, I could visualize a fella in white medical coat, nametag, stethoscope around his neck (and don’t ask me why, a crappy mustache and wire-rimmed glasses) using a fatherly yet stern voice while warning us about the “disaster” that mixing guns and alcohol would be.

He closes his article with the following jewel:

And for those who might say as this has not occurred it is not a problem, go to my first article (link here) where it is explained that it is not history, but rather potential, that is central to enacting commonsense safety regulation.

Wait..WHAT? I could not myself and engaged the good doctor (specializing in Dermatology) and pointed out that Florida possesses a 23 year history of guns in restaurants without wild shootouts but he basically chose to ignore the facts because they interfere with his proposition and “belief.” The final nail in his self-interment was to quote the infamous Kellerman 43 times study which pretty much is an indicator the person bringing it out is a political hack and a statistical moron.

I did wave him goodbye with this final post:

One last thing Doctor: Should you be arrested and jailed for rape even though you never committed such crime? According to your final statement you have both the potential and the equipment. Past history of your behavior, morals and honesty should not be considered, right?

I wonder if he will go the Japete route with that comment…

Big PS: Do enjoy Sean Sorrentino’s comments, he took the good Idiot to task.