Month: August 2015

CSGV believes guns move on their own.

CSGV shoot themselves

You cannot make this stuff up. Don’t need to either.

Buckeye police are investigating the death of 17-year-old Dannielle Rangel after her family says a rifle fell over and accidentally discharged a bullet, striking Rangel in the head. On Monday around 10:30 p.m., Rangel’s family says her brother was moving his rifle, a 22 caliber AR-15. He allegedly set the rifle down and it fell over and went off.

Source: Buckeye police investigate accidental shooting of teen girl – CBS 5 – KPHO

Hard to imagine they are this brutally dumb.

Vester Flanagan, the CSGV, and going full circle

There is a political theory known as the “Horseshoe Theory” that states that the political spectrum is not a straight line from far-left to far-right, but that as you go from the center towards either extreme, the political spectrum folds back on itself to the point where the far-left and far-right are nearly touching.

This has lead to a the creation of an interesting internet game, StormFront or  SJW.  It takes statements made in various internet posting from either the White Supremacist website StormFront or from SJW Tumblr and edits out key words and asks you to decide who said it.

Watching the coverage of the VA shooting, I think Vester Flanagan/Bryce William took the horseshoe and made it go full circle.  I remember when kicking off a race war was the paranoid fantasy of ultra-far-right-wing white supremacists.  It was easy for the media and the rest of society to dismiss those people as nut jobs.

With Flanagan, not so much.  Flanagan is the left-wing grievance industry personified, and this has led to some very odd reactions by those in on the left.  Community activist, liberal think tank CEO, and CNN commentator Sally Kohn made this tweet:

kohnKohn then goes on to explain how she believes violence is not justified… blah, blah, blah.  But the point is NOT ONE RESPECTABLE JOURNALIST looked at Dylan Roof’s manifesto and said “you know, he’s right about some stuff.”  Make no mistake about it: Flanagan/Williams is Roof, Roof is Flanagan/Williams.

A quick peek at some of Miguel’s previous posts, the internet, twitter, are just full of far-left wing/SJW hate.  Rather than tamp this down, the “thinkers” in the media are justifying it.  The media had to explain why violence in Ferguson and Baltimore was justified for reasons of Social Justice.  The #BlackLivesMatter activists have been emboldened to become more and more aggressive with candidates, ultimately shutting down an event by Bernie Sanders.  There has been a rise in police ambush shootings  which is believed to stem from a sense of social justice retribution.  And some of the other things the SJW crowd is calling for is downright horrifying (not a Poe’s Law parody), I’ve seen this movie, I don’t want to experience the sequel.

Here is the ultimate danger.  There were thousands of members of various far-right-wing, white supremacist, “militia” groups that rallied around the Waco Siege and Ruby Ridge massacre.  They published newsletters and had meetings, but were mostly harmless.  Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people following that rhetoric.  So if Flanagan/Williams is Roof, is there a SJW McVeigh around the corner?  And if that does happen, will we have the privilege of watching the smartest people on the news say “bombing a building is bad, but these people were justified in feeling that is it was because of oppression.”

I for one don’t want a race war.  I don’t want riots.  I don’t want want to be targeted for extermination or mutilation.  The social justice movement is reaching a critical mass.  I just hope it doesn’t blow us all to hell.

“The One Question I Want All Gun Nuts to Answer”: I’ll be your huckleberry.

Just saw this article posted in Facebook. Let’s check it out:

The One Question I Want All Gun Nuts to Answer

Lovely accompanying photo. You know he is already toeing The Narrative.

I don’t care what side of the debate you’re on, it’s indisputable that the United States is saturated in gun violence.

It is not. Next?

In 2012 alone we saw 8,855 gun related homicides.

And still going down.  From the halcyon days of Gun Control in the 90s with overall murders in the mid 20 thousand to under 12,000 by 2012. That is a 50% drop there, Skippy.

When it comes to other developed countries around the world, we don’t just lead every single one of them in gun violence – it’s not even close.

You mean White Anglo-Saxon-Nordic countries and Japan where the Klan is seen as the equivalent of the NAACP San Francisco office? Well, that is very racist…wait it the picture above of you?

 But all I ever hear from gun nuts is the worn out cliché, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  Or the one that really doesn’t make any sense, “More guns make us safer.”

See the numbers above? It works. You just refuse to see it.

Think about this logic for a moment.  For decades our gun laws were so lax (and still are) that we allowed millions of guns to pour into our streets, right into the hands of criminals.

No guns were “poured” on our streets, they were sold. Who the fuck just drops guns in the middle of a road? And if that is a direct accusation that gun manufacturers were giving guns away or cheap to the criminal element, I wouldn’t mind seeing the evidence if you have it.

Now the argument from guns rights activists is that we need more guns to protect us from the guns they helped allow flood into our society, finding their way into the hands of criminals.

That is ONE of the arguments. There are others like having fun, collecting and it is because it is my gorramed right.

The flaws in this “logic” couldn’t be more obvious.  Keep pushing for less regulations on guns, causing more and more guns to flood into our society, which undoubtedly results in criminals having easier access to obtaining guns.

