Apparently this shooter in Uvalde threw up a lot of red flags.

The Left is screaming that it’s time to ban guns and have red flag laws.

The Buffalo shooter, Parkland shooter, Goffords shooter,, and others also threw up a bunch of red flags.

How about a red flag law that let’s us lock these budding psychos in a fucking box for a long time?

The Left can say “I’m tired of these mass shootings, we need to ban guns.”

I’m tired of after a mass shooting hearing “the shooter had prior contact with law enforcement.”


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “A different kind of red flag law”
  1. New York already has red flag laws, it did nothing to stop the Buffalo shooting. You can’t legislate away evil.

  2. If you needed evidence that red flag laws are actually red herring laws, this should do it. Is there any evidence that their purpose is to protect people from crazies?

  3. “Red flag” laws just provide another stick for politicians to beat opponents with. If someone “turns you in” because you have “lots of guns”, you have posted pictures of you carrying guns and you talk a lot about putting groomers through a chipper, how do you prove you *aren’t* a homicidal lunatic who should be locked up forever or at least have all of your guns confiscated?

    The more laws like this that we have, the more that can be abused.

  4. This speaks to the left’s desire to have “pre-crime” laws. Our justice system is set up to be punitive – you do something bad, you get punished. In their utopia they want to prevent crime, but that never works. As we see play out over and over.

    There’s also a fine line with the “known to law enforcement” and similar comments. Sure, in hindsight, maybe something could have been done. But what I DON’T want, is LE involved in our lives such that we turn into a police state. That isn’t freedom.

    The answers to solve this stuff are known, but they are difficult and its why useless laws and desire for more laws is the usual action. Bottom line, we are no longer a moral people. The left has been chipping away at this for decades. Its OK to get divorced, its OK to be a single mom, its OK to not respect your elders. Treat others however you want, you deserve it. You don’t need the church. No one needs to parent anymore, just send them to school and let them handle it. We don’t need to put people into institutions anymore, just give them pills and send them home.

    Until we fix people, this will only get worse. The left’s culture war has created this.

  5. I cite the aphorism attributed to Einstein: “Insanity is doing more of the thing that did not work, and expecting different results”.

    Unless, as everybody visiting this blog knows, what the author intends, is NOT as advertised…..

  6. It will never happen. “Red flag” laws were never intended to flag budding criminals or prevent crime (the latter of which is impossible anyway).

    “Red flag” laws were always intended as a tool to disarm and punish lawful gun owners.

    Ayn Rand said it best: When there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. In the case of “red flag” laws, they don’t even have to make criminals; they just have to make the public scared enough — of crime, of guns, of “right-wing extremists” and “domestic terrorists”, etc. — to report on peaceable gun owners. “Due process” goes out the window, but it’s worth it, because “safety”.

    One thing consistently missing from every Leftist-approved “red flag” law — to the point that if it’s included, Leftists won’t support the bill — is protections for wrongfully-accused and punitive measures for those who falsely report.

    That alone is all the evidence necessary to assert, if not prove, that the point is not safety, but to punish gun owners.

  7. I am almost surprised no one used the Red Flag Laws to harass all those knuckle dragging Vaccine Deniers and Mask Heretics?

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