Month: November 2023

K98 Fun

There is 8mmx57 out there. Some of it cheap. Unfortunately, for me, most of it is berdan primed.

For those that don’t understand the importance of that statement, there are two types of primers that are currently used, “berdan” and “boxer”.

Boxer primers are made in two parts, a cup, with primer material, and an anvil. When you seat the primer, the anvil is set further into the cup by a slight amount. When the firing pin strikes the back of the brass cup, the primer material is crushed between the base of the cup and the anvil, causing a spark. I.e., the spark button works.

That spark flashes through a single, “large” hole and ignites the zoom juice, causing the magic powder to go “poof” pushing a freedom seed out the mouth of the cartridge.

A berdan primer is slightly different. It has the same cup and primer material, but it does not have an anvil. Instead, the case that receives the primer has an anvil. There are two holes on either side of that anvil that allows the spark to flash through to the zoom juice.

When we use a boxer primer, we can push the primer out with a pin pushed through the mouth of the case. Easy. There is no central hole to remove the berdan primer.

A common method used to remove berdan primers is hydro-shocking them. You fill the case with water. You push in a small road that fills most of the mouth. You place the case with rod over a small hole. You wack the rod with a hammer. That presses down on the water. Since the water is not compressible, the water in turn presses on the primer and ejects it from the case.

It is a messy process. After which you need berdan primers to prime the case to use again. Or you need to convert the case from berdan to boxer. It can be done. It is not worth the time, most of the time.

Having said all of that, I had around 20 rounds of 8mmx57 Mauser. All of it seems to be berdan primed.

20 rounds is the same as no rounds. I want more. At least one full load.

The other day, the LGS sold me 125 boxer primer cases for a good price. My dies showed up within the week. I had my powder. All I required was bullets. Nobody had any. I spent time looking and didn’t find. I thought I read that the 0.312 would work. I was wrong.

I finally found some at OpticsPlanet. I ordered them because they were in stock.

It seems that sometime between the add to cart and checkout, they sold the last of the Hornady SST, 170gr. They tell me that I’ll have both bullet styles to me in a week. A week turned into 6 before they finally arrived.

I resized 10 cases, verified everything, primed them. I got done with Thanksgiving and loaded them with IMR 4895 today.

Out to the test range. The freedom seeds are flying. The spark buttons are sparking. The targets are NOT ringing nor is the small pumpkin splatting.

WTF!? Hagar is spotting for me. “The height’s good, off the left.”

I aim to the right side of the pumpkin. “Still left of target”.

I’m perplexed. I’m not a great shot, but I’m not this bad.

Maybe it is the rifle? I start by making sure the rear ladder is set correctly, it is. The small notch and fine front post work well. It could be I just need to adjust for windage? No adjustment on the rear sights. Go to check the front sight.

The damn blade has shifted right! It is visibly no longer centered. I shove it back to center with my thumb and take two more shots.

One rings steel. The other sends that pumpkin flying in multiple different directions.

Look at yourself first, but it could be your equipment that is failing.

And I love my Redding Dies.

Shannon Watts is an absolutely terrible mother

Previous, I did a post on how Shannon Watts managed not to teach her child was a toll is, in his 23 years of life on this planet.

Three years later, she demonstrated that she failed to teach him that you can’t bring booze on an airplane or how to follow simple instructions.


This is a woman who wants to rule over you and control your life.

At home, however, she can’t even parent her own child into being a moderately self sufficient adult.


This is a stupid game

And someone is going to win a stupid prize.


Apparently this is called the Michael Meyers Challenge, after the character from the Halloween horror movie franchise.

Chasing someone with a bat while wearing a mask.

That seems like they are begging to catch a bullet in some parts of the country, especially where lethal force in defense of a third party is legal.

This is fucking stupid and I have no sympathy for anyone who gets shot doing this.

The famously unarmed British police


The famously unarmed British police officer was effectively when dealing with British criminals.

Now, facing mobs of Third World savages, clearly that isn’t working.

I suspect that the Metropolitan police will end up pulling a Ferguson Effect on steroids.

They won’t bother trying to do anything when it means getting stomped by a mob.

Law enforcement in Britain is over.

What Judges do…

I watch Mark Smith’s Four Boxes Diner YouTube channel because he explains legal concepts clearly. He often addresses issues that I’m concerned with understanding.

There are more than a few things I’ve picked up from him, as far as language goes.

One of those is “inferior court”. Article III of the US Constitution establishes the Supreme Court and such inferior courts as … When I am speaking of an inferior court, it means that it has a superior court which tells it how to act.

Mark Smith makes this point over and over. I got it from him.

The concept of inferior court makes it very clear that all inferior courts should be taking their marching orders from the Supreme Court.

When a court does not follow the clear instructions of the Supreme court, I label it a rogue court, or a rogue judge.

One of the things I’ve learned, while reading 100s, if not 1000s, of court filings, is that rogue judges spend more time on what wasn’t said in Supreme Court opinions than they do on what was said.

These rogue courts will often latch onto a tiny part of an opinion and fixate on that part. Nothing else matters outside that small safety net of infringement.

They will quote Heller that “no right is absolute” as if that somehow makes this infringement that exception. Every modern regulation requires that nuanced approach.

My son is on the spectrum. We used to tell him, “Stop hunting zebras”. Yes, those hoof prints might be zebra prints, but we aren’t in that part of Africa, we aren’t near a zoo that has misplaced a zebra, it is much more likely that it is a horse.

The Supreme Court says, “When you are looking at a horse, this is how you ‘do it’. There is a small chance it is a zebra, in which case you “do it” this alternative way.” They then spend 99% of their instructions on dealing with horses.

Then an inferior court starts looking for zebras, doesn’t find a zebra, but it could be a zebra, the Supreme Court did mention a zebra in one sentence of one paragraph of a 70-page opinion, so we’ll assume this is a zebra, just like the Supreme Court said.

The other common argument used is the “they didn’t say anything about it, so it must be constitutional”. Heller went through every word of the Second Amendment and explained what each phrase meant. They didn’t bother with “infringe” because that’s straightforward.

All that is needed is to look at Samuel Johnson’s dictionary and you would know.

Too many inferior court judges instead throw up their hands and say, “We don’t know what it means, so it must mean the modern regulation is constitutional.”

The part about all of this that drives me bonkers is that Heller and Bruen clearly state that if the modern regulations touches fingers with the Second Amendment, the regulation is presumptively unconstitutional. To quote Mr. Smith, “When in doubt, throw it out.”

Finally, the actual lying to The People’s face. To look at a modern regulation, to absolutely know it is a gun control law, and then claim it doesn’t touch fingers with the Second Amendment.

Just make the assumption and let the Constitution work as intended. Instead, they are so afraid of following the plain text of the Constitution, as they know it will be the downfall of much of their statist regulatory dream.