Month: November 2023

The Right to Bear Arms

A long time ago, AWA and I were talking about gun rights. Keeping in mind that I am originally from Canada, and therefore have some canalized thinking about firearms that harken back to those days, I was shocked to hear that he was okay with people getting back their guns coming out of jail.

I want to unpack this, because being a convert to 2A stuff, I think I have an interesting view on it. Perhaps my process will help you understand the Left a little more.

I grew up in a place where guns were considered terrifying. Only the police had guns, and guns were considered something only criminals would have. While there were hunters up north, where I lived in the suburban areas it was considered “odd” to own a gun, even if you had some need for one. This was pushed onto us, brainwashed into us from an early age.

To give you an idea of how much it messes with you, I’ll share a story. When I was a young adult, I went to live with my Hungarian grandparents to help take care of them. I had a kid at the time, and a boyfriend. I took care of them until they became unable to function at all, and were a danger to themselves and others, at which point I found a wonderful home for them where many of their friends were, and the kitchen staff allowed my grandmother to continue cooking. As I was cleaning the house up and out after they left, I ran across my grandfather’s gun. My boyfriend (who was from Michigan originally) told me it was a 22, but I honestly have no idea. It was packed in this dense, icky stuff which I now am pretty sure was cosmoline or something similar. It was behind the washer and dryer, in a spot where no one would have ever found it had I not been moving furniture around.

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Don’t fire warning shots, also f*** New York


This guy is going to prison for a long time.

He was carrying a gun illegally and fired warning shots.

I can’t stress this enough, don’t fire warning shots.

It’s effectively an admission that you were not in enough danger to justify shooting someone.

Yes, I know it seems counter-intuitive for non-gun people to understand, but of you were not in enough danger to shoot someone, then you were not in enough danger to pull the trigger at all.

In addition, you don’t know what other unintention damage your bullet will do.

New York also doesn’t allow carry without a permit and is still not issuing permits, despite (on in spite of) Bruen.

The proposed concealed carry law in New York also makes the subway a gun free zone, because New York wants to create Purge zones where criminals have free rein.

Everything this guy did was illegal.


Fuck New York on principle, because they allowed a violent homeless vagrant to run amok and terrorize innocent people.

New York only cares about tax payers when they can tax them or punish them more.

Friday Feedback

It was a big week at the Supreme Court. The Court heard its second Second Amendment case in a year. The odds say we should get the opinion sometime around June 2024.

The left is going on about how this will be a slam dunk win for the state and gun infringers everywhere. MSNBC went so far as to say that the conservative court was retreating from Bruen because Bruen was so untenable.

There is very little chance that Bruen will be reversed. Bruen was a slap down of the inferior courts for not doing Heller correctly. What is possible is that we get an opinion that says that a person who is dangerous to himself or others can be disarmed. If that happens, I expect that the court will also specify precisely how a person is judged to be “dangerous”.

Furthermore, the Court may find that there is no history of disarming a person without due process and vacates §922(g)(8).

Of course, the Court could just vacate the Fifth Circuit court’s opinion and remand it with instructions on how to do it “right”.

Regardless, I’m not concerned about the outcome of this case. It will either be a win for The People or an extremely limited opinion. Meanwhile, the state has admitted that the criteria is “dangerous” which might mean that §922(g) gets gutted when the Range case is heard.

I recently picked up a WWII IFAK pouch to go with my WWII web gear for pistol carry. It is barely big enough for an Israeli Combat Bandage or a SWAT-T tourniquet. I’m trying to decide which is the better to have with me all the time.

I’m leaning towards the Israeli Combat Bandage.

On an interesting note, I’ve complained to Hagar that she gets much better engagement on her articles than I do on mine. I spend 3 or 4 hours writing an analysis of a case, and I’m lucky if I get 2 comments. She whips off an article in 30 minutes and has 10+ comments.

She pointed out that my non-legal articles get more feedback.

