Whomever came up with the idea of forcing cops to wear bodycams, never thought it would backfire so spectacularly. In this day and age where any accusation against  cop, no matter how stupid is taken as truthful, this officer without a camera would have been in trouble.

And reason 232 why I am not a cop:

“You scared me and make me think you were gonna murder me.”
“Not while on duty, ma’am. Maybe later”

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

17 thoughts on “A Liberal leader somewhere has to be sorry”
  1. I have seen this. As my wife would say: She’s a piece of work. How this officer didn’t “accidentally” slash her tires and bust her lights, I don’t know. 8>)

  2. Hey hey hey, its anothee kind compassionate liberal @&$#. Too funny! I think I would have come up with like 12 infractions to write her up… but that is a GREAT answer

  3. The latest call from the “police reform” movement is to eliminate body cams. I can’t remember the rationalization, but the motive is obvious.

    1. Typical liberal response- “this didnt work like we thought it would, lets change our minds on it”.
      Too funny still

    2. Yeah, the so-called ‘BREATHE’ act calls for abolishment of bodycams. Which is not so much a red flag as it is a giant flashing warning light on top of a red flag collection being waved by a fan dancer.

    1. I remember there was some resistance initially, until I suspect cops got together and realized ‘If we have video evidence of Joe Critter being a dirtbag, it’s a lot harder for his liberal buddies to crap on us’.

      1. Yep. None of them wanted Big Brother watching over their shoulder at all times (or under their arm, or on their chest, or wherever that specific model of camera is located).

        But now, the overwhelming majority of the video evidence obtained from body cameras supports the police, and it’s much harder to refute.

        You get to see the actual conditions the officer was operating in, without the benefit of flash photography (crime scene photos), daylight re-enactments, freeze-frame and slo-mo replays, fair-weather observations, etc.

        Mostly, you get real exposure to just how fast these life-or-death situations evolve and how unpredictable they can be, and watching it you get a sense (not the whole experience, but a sense) of the adrenaline dump the officer experienced. No amount of arm-chair quarterbacking ever takes that into account.

        As the old observation goes, “You get half-a-second to decide. They get half-a-lifetime to pick it apart.” You don’t realize how eerily accurate that is until you watch some of these videos.

  4. I haven’t murdered anyone yet, ma’am, but I just stopped you and things are looking up for prospect.

  5. Notice she’s “privileged” because she has a Mercedes. “Oh, you wish you had one”
    So, so oppressed….

  6. I fully support equipping Police with body cams and dash cams. It keeps everyone honest. Cameras impartially provide evidence and support justice.

    You know who doesn’t like police body cameras? The FEDS.

    A US Marshal Task Force tried arresting a felon with a gun last week in Minneapolis. He came out shooting and got killed. Protesters are upset because. Now they have a reason, there is NO video. No dashcams, no body cameras, even though the local police on the task force normally have dash cams and body cameras. The Sheriffs and the Police Superintendants of the cops have been trying to get the Feds to allow their police to carry their normal body cameras. The Feds say No. “They are stjudying the issue.” Now the local police are under pressure to stop cooperating with the US Marshals. It looks like maybe the feds won’t have any local police support real soon now?

    Almost everyone in Law Enforcement records and/or videotapes their interviews. The FBI uses an agent writing stuff down. Just ask General Flynn about how that is fair and unbiased.

    1. A report I saw about that a day or two ago said that bodycams are forbidden in the US Marshalls, at least in the Northern branch of them.
      Yes, that sure is interesting. I wonder about the FBI, too. More in general, I would argue that any Federal employee who carries a gun as part of his duties (within the country) should be required to have a body camera, operating and recording at all times while on duty armed.

      1. I wrote a note along these lines to my congresscritters, all D (current NH bummer status). So I carefully crafted the wording to make it sound good to people of that side, I hope. We’ll see if I get any reaction.

  7. “You’ll always be a Mexican. You’ll never be white.”

    Well, considering that the demographic studies of the Mexican population performed by the Mexican government, various Mexican universities, and other Mexican civic organizations have routinely shown that 90% of population of Mexico is “white,” well… Yeah, odds are pretty damn good that he’s a white Mexican-American. (Assuming he actually is Mexican-American.)

    I’ve never understood the idea of classifying H. sapiens into non-existent “race” categories in the first place, but it’s especially infuriating that the people who do insist that “race” exists cannot keep their own made-up criteria for which “race” is which consistent.

  8. Interestingly, the video notes the footage is from a personally-owned body camera. I believe this was a very smart move on the deputy’s part, for one or both of these reasons:

    1. His department does not issue body cameras as standard equipment, so there would otherwise be no footage; it’d be his word against hers.
    2. His department does issue body cameras as standard equipment, but having his own as secondary prevents Internal Affairs from “losing” the files during their investigation.

    It also gives him some control over the footage; IA can’t stonewall and say “we’re not releasing anything during an active investigation” … that could be drawn out for months or years with the deputy on unpaid administrative leave. He has his own copy outside their domain.

    Thankfully, his IA seems to be taking his side, judging by their comment about how this woman has made multiple allegations against the department’s deputies and none have panned out. Eventually, you’d think the deputies would have her car’s make, model, and license plate known — or maybe they do, since apparently he’d already called his supervisor before he ever approached her window.

    (Also, how many unsubstantiated allegations of police abuse and harassment does she have to make before she’s criminally liable for filing false reports? Just saying….)

    1. I work just work part-time retail these days, thanks to the severe overreaction to the Wuhan Plague, but I’m severely tempted to buy a personal bodycam of my own…

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