Month: January 2014

Because, you know, we are cowards.

Livingston, a graduate of West Point and former Army Ranger, was trained in medicine at Johns Hopkins. He has written books and spoken about many things, including suicide and grieving. I contacted him Saturday afternoon for commiseration and told him about my sense of resignation — those things that seem to be in the American blood, guns and violence as a solution. Livingston agreed we’ve been on the wrong track for too long.

“Anyone who believes that they need to go about the world while armed has proven their cowardice,”

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Which is the reason cops and soldiers, including Army Rangers, go about the world carrying a can of wasp spray and a bag of Cheetos.

Hat tip to @SFDB via Twitter.

Advice that kills: Wasp Spray.

[ Durham County sheriff’s deputy Michael] Lemay recommended that the woman keep two things by her front door: a whistle and a can of wasp spray.

“It shoots 20 feet, it’s cost-effective and it does the job,” Lemay said.


As somebody who has dealt with a wasp colony or a couple of dozens in his life, I can attest that the only way that wasp spray does good against wasp is if you place a flame between the can and the target. and create your own makeshift flame-thrower. A human attacker is a wee bit bigger than a wasp and unless you manage to convince him to stand still, open his mouth and ingest the contest of the can, the wasp spray is not gonna do squat.

A very physically fit couple in Seattle found out the hard way that bug spray is for bugs. One Ken Boonstra apparently wanted to play “let’s make a snuff porn video,” broke into their house and after liberal applications of wasp spray and a baseball bat, Mr. Boonstra failed to get the memo about surrendering. The wife had to retrieve a kitchen knife and apply it liberally to various parts of Mr. Boonstra’s anatomy until he gave up enough blood to depart this earth.

Again: a very fit couple (Both into the Crossfit scene) used a baseball bat and a can of wasp spray without results. Only when a knife (a deadly weapon) was introduced, the struggle finally tilted in favor of the good guys.

Now, if we could make a request to the Durham County Sheriff and ask him to have Deputy Lemay swap his sidearm and carry only a can of Wasp Spray when patrolling the streets…….. nah, not happening.