By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “A message from the Banner in Chief”
  1. Not to mention at least “considering” red flag laws that violate your “sacred right to keep and bear arms” but also your fourth and fifth amendment rights preventing seizure of property without a warrant based on probable cause, and you right to due process. Yeah I’m skeptical, Trump seems to be turning into just another politician who tells the base one thing and does something else because it’s expedient. And yes, I know the “Democrat Clown Car of Candidates©️” suck even worse.

  2. It nicely demonstrates something that has been clear for many years, though perhaps not quite as clear as now:
    1. Your gun rights are dead to Democrats.
    2. Your gun rights are endangered, by randomly varying amounts, with Republicans.
    Which translates to “they are both a problem, but the Dems are a much worse problem”. So long as Libertarians continue to be a non-solution, the Republicans are the least bad answer.

  3. (I) at least knew what Trump was/is…
    (I) have yet to see another candidate better than he, willing to run.
    So, yes, I…will be voting for him again. If for nothing more than a “Delaying Tactic” of What is Inevitable.

    It is Tic Tock Tic Tock on the Second Amendment.
    We will Not be Returning to What Was, only What Is.

    At least Slovenia has Balls still.

  4. Oh please. Trumps judicial selections alone should be enough for us to overlook the bump stock ban. Add in the wall, pushing back on China and the globalists, boosting the economy and energy production, rewriting NAFTA, all while single-handedly battling the press, the dems, most Republicans, and the entire deep state. Give it a rest already.

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