Month: May 2023

If you go to Nashville, sleep with your socks on.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A manager at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville has been charged with aggravated burglary and assault after he reportedly entered a guest’s room and sucked on his toes.

According to Metro police, 52-year-old David Neal was the night manager at downtown Nashville’s Hilton Hotel, located in the 100 block of 4th Avenue South.

Police said Neal allegedly made a key card and used it to enter the guest’s room on March 30 at around 5 a.m. The guest told police he woke up and found Neal sucking on his toes.

Nashville, TN hotel manager charged with aggravated burglary, assault after entering guest’s room (

He probably had a master key that allowed him to bypass the guest’s door lock. Now, if the guest did not use the lock and the latch, then a simple key duplicate will suffice to gain entrance.

Lesson to be learned: SECURE YOUR FRIGGIN DOOR!

The guest was lucky he had to deal with a low-grade perv. Somebody with intent to truly harm would have had no problem ending his ass.

Yet another reason to avoid Nashville.


I got me a 19th century “Assault Weapon.”

I went with the missus to a nearby flea market and I bumped into an object I have been wanting for the last three years: One of the 19th century “Assault Weapons.”

“But Miguel, that is a plain old messed up flat iron! It does not go pew-pew!” and you are right, but alongside the hatchet, the hammer and the iron bar, this was responsible for many families being murdered in their sleep back in the 1800s. We are being bombarded by the Gun Control Cult with the false narrative that prior to the invention of semi and fully automatic firearms, mass murders did not exist. We have covered many times in this blog where arson has been a weapon of choice and still remains on top as body count producer. And the FBI UCR still list Impact Weapons as killing more people than all rifles combined in this day and age, so clearly=there is nothing new under the sun (or moon), it is just not politically smart for the Antis to acknowledge it.

If you think about it, it is the perfect weapon for somebody with the desire to inflict a lot of damage. One strike to the head of the unsuspecting father would silently render him out of commission immediately and with the bigger threat eliminated, the rest of the family was easy pickings. Some mass murderers would go to set the house on fire to distract authorities and cover the crime for some time while they escaped and by the time the coroner’s inquest was done (if) and the deaths ruled murders (if at all), the criminal was long gone. Oh yeah, if one of the victims was not outright killed but seriously incapacitated by the impact weapon, the fire would surely end up the job.
A bullet ends up being the most “merciful” way to mass murder.

Gaslighting the danger

On Monday, a black man named Jordan Neely died as the result of a choke hold applied to him by a white passenger aboard an NYC subway.

America instantly split into two camps:

Neely was lynched because America is evil and racist.

The passenger who choked Neely was a hero for defending people from a violent crazy person.

One of the stranger arguments made by the former camp is that crazy people on the subway are normal.  Just one of those quirky, local favor things about living in NYC.


This is the video going around of Neely.  This is what they want you to believe crazy homeless people on the subway are like.


They are harmless entertainment.

Other videos show what crazy homeless on the subway are really like.


Neely has 42 prior arrests for various violent crimes.

It’s not quirky local flavor to be tormented and assaulted on public transportation.

That’s not how life should be in a functional civil society.

The people who are trying to convince you that it is are pushing anarchotyranny.  They are trying to convince you that you have no right to expect a quality of life despite all you pay in taxes and fees.

Only in America!

Some asshole did it again. Another school shooting.

The 14-year-old asshole got a hold of his father’s guns, went back to the school and killed eight kids along with a security guard.

The police have arrested the asshole. When arrested, he had a target list of kids he intended to kill and where they were going to be located at the time.

In addition to two guns, he also had a couple of Molotov cocktails.

There were an additional six students injured. At least one is in serious condition.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the community as they deal with this tragedy in the Balkan region of Serbia.

Postscript: there was a second school shooting in Serbia shortly after this one.

Rediscovering old songs again.

One of the things of Amazon Music does (No idea if Spotify does it) is it recommends songs and performers based in your playlist. The math has been about 45% “don’t care,” another 45% “Are you nuts?” and a 10% of “Yup, that’ll do it.” Within that last sliver, I have been rediscovering some old groups and singers that I had forgotten for a long time and the last one was Cat Stevens whose music I had not listened to probably in almost 40 years.

Now that I am older and with more inside in what goes into recording music, I am simply amazed at the exquisite production of hos greatest hits and most of his work overall. I doin’t believe there is a not out of place anywhere and the studio work itself is of excellent craftsmanship.
Please go ahead and enjoy.


More reasons to avoid Nashville.

Apparently some singer of notoriety is about give a concert.

The Taylor Swift impact on the music industry (

Taylor Swift concert forecast: Will it rain in Nashville? (

Taylor Swift Nashville concert: What roads are closed around Nissan Stadium (

What to know before going to the Taylor Swift concerts at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN (

Nashville dedicates bench to Taylor Swift at Centennial Park (

What to know ahead of a rainy Taylor Swift weekend (

Churches offer alternative parking options ahead of Taylor Swift concert (

Everything you need to know before heading to Nissan Stadium for Taylor Swift | WZTV (

The collective masturbatory glee you see in the news from both Media professionals and common public is enough even to make the most libidinous of groomers take pause and even declare a vow of celibacy.

They are expecting 180,000 people this weekend in downtown Nashville. That is a shitstorm waiting to happen and yours truly is not going anywhere near, in fact the missus and I may spend tomorrow gong to flea markets 180 degrees away from the “Country” Music Hell by the Cumberland.

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