Month: September 2011

CSGV Luddite of the Day: Andrew Goddard

About a month and a half, the first anniversary of Virginia allowing Citizens legally carrying guns into bars and restaurants gave us the report that not only there were neither “shoot outs” or “blood running down the dance floor” as we all expected. If anything, a drop in crimes involving firearms dropped; again, nothing we did not know.

Tomorrow, a similar legislation starts in Ohio. CSGV and the rest of the usual suspects are once again losing their minds and warning of impending massacres for a missing olive in the appletiny. But the cake was olympically taken by Andrew Goddard, father of Colin “I can see chewing gun under the desk” Goddard:

The amount of mental acrobatics used by Mr. Goddard . by pulling a statistical bunny out of the illogical & irrational Top Hat is so impressive by comparison makes Cirque du Soleil look like a bunch of comatose paraplegics taking a nap.

But their delusion is helpful. As long as they keep upping the loco ante, the more people will see them for what they are and the more irrelevant they become.

And we win.


Even though reloading (or hand-loading) can be a chore, I do admit I like it. It submerges me in a sort of meditative state and blocks the BS that might be floating around inside the empty spaces in my head. For somebody who can barely differentiate between grit 100 sandpaper and a silk scarf by touch, the fact that my fingers can detect a small imperfection on a case mouth when I am reloading amazes the heck out of me.
And, of course the fact that I can crank ammo at whatever time I want without having to wait for the store to open is a big plus. Tailoring your rounds to the gun or the goal you want achieve (No, I don’t do IDPA gaming rounds. My bullets do not bounce of the cardboard on cold days) will teach you more about ammunition than 300 hours of cool tactical TV shows.

But sure as hell I am getting a progressive. This thing of getting old and cranky is a biotch 🙂

The Coalition to Stop Explosives Violence?

Wait, I thought you guys were only interested in Gun Violence and not on an apparent nutjob with a crapload of explosives.

You were just bitching about Cam Edwards talking about issues other than guns in NRA News.

I know that the goal on the first was to add to the “ZOMG They are Insurrectionists!” Meme (which by the way, it is not an insult or derogatory in case you haven’t noticed) but what you guys achieved was to show everybody that CSGV despises the First with the same fervor you show for Second Amendment and just in a couple of posts.
Doing a great job there, keep at it!