Remember this quote:

” Crime will expand according to our willingness to put up with it.”

It looks like Seattle is willing to put up with a career criminal going on a 15 minute rampage, literally putting other shoppers’ lives in danger, and doing tens-of-thousands of dollars in property damage.

This is the ultimate culmination of a radical progressive, anti-cop attitude.

This man head butted an employee.

This man could have seriously hurt or killed someone pushing a display down an escalator to crack it open, and the police never show up.

When he finally was arrested, he was let go, to pillage some more.

What amazes me the casual way other shoppers just ignore this man, as though watching a crazy person destroy a big box retailer is another day in Seattle.

Just like for the people of San Francisco, I have no sympathy for the people of Seattle.  They made this bed every time they elected a progressive who ran on a platform of how woke they are.

Go woke, go broke, and this guy broke a woke Target in a woke city.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Broke Woke Target”
  1. If I was there, I would keep my distance, and tell the employees to call the police, and leave. If Tar-jay ain’t gonna do shit, I sure as hell am not getting involved.

  2. “The Target Loss Prevention Manager could only try to ‘reason’ with Lewis”? WTF? Assault, reckless endangerment, grand theft, and the Loss Prevention (Security?) Manager could ONLY REASON with this thug? One more reason I don’t plan on visiting Seattle again.


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