Month: August 2022

Friday Feedback

Well I remembered this week. Sorry for missing last week.

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No new software changes in the last two weeks. We did make some configuration changes to better identify hacking attempts and to better protect the site from unauthorized changes. That all seems to be working.

Next week I expect to be working on getting the contributor membership level setup and running.

The issue is that contributors, as they are currently defined, are allowed to see more information than we want them to see. Thus we can’t let people have that role and are creating a custom role to allow just enough capabilities to be able to just see and work on their own posts.

Feel free to sound off on whatever you want, again we are looking for suggestions on music, stories you would like us to cover, offers to buy the first deluxe pedo-chipper…

The Charlie Crist running mate story actually gets worse


She’s not just a Castro loving commie but a child rapist supporting Castro loving commie.

The Democrats could have picked anyone to run with Charlie Crist for Lieutenant Governor and they found someone who mourned Fidel Castro and used the power of government union bureaucracy to protect a child rapist.

This is the best, the brightest, the most qualified they could pick to represent them.

This is who they are.

Charlie Crist is retarded


The Abuelo contingent in Miami is going to start some shit over this.

I can see them showing up to a Crist rally to curse and jeer, maybe with machetes.

If your goal was to appeal to a majority of Floridians, soft on Castro is among the worst positions you could take.

If you want to know what the Democrats are really like, they pair their gubernatorial hopeful with a soft of Cuban communism running mate in Florida.



Aleatory Ruminations for 8/26/22

Effing nuts

I am reading The Great Terror: A Reassessment about the Stalin purges. After reding about the Rise and Fall of Third Reich and revisiting the triumph of Chavez in Venezuela, it has reinforced my belief that these people did no win because they were smarter than us but because they were ruthless in the application of the means to achieve power. And as they lied and killed without remorse, those near them actually believed they could be used and controlled so they could get to the power without getting their dainty hands dirty. Dumbasses actually believed they could jumpstart a rabid wolf and that it would lay down at their command.

OK, let me tell you this one last time: Vinyl does not sound better than digital, OK? It may sound better to you for whatever reason you may have but quality-wise vinyl is a poor reproduction of the original sound. In fact, it is the 5th photocopy of the mimeograph version of the original carbon copy of the sound.

There are few things more destructive to the moral and efficiency of a workplace than a shitty coworker allowed to get away with stuff it would get you canned in a hurry.

Biblical plague updated for worse.

Build Back Better: The example.

Illinois brings firearm owners into “compliance”

As part of a “firearms enforcement blitz” from June 16 to July 31 in 41 southern Illinois counties, including St. Clair, Madison, Monroe, Clinton and Randolph counties, state police officers performed 710 “compliance checks,” which resulted in 295 people being “placed into compliance” with the state’s Firearms Owners Identification Card, or FOID card, law.

This Orwellian language actually means that the Illinois state police took people FOID cards from them and then forced those people to turn over their firearms. It would not surprise me if the Illinois state police keep records of who purchases what firearms. I know this did happen in Maryland. In Maryland you nad to fill out a 4473 and a MD version of the 4473 but with a lot more questions. The MD version was then sent to the state police and they kept records.

In the best of all worlds, these people would be people that had become prohibited persons under federal law. If you know that somebody is a prohibited person then it makes sense to revoke their FOID and require them to get rid of their firearms.

In order for one of these people to come into compliance they had to:

  • Surrender their FOID card
  • Transfer all firearms out of their possession
  • Complete a firearms disposition record to detail the guns involved

Why do they need a firearms disposition record unless the IL state police are tracking what firearms people own. No wonder they hate firearms that are made by people for themselves according to federal law and according to the second amendment.

In still more Orwellian language:

Compliance checks are not about confiscating guns, but about ensuring individuals who have lost their firearms rights to transfer their firearms to law enforcement or someone who is legally able to possess them

Hmm, not confiscating guns… True, you have to transfer all firearms out of their possession. And they say right there that these people have lost their firearms rights. That means they are prohibited persons?

Nope, they don’t have to be a prohibited person to lose their FOID card and firearms rights within the state of Illinois. Law enforcement, school administrators and others are required to report when they believe a student or person should have their rights infringed.

Nearly 300 southern Illinoisans have to give up their firearms after gun rights revoked