Month: May 2014

The Elliot Rodger Aftermath: CYA Drive Engaged.

Before a half-dozen sheriff’s deputies knocked on Elliot Rodger’s door last month in response to concerns raised by his mother about his well-being, they could have checked the database and discovered he had bought three 9mm semiautomatic handguns. Several law enforcement officials and legal experts on gun policy said this might have given deputies greater insight into Rodger’s intentions and his capability for doing harm….

….The sheriff’s department did not respond to requests for additional comments regarding the decision to forgo checking the DROS database before going to Rodger’s apartment in Isla Vista. In a statement Thursday, the department said, based on the information it had at the time, Rodger did not seem to be an immediate threat to himself or others, so no weapons check was done.

via Police didn’t search database showing Calif. shooter had bought guns – The Washington Post.

You don’t send six Deputies to somebody’s place if you think they are not a threat, so I call BS.

Of course this means the next guy who needs a check will have one done with a full SWAT team and a couple of Predator drones circling overhead.

OCT: Bringing More Companies into the Gun Control Side than Mass Killers.

Chili’s and Sonic said in separate statements that they were asking customers not to openly carry firearms in their eateries, following a similar move by Chipotle earlier this month.

“We recognize that the open carry of firearms creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and is not permitted under many local liquor laws,” a Chili’s spokeswoman said in an email. “So, we kindly ask that guests refrain from openly carrying firearms into our restaurants and we will continue to follow state and local laws on this issue.”

A Sonic spokeswoman said the company will defer to local laws with respect to storing guns in vehicles, but said it will no longer permit firearms in its dining areas.

“We’re asking that customers refrain from bringing guns onto our patios or into our indoor dining areas,” a spokeswoman said in a statement to HuffPost.

via Sonic Drive-In And Chili’s Announce No-Gun Policies.

What Seung-Hui Cho, Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza, James Eagan Holmes, Aaron Alexis and other Mass Shooters could not do, C.J. Grisham and his band of merry jerks managed to accomplish in spectacular fashion: Making the carry of firearms unpalatable to more and more business.

thank you OCT

So the SWAT Team was bored…..

DANA POINT ( — Dana Hills High School students were released from a four-hour lockdown Thursday after an empty rifle or shotgun carrying case was reportedly found in a campus parking lot…

Dozens of officers and the Orange County sheriff’s SWAT team with its armored vehicle rolled onto campus and began an all-out search of classrooms, lockers, cars and the school grounds for a weapon. Authorities say there were no threats received

via Dana Hills High Students Allowed To Go Home After 4-Hour Class-By-Class Weapons Search « CBS Los Angeles.

At least they did not find an “empty” jockstrap or they would have strip searched and arrested every single male in the school and taken them downtown for “ballistic” testing.

California, where they build a moat around the barn after the horses have escaped.

Will they stop “helping”? Apparently they can’t.

So again we see that some Open Carriers in Texas are confirming the initial suspicions that they are just…assholes.

But first, allow me to show you this video of a NYPD officer behaving rather stupidly when he finds out he is being taped in a public space:

Not kosher, right? Public space, no expectation of privacy and getting that close to the person is just harassment. We have seen this before, we will see it again and it will always be wrong.

Now compare the video above with the actions of the Open Carriers in this next video:

Can you tell the difference? Who is the one behaving like a patriot and the one behaving like an asshole? I can’t.  About the only redeeming grace is that the video appeared in MotherJones which is as influential in Middle America as Monday Night Cuban Communist party speeches.

The only thing these Open Carriers had to do was stand pretty, smile and wave. Apparently being polite is something akin to being weak among them and an attitude of “Kill Them All, let God Sort Them Out” is the prevalent attitude.


Richard Martinez and an Expiration Date.

The “new” face of Gun Control: richard+martinez   You know you are having a great PR day when your new emblem (grandfather-type beard, glasses and Hispanic surname? It does not get better than that) gets more air time than the NBA finals combined with the latest Kardasian escapade.  Father of one of the three victims shot by Elliot Rodger (Do notice that the three victims stabbed to death do not count nor their parents get any TV time as if their deaths were inconsequential), he has become the darling of the MSM and the Gun Control groups for blaming the NRA for the death of his son and not the psycho who actually did the killing.

But same as with Colin Goddard and Cindy Sheehan, Mr. Martinez’ usefulness comes with an expiration date determined by how well he can be isolated from a real questioning by an impartial journalist (stop laughing now) or somebody who is not scared to face him as he waves the bloody shirt. Also, the news cycle will also move to new and more exciting news. And of course, he does have a problem with the message itself: There is not a message other than Hate the NRA and the hastag #NotOneMore.

You see, MAIG, Moms, EverybodyInTown, Brady, CSGV, all of them have been harping and harking Universal Background Checks and Expanded Database of dangerous mentally ill people to be included as prohibited persons. The problem they face is that those laws are standard in California and both failed to stop Elliot Rodger so, no matter how much it tugs the heart of people, what the Opposition has been pushing to pass was proven useless no matter how appealing Mr. Martinez’s feelings may be,. Eventually the people will start wondering if there is some substance behind the show or is it just standard BS and Mr. Martinez will promptly be relegated to the Gun Control recycle bin as his usefulness to the groups is no longer in effect.



Reason 1,397 why I want my own private range. (UPDATE)

Kudos to the Range and the Safety Officer. You give a warning, if it goes unheeded “you pack your shit and leave.”
No excuses, no remorse.

UPDATE: The owner of the video went private so I am gonna try to recap what was in it from memory so any mistakes are mine.

Surveillance Video: Two young fellas on two lanes. One of them exhibits poor gun manipulation including sweeping everybody carelessly. Then he proceeded to approach his buddy aiming the gun straight at his stomach  to show him something or other. The buddy looks at the gun and Idiot pushes the gun muzzle on the buddy’s hand as he was going to shot him. .. a “joke.” This was all done in under a minute.

Safety Officer shows up and proceeds to tell Idiot that his gun manipulation is not kosher and to conform to rules (Safety Officer was narrating the video) or else they would have to leave. As soon as the safety officer turns around, Idiot mutters, perhaps a bit too loud, “you fucking bitch” or words to that effect indicating that his Ego blocked his ear canals and that the instructional did not take. The Safety Officer heard, turned around and cordially invited both to vacate the premises.


If you are ever attacked by rampaging zombies while having supper…

This AR device will kill the creatures and help you chew at the same time:

That’s it. I am going to bed.