Month: October 2014

Terrorism in America: The armed citizen’s view by Massad Ayoob

Ugly times are upon us. For many years before 9/11, experts had predicted that terrorism would come to American shores. On that clear, until-then beautiful, morning in 2001, the terrible predictions came true, and we experienced the Pearl Harbor of its generation.

via Terrorism in America: The armed citizen’s view by Massad Ayoob.

Go read or ignore at your own peril.

“Just give them what they want and you will be OK”

So what happens when what they want is your life?

A 17-year-old arrested for a deadly shooting that claimed the life of a 22-year-old Papa John’s employee admitted to the shooting when questioned by investigators, police said Thursday.

Darious Fitzpatrick told police he shot Gordon Schaffer “to kill him” following his arrest Wednesday. He is charged with first degree murder, felony murder and especially aggravated robbery.

via Teen says he shot Columbia Papa John’s employee ‘to kill him’ – WKRN News 2.

There are some blood-thirsty predators out there. They do not value life so, why should we value theirs?

Yesterday was a good day for Pennsylvania Gun Owners.

Not only Governor Tom Corbett signed State-wide Firearms Law prevention into law (version with “teeth”) but the City of Philadelphia settled a lawsuit (John Doe, et al.,  v. City of Philadelphia, et al, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas docket no. 121203785) pretty much getting spanked for allegedly posting and disclosing confidential license to carry firearms.

Besides the $1.425 million plus administrative cost, the city must comply with a list of “honey-do-&-don’t” regarding privacy of citizens with license to carry firearms, the process to provide LTCF and even “Customer service training for the Philadelphia Gun Permit Unit.”

At the same time, Shannon Watts couldn’t get enough people to run a decent bingo game in front of Kroger’s HQ.

Moms Demand: Officially the Kroger Protest sucked.

Moms Demand Kroger own photo 1

As I posted yesterday, their great assault protest that was going to bring down Kroger to its knees, was barely more than the local Girl Scouts getting ready to sell cookies and they admit it.

Moms Demand Kroger own photo 2


Can you imagine what we could achieve with their budget and media presence and our numbers?

Maybe that is what scares them the most, that we could.