Month: April 2023

They are moving the Overton Window to justify murder

I posted this Tweet before:


This is a popular talking point, that if you don’t affirm transgender children’s gender and promote their transition, you are literally killing them by driving them to suicide.

Now consider that in the context of these passive-aggressive threats.


If stopping kids from transitioning is killing them, then that’s a threat to their lives, a threat they feel is justified countering with violence.

The rhetoric only becomes more aggressive after that.




See, if you even question transitioning, you deserve violence for being a transphobe.

My tinfoil hat is telling me that the weird reaction to the Nashville school shooting is to push the Overton Window to the point where when a trans person or ally kills a “transphobe” it’s justified.

They have to murder you to save the trans children from your forcing the trans children to kill themselves.

I have seen this movie before.

Kevin O’Leary, an investor who appears on ABC’s (DIS) – Get Free Report hit show Shark Tank, has an intriguing reaction to the Nashville school shootings.

The violence has shocked the nation and poses a question about whether people have viable creative ideas about finding solutions. O’Leary offers a technological one.

O’Leary suggested that artificial intelligence tools could possibly be used to detect people with violent motives.

“Are you willing, in America, to allow AI to scrape social media and target you to law enforcement?” O’Leary asked. “If we said yes to that, those people wouldn’t be dead.”

“All of these shooters generally post hours before they do the deed on some social media here or there,” he added. “In China, for example, a combination of face recognition with AI scraping of all the social media would identify this individual hours before they did their move into the school, and they could have been apprehended,” .

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Has a Big Idea He Thinks Will Help Prevent School Shootings – TheStreet

I guess there would be good money in a Pre-Crime department, especially when AI is not quite the fantastic and accurate tool he is trying to sell. Of course, mentioning the Chinese should make a lot of US politician have pleasure discharges in their nether regions.

Mr. Marks, by mandate of the District of Columbia Precrime Division, I’m placing you under arrest for the future murder of Sarah Marks and Donald Dubin that was to take place today, April 22 at 0800 hours and four minutes.


Link Dump

It has been a long week of reading lots and lots of court documents. Hopefully useful to you all. Managed to find a bug in the site I used. Sent in an error report and made sure the documents I had paid for were properly uploaded. Made an off hand request for a feature and the lead developer said “Feel free to add it”. It was very nicely done.

So I’ve completed my first contribution to his project. I have more to do but it is a start.

Regardless, I just don’t have the energy to read and analyze another case right now so you all get a link dump. Enjoy.

This is what real “gun safety” looks like.  Encouraging people to buy and use gun safes.

The state legislature has gone as far as inserting language into the bill to require that any suit filed must be brought in Marion County.  This is to keep anybody from challenging in red counties.  Marion County is very very left leaning.

Amazing how they took that photo designed to show just how small the protest is.  Compared to watching them bunch Moms Demand into a tight tight cluster to make it look like a larger protest.

When Texas shows how to be opposite to New York.

HOUSTON — Investigators said a 23-year-old man was shot and killed Tuesday when he tried to rob a food truck in southwest Houston.

According to the Houston Police Department, it happened in a parking lot off South Main Street just inside Beltway 8. HPD tweeted about the shooting just after 2 p.m.

According to HPD Lt. Bryan Bui, a man pulled up to the food truck Tuesday around 1 p.m. and asked what they served. When Turner showed him, the man pulled out a gun and got out of his truck, Bui said.

She was able to close the window, but the man opened it back up and put his arm inside the food truck while pointing the gun at her. That’s when, according to Bui, the suspect tried to shoot but his gun jammed.

Turner then shot the man several times, police said. He collapsed about 50 feet away from the truck, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


Deadly shooting during food truck robbery | Houston, Texas crime |

And this happening in Texas, no arrests were made and I do not expect any forthcoming. If she was in NYC, she’d be spending time in Rikers by now awaiting for her trial because she dared ventilate a criminal who wished her and hers to be hurt.

Never forget that unchecked violent crime is used as political tool by the Left trying to keep you scared and submissive.

Hat Tip to G.E.

The evil that is the NYC judicial system

This story is beyond horrific and is a testament to how terrible New York police prosecutors really are.

Manhattan garage worker charged with attempted murder after shooting thief

A Manhattan parking garage attendant who was shot twice while confronting an alleged thief — then wrestled the gun away and opened fire on the suspect — has been charged with attempted murder, police said.

The overnight worker, identified by cops as Moussa Diarra, 57, was also hit with assault and criminal possession of a weapon charge in the Saturday incident, which unfolded around 5:30 a.m. as the attendant saw a man peering into cars on the second floor of the West 31st Street garage, the sources said.

Believing the man was stealing, the attendant brought him outside and asked what was inside his bag.

Instead of cooperating, the man pulled out a gun, the sources said.

Diarra tried to grab for the weapon, and it went off — leaving him shot in the stomach and grazed in the ear by a bullet before he turned the firearm on the would-be thief and shot him in the chest, sources said.

Diarra, a parking attendant, was shot in the stomach by a thief.

He managed to get the gun away and defend himself.  The thief took a bullet to the chest, so clearly wasn’t running away.

Diarra is being charged with attempted murder for shooting the thief that shot him in self-defense, and for illegal possession of a firearm for wrestling the gun away from the thief.

The good news is, that similarly to the case of Jose Alba (the Bodega worker who stabbed a man who was beating him an in attack), the public outcry has caused the DA to drop the cases against Diarra.

This is how much New York City hates both self-defense and law abiding citizens having guns.  If you wrestle a gun away from someone who just shot you and is trying to kill you, and you use it to defend yours, you will be charged for illegal gun possession and murder.

To hell with NYC, I hope the ChiComs nuke it out of existence.


A grotesque ultimatum

Let them expose themselves sexually to your children or they will murder your children.

That seems to be their argument.


Who is this?



So you better let men in drag perform sexually explicitly material to your children.

If you try and stop them, they will murder your children.

I don’t negotiate with pedophiles or terrorists.

Gentlemen, prepare your woodchippers.

Nope, it’s real

I saw this yesterday and I swore to God this had to be a April Fools Day joke.


There is no way that a beer company that sells, or used to sell, beer to men with a pop culture idea of masculinity would put the face of an efete gay man who does a grotesque caricature of a vapid woman on their cans.


The fact is nobody actually likes Dylan.  For all the media hype he gets, nobody wants to be with him.

Marketing companies should know that, right?

Nope, that shit is real.


Honestly, who the fuck does this appeal to?

What woman in a pink bubble bath wants a Bud Light over a wine cooler?

What man after a long shift, cracking open a Bud Light is going to do it in a pink bubble bath?

What layers upon layers of marketing and management thought this was anything but a turnoff?

Or perhaps maybe we all died of COVID and this is hell.