Speculating ain’t data. Show us the evidence.

And, of course, what’s the answer to deal with the threat of criminals who’ve gotten these guns?  More guns.

Actually that would be the proper placement of what comes out of the gun in assorted places inside the body of the criminal.

Right now there’s roughly 300 million guns in the United States.  Considering our population is only around 314 million, that’s nearly one gun for every man, woman and child in this country

You are short by at least 50 million. So we have at least one for everybody.

So, my question to gun nuts is simple, “How many guns is enough to keep us safe?”

That would depend on the situation. At a minimum one should have 3 pistols in various sizes with at least 5 spare magazines or 7 speedloaders if you are into revolvers. Rifles a minimum of 2: One with rapid fire capabilities and one bolt-action for delicate far-away work. Shotguns? My preference is a pump and would love an over under cut down for Tiger-Jumping events.

And a crapload of ammo for all.

To answer that question one must ignore the simple math that tells us that the more guns we allow to flow into our neighborhoods, the more gun violence we see.

If you could do math and some basic Google research you would have found the numbers I already shown and saved yourself from writing such an embarrassing article.

But these gun nuts constantly claim we need “more guns” to make us safe.  Well, what’s the magic number then?  Because we’re damn near at a 1:1 ratio for American citizens and guns, and that sure as hell doesn’t seem to be decreasing gun violence.400 million?  500 million?  A billion?

Using my preferences of 7 firearms per person, yeah, a billion sounds about right.

How many guns will it take to decrease gun violence in the United States?

According to NICS checks, it took about 200 million.

Wait, I know what some of these gun nuts think.  They’re preparing for an overthrow of the government.

You never know.

Here’s a rule I propose: If you’re someone who honestly believes that you can stage an armed rebellion to overthrow the United States government, you’re too mentally unstable to own guns.

Then it is  a great thing we don’t let you be dictator and impose rules on us poor rednecks, right? Bill of Rights and all those pesky documents.

Well, any fool that thinks a bunch of people wearing Walmart-bought camouflage pants and owning a few rifles are going to wage war against the most powerful military that’s ever existed in all of humankind, is insane.

Those who ignore history…

But ignoring these lunatics who think we own guns to overthrow our government, how many guns will it take before we see a decrease in gun violence?

You are repeating yourself. Running out of arguments?

But seeing that we have around 300 million already here in the United States, and gun violence tends to increase as the number of guns in the country goes up, it’s just a question I’d like these people to answer.

We already answered. The question is: Are you ready to shed your pre-conceptions and admit the clear evidence that you are wrong?

Should we go back to the days of the wild west when everyone had a gun holstered to their hip?  Are you trying to tell me gun violence was low back then?

Really? If you read back in history, one of the first things many law enforcement officials did to clean up some of these towns (because of out of control gun violence) was ban the carrying of firearms within town limits.

I know you watched the Movie “Wyatt Earp” (Not Tombstone, that was too butch for him) and may I remind you that both in the movie and in real life, the bad guys ignored the ban just like they do today and shootings and death continued?

Now, if you are a fan of the Wild West history, you may want to read what happened in Coffeyville, Kansas on October 5, 1892 with the Dalton Gang and armed citizens.

But now these people want a return to something that even in the 1800′s they knew was a problem?

Much less of a problem than say, Chicago in the 21st Century?

It makes absolutely no sense. Though it brings me back to my question, with around 300 million guns in this country (probably more), and gun violence that continues to lead every developed nation on Earth…How many guns will it take before “good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns?” Because what reality actually tells us is that more guns actually lead to more violence – not less.

Your imagination does not reality make. Wake up, get some coffee (or Kombucha) and face the facts: More Guns equals Less Crime.

Stop pearl clutching, you’ll ruin them.

Guns for me but not for thee.

The father of Alison Parker, the journalist shot dead on live television on Wednesday, has said that now he is campaigning for gun control he will probably have to get a firearm to defend himself. Andy Parker, spoke to reporters on Friday after he visited the television station, WDBJ7, where his daughter worked before being murdered – along with cameraman Adam Ward – by their former colleague Vester Lee Flanagan…

…Yet, Parker said that he is “probably going to have to get a gun” because of the culture in the United States.

“When you’re in the media, as you know, and when you are taking on an issue like this, there are a lot of people who take exception to what you are saying, so I will probably have to do that,” Parker said.

He does not currently own a gun, but said: “I don’t want to take any chances.”

Source: Virginia shooting victim’s father says he will need to buy gun to defend himself | US news | The Guardian

I held as long as I could giving him the latitude he needs to deal with his grief. But one thing is to rant against Gun Owners and the NRA and a whole different level of hypocrisy is to say he will get a gun for his defense.

And for Gun Control groups demanding MOAR Background checks, it is hard to play the Father of the Victim ranting against the Rabid White Racist angle when the shooter is a black gay Obama voter who passed the background check and a waiting period.

They are trying, but not succeeding much.