I had the misfortune of having to be in a household where the TV is tuned to CNN or MSNBC all the time.

Over the course of the visit I was asked to comment on the Trump trial a few times. But there was nothing on the air except how they were finally going to put Trump in jail.

I’ve watched this propaganda turn thinking people into NPCs. They seem to only be able to mouth talking points of the left, all while calling us mouth breathers or worst.

On a side note, it is always a pleasure to listen to some ignorant person mouthing off about how deadly and dangerous guns are. How nobody but the government should have them. How they would never feel safe if there was a gun near them.

All while I’m carrying.

P.S. A good pocket holster does a damn fine job of holding your pistol where it is “easy” to get to but polite company don’t notice.

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By awa

19 thoughts on “24×7 Propaganda”
  1. “polite people “ ie morons don’t ever notice Im armed….. many of them will mouth off how dumb and paranoid and crazy cause you have firearms… then when they get in trouble who do they call- the dumb paranoid… fuk em. when the apocalypse happens all we have to do is chill out for a week and all the cnn morons will be dead cause noone is there to tell them what to think…

  2. There’s a Simpsons meme.
    Say the line Bart. We’ve got him this time. YAAAY.
    I find it endlessly useful on FB

    1. Ive been using the same soft desantis for about 10 years. Its practically molded like kydex to my j frame now.
      Side note, that same holster also makes the best appendix holster I’ve found for the j frame once I riveted a j hook onto it.

  3. Pocket holsters are wonderful if your clothes have deep enough pockets. Alas, the latest trend for women’s wear are L-shaped pockets that are longer than they are deep. Almost as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

    1. Mrs B notes the same thing, often with more, ah, colorful language. She’s been looking at ccw-compatible packs and purses, but has not found much she’s enamored of.

        1. I use one. Very nice, durable, and works left or right handed cross-body. Which is how you should carry a handbag or satchel in any case.

    2. I have some pants work gave me like this too. I dont wear them.. anything you put in them as soon as you sit down the pocket pumes it out…

  4. Most days I carry my fully customized Springfield XDM 9mm with Viridian X5L in either an Insane Kydex Creation holster or a custom leather holster, or a custom made cross-body gun case when on-body concealment is not possible, and all three types of options come with auto camera activation-deactivation, built-in for the X5L. I use a local leather custom shop. Insane Kydex Creations can be found here https://insanekydexcreations.com/
    When carrying one of my Bill Wilson pistols I use what I believe is the best in the industry – Garrett Holsters – https://www.giholsters.com/Default.asp
    When I must use a pocket holster I stay in state with Sticky Holster.

  5. Hehehe. Not one day earlier I was having the same conversation with someone “can you believe they brought a gun to such and such place who would do that???” all the while I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever seen this person in my life when I wasn’t carrying a gun lol. It was very hard to not be like yes, me, literally right now.

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