Month: July 2016

Mind BLOWN!!!!

I was going to comment on the anti-gun orgy at the DNC Convention and the parade of victims of gun violence that were celebrated on stage as martyrs.

I was going to note that the very liberal singer Ke$ha ranted at the DNC about guns, saying:

“You can’t control every single person and know how they’re going to deal with things and know if they’re going to pick up a weapon — you don’t know that, but what we can control is who we give the f—ing weapons to.”  Which on principle I agree with.  But I have the feeling that she isn’t referring to gang members or Mexican cartels or those who swear allegiance to ISIS, but everyday law abiding citizens like us.

But as I was searching for DNC hashtags, I came across a tweet so mind-blowningly insane I made everything else pale into comparison.


She is supporting the party that threw American citizens into internment camps, with some platitude about love!?!

I can’t wrap my mind around that.  My great grandparents met while escaping from the pogroms of Russia, so Hooray for the Czar…?

I would think that a professor of sociology and the military would have some idea about what big governments have done to their people throughout history (*hint* some group ALWAYS ends up getting oppressed/genocided) and would take umbrage with big government.  Nope.  She learned her history and totally joined the dark side.



Being a Social Justice Warrior, of course logic means nothing to her.  Her Twitter background is of this sign:


One would think that someone who has a problem with “legacy of violence” of white people would know about the Democrat party’s history of supporting slavery, or the KKK, or voting against the Civil Rights Act, or Japanese Interment.  But somehow I think she thinks of racial violence as a Republican thing.

I’d try and argue this point further, but my head is still swimming from the idea of a person justifying Japanese Interment because *wedding bells*.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


Join or Die

join or die

1776: “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

2016: “Sorry, I have to vote my ‘conscience’.”

What the f*** has happened to us? And don’t think there were deep divisions among the men in the Continental Congress, but they were not petty enough to sacrifice the future of the about-to-be-born nation. Thirteen colonies went on to face the mightiest empire of the world and today, even know they understand (or maybe they don’t) the threat that Hillary represents, we have people , allegedly our people huffing like little spoiled kids.

Understand that if you are trying to “teach” us a lesson, it will be very expensive and you will not be spared of its consequences.

We will hang separately.

Six months in, the effects of open carry in Texas: This is our shocked face.

Since January, the Houston Police Department says out of the tens of thousands of calls a month, only 62 were weapon related.And out of those, only 19 were actual open-carry situations.

Source: Six months in, the effects of open carry in Texas |

But… but we were told it was going to be mayhem, blood on the streets by Open Carry people! Black Church Choirs mowed down by racist Rednecks carrying their six-shooters on the open! Quinceañera parties destroyed by NRA members totting assault weapons!

Do you think that Moms demand, Everytown and the rest of the Anti Gun groups and their faithful politicians were lying to us?

/end sarcasm.

And the report says 19 open carry situation but does not specify if they was a violation of the law or just scaredy chickens or SWATting attempts.

Now we wait for the year report and the amazement of journos and politicians when again is reported that the end of the world did not come.

When even the Swiss ain’t taking chances.

The SonntagsBlick newspaper reported new statistics showing the number of applications increased by 17 percent last year over the previous year.The statistics from all 26 cantons showed that there were 29,146 applications for gun ownership made in 2015.All cantons with the exception of Jura in the northwest reported an increase. In most cases there was a double-digit jump in requests.Demand was highest in Obwalden (plus 49 percent), Lucerne (plus 34 percent) and Zug (33 percent).And the trend looks set to continue this year. Figures provided by the cantons of St Gallen and Basel Country showed gun sales there were up 30 percent already this year, the paper said.

Source: Terror fears trigger Swiss run on guns – The Local

Nobody can call the Swiss stupid or disconnected from reality. And you know they are a tough bunch when even the mighty Nazi machine decided it was better not to f*** with the tiny nation. And when a country who keeps an assault rifle and a can of ammunition in every home of anybody who served in the military decides it is time to go get some extra firepower, you best pay attention.

I am convinced we are not getting info on even a 5% of all the crap happening in Europe under the new Moor Invasion. When we get a glimpse is because some new attack or to find out that the initial narrative was a load of BS or toned down so as not to appear Politically Incorrect. The Swiss may be getting ready for what they perceive to be a full frontal attack.

And if they start blowing bridges, I’d revise any future vacation trips to Europe.

I can see your true colors shining through…

Some weeks ago, after the Pulse night club shooting, the question was asked if the Democrats had sacrificed the LGBT community on the alter of political correctness.

The DNC rushed to protect the narrative that Islam is a religion of peace and the biggest thing we have to fear is Islamophobia.  Dead gays be damned.

Well, during the DNC Convention, Representative Hank Johnson (D-Ga) decided to up the ante by calling Jews/Israelis “termites” and pushing the debunked lie that Israeli settlers are stealing homes from Palestinians.  Since Johnson has a the magical D after his name, the ADL gave him a pass rather than condemning the antisemitism of his remarks.

If that weren’t enough, the DNC convention had someone waving a Palestinian flag on the floor of the main hall, while Leftist protesters outside burned Israeli flags.

DNC Palestine Flag


This is on top of reports that Bernie Sanders invited Paul Bustinduy of the Spanish Leftist Podemos Party to the DNC.  Podemos is so openly antisemitic that it makes other European liberals feel uncomfortable.

The Democrats were never my party.  But Jews need to take note, the Democrats are no longer even paying lip service to us.  We have become a bought and sold voting block for them, one that they are so confident will vote Democrat, that they can parade those who want to wipe us out around without fear.

No self respecting Jew should ever vote Democrat again.

Also, buy guns.  Because history has shown that even if the Dems are not going to be the ones pushing us into the ovens, they will be singing the praises of those who do.