Yesterday’s rant about some moron thinking he had discovered “The Loophole” had good feedback. It felt nice.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

We look forward to your comments.

Florida is probably not the best place to FA like this


Screaming at Jews that you want to kill them might be something you can easily get away with in New York.

Florida, however, is the FAFO capital of America.

There is a half decent chance, even among the Jewish population, that sort of thing drastically increases your chances of catching a bullet.

And depending on the attitude of the local sheriff, when you find out, the decision will be that you deserved it.

I look forward to our of these pieces of shit taking their fuck around to level ten in the wrong jurisdiction and finding out appropriately.

FL instructor mad his services are no longer mandatory

This article from Florida:

Gun safety instructor sees dramatic drop in students after Florida law takes effect

Since permitless carry became law in Florida, Tampa Bay area firearms instructors say more gun owners are choosing not to go through the safety training previously required to own a gun in Florida.

“You do not understand how to use a firearm properly unless you’ve taken extensive firearms training,” said Ryan G. Thomas, owner of Tampa Carry, which offers the previously required concealed firearms training, and more advanced training courses as well.

Before the permitless carry law went into effect, Thomas said about 1,000 people would take the concealed carry class every month. Since the law went into effect July 1, Thomas said the number of people taking the course significantly dropped, with only about 200 people a month.

“It upsets me at how many people think that owning a firearm is a game,” Thomas said. “They think all they need to do is buy a gun, walk into a gun range, and they’re just going to figure this out on their own.”

“The CWP classes, I’ve heard from colleagues in multiple counties across the state, and from the NRA at the state level, are down significantly,” said Jeff Davis, owner of GUNSAFETY4U.

“When you go through the licensing process, number one, you have to be trained and then certified by an instructor as being safe per the Florida rules,” Davis said. “What it really provides you with is portability, it allows you to go beyond the borders of Florida.”

I will absolutely agree that firearms training is important and people should get as much of it as they can.

Also, I just spent eight hours going through the Massachusetts LTC permit class hsving previously going through the four hour Florida class, eight hour Arizona, Utah, North Carolina, and Nebraska classes, and the sixteen hour Illinois class, sixteen hours of NRA pistol instructor certification, and several days at the Sig Academy and Thunder Ranch.

That eight hour course taught me nothing I didn’t already know and have taught to others.

Another mandatory class was just a time suck for me.

I had a buddy move to FL.  He had to sut through the FL CCW class and he was a C-class USPSA shooter and an RSO.

I highly recommend training for new shooters.

I hate mandatory training for CCW permits because I don’t like the idea of having to pay someone for a piece of paper to exercise a right.

Also, this guy could sound a lot less like a dick who’s chaffed that a guaranteed source of income was taken from him.

If you’re a firearm instructor in Florida, try and sell your training services as some added value, instead of insulting people.


New Work Stuff

One of my clients has a strong base of developers out of his home country. His people are very sharp, very good. They deliver excellent results. If you ever need Drupal developers, I’ll put you in touch with him.

His company works with some of the best educational institutions in the country, delivering top-notch results.

He noticed that some of his developers were having issues with the pronouncing certain words. So at a company-wide meeting, he had a vocabulary list to review. I stepped in it and took over and taught that vocabulary list to the team.

The next meeting, we did a group reading. Again, to build vocabulary and comfort.

This morphed into me teaching multiple session per week of one-on-one lessons.

One minor issue with this is that I want to do it “right”. I went to my wife, a reading specialist, and asked her how to do it better.

She told me.

I looked at how she did it and what she did. Which led me to trying to do it myself.

I am NOT willing to spend two hours in prep to produce the training aids I want.

So, of course, I’m writing software. I’ll spend 120 man-hours building software, so I don’t have to do 20 hours of work.


I’m having a blast doing the lessons, and I am eagerly awaiting the four sessions I’m teaching tomorrow.

Not a legal shoot but I understand why he did it


If I were South American, I would want to shoot all the commies that I came across, too.