While out shopping in Georgia at my favorite bookstore, the same day the Emanuel AME Church reopened its doors after the mass shooting, a white man in camouflage entered the store openly carrying a gun on his hip.

Source: Powerless in the Face of White Supremacy and a Gun

I think I came about this interesting piece of writing via CSGV, I forget now. It is so loaded with Gun Control cliches that I cannot but say it is fiction, even though lately, fiction is allowed and acknowledged as more important than the truth., the need for truth be dammed.

This tense moment was still too soon. Too soon after Charleston, after the deaths of Eric Garner and Rekia Boyd—and even too soon after Emmett Till. Too soon after cops in Georgia attacked Kenya Harris until she miscarried.

If one were to be so mentally flexible as to include shooting by cops equivalent as a citizen carrying a gun, but Eric Garner died of a choke-hold and Emmet Till was lynched in 1955 and Kenya Harris was an alleged beatdown. What the hell does that have to do with Open carry?

The gun-toting man had a wide-shouldered build and was probably shorter than me once he took off his combat boots. Looking back, I probably could have taken him on in a fair fight. Lord knows, I’ve fought men bigger than him before.

Combat boots, more cliches for the audience. Really?

The bookstore employee, who will go down in history as my favorite bookstore employee ever, immediately said to the man, “Woah, that’s a gun! That makes me uncomfortable.”

Anywhere you stood in the store you could hear his reply: “Well, it shouldn’t be a problem so long as I don’t feel threatened.” The way his voice trailed off as his eyes panned the room froze me temporarily. I tucked myself behind a bookshelf where I could still see and hear what was happening. He also said he has an open carry licenseas if that would make us feel safe.

Nice catty-cornered comment against Stand Your ground Laws. Again, another cliche created by those who hated the law from the get go.

And then to change the subject, as if carrying a gun in a bookstore is no big deal, he shared that he had been scoping out the bookstore for some time, but only just decided to come in. I popped my head over a bookshelf to lock eyes with the bookstore employee. We widened our gaze and raised our eyebrows at each other to non-verbally confirm that this situation was indeed absurd.

I don’t get the author: in one moment she is ready to go MMA with the guy, to be scared enough to scurry away to safety the next second and then plays prairie dog and checks out the employee. One narrative please.

Long before I walked in to buy a copy of Octavia’s Brood, so that I could think about a world where my body is free through activism-driven science fiction, the system set things up with discriminatory gun control laws.

The idea of openly carrying a gun to protect myself has never been a realistic option—only when I’m imagining myself as Storm from X-Men dismantling oppressive systems with Black feminist thunderstorms and a small silver glock just in case. In reality, if the cops saw me with a gun, a bag of Skittles, or even a loosey cigarette, they would probably shoot me and ask questions about my permit later.

Holy crap! Where to begin here? She is a  Sci-Fi SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and if I had time to search, I would probably find her opinion about Sad Puppies being less than positive bemoaning the death of the Hugo Awards and complaining about the White Supremacists that are trying to ruin Science Fiction today. She does a good job interjecting the Trayvon Martin case although again, why she brings cops with it is kinda weird. Small silver Glock? Chroming the plastic is gonna be a bitch.

And so now, Georgia’s open carry policy, the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and the whole foundation of America’s justice system works as it was always intended: allowing certain people to feel safe at the expense of others existing in fear. I was without arms and face-to-face with a man who may or may not have wanted to kill meand a man who had the freedom to make that decision without repercussions.

I still don’t get this “Misery loves and mandates company” Liberals want to impose on the rest of us. It is your choice to live afraid and cowardly, but you don’t get to mandate the same for the rest. Besides, it would clearly go against what you want for people, equal rights, no? Your insane fears do not make for good policy, that is how lynchings used to get started.

After he burrowed his nose into every corner of the bookstore, all he bought were two button pins with probably the most unpolitical messaging on them. I didn’t get to see them, but I know the store carries some very alluring pins of cats. Maybe he got those? At the counter, he showed the employee his Harry Potter tattoo. He made uncomfortable comments about how the tattoo reminds him of seeking truth and justice against liars, loud enough for all of us to hear. He talked about his “no good” ex. He said “open carry” ensures that his son respects him.

Feast your eyes in what probably is a pure example of a concatenated rambling cliche. She was just missing the Rebel flag in that picture. smh.

Once he left, the rest of us still in the store let out a communal, belly-deep sigh. One customer noticed that subconsciously all the books they had collected to purchase were about men and violence. “They take up so much space,” the customer said with regard to the man who just left and the bundle of books in their arms.

You can almost smell the sweated patchouli from the effort it took Ms. Campbell to come up with this pretty SJW picture. The hidden hand of the subconscious guided the real hand of a poor shopper into the proper answers to be found in books, yeah right.

So who is the author:

Bianca Campbell writes with the amazing women at Echoing Ida to promote the voices of Black women on reproductive justice. She is also a doula and co-director of ARC Southeast, a regional reproductive fund and advocacy organization.

I admit I did not know what a doula was so I searched it and according to Wikipedia:

also known as a birth companion and post-birth supporter, is a nonmedical person who assists a woman before, during, and/or after childbirth, as well as her spouse and/or family, by providing physical assistance and emotional support.

Huh? I looked some more and found a website that pretty much explains doulas and what they do: basically they are cheerleaders for pregnant mothers. What I found amazing was that the word is from the ancient Greek and means “Female Slave.”

I give up. I cannot deal with so much fail without heavy amounts of coffee.  You go on and read the article on your own.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “A nice piece of Fiction.”
  1. I’ll call BS. NONE of that happened.

    And “open carry license”? Is that a thing anywhere?

    1. Came to say that very thing. There’s no such thing in most states. Only a few states (IN, I think is one of them) requires one to get a permit in order to carry (no method is specified-open or concealed).

  2. Two nations, inside a bookstore. One nation (SocialJusticeStan) of infantilized simps utterly dependent on the government for food and protection, who fear people enjoying the freedom to resist deadly force with deadly force. The other nation–the Founders’ Republic– wondering what the hell happened to the country of Captain John Parker.

    Complete. Disconnect/

  3. The comments were almost as entertaining as the article. I too believe this never happened. Some SJW made it up to see here name in print. It sounds like Georgia’s permit is similar to Iowa’s. We have a permit to carry weapons. The word concealed appears no where on it. If I want to open carry, all I have to have is my permit and liberals be damned.

    My buddy from China, Ho Li Fuk is just shaking his head.

  4. “small silver glock”?

    She must be one of those who is so ignorant on guns that she believes “glock” is a slang term for “gun”, and not a recognized, respected manufacturer or patented product line.

    You can call a Harley Davidson a “bike”, but that doesn’t turn your Huffy with the training wheels and tassels into a Harley.

    1. Dang! That means my Schwinn with the banana seat and clacker in the wheel isn’t a Harley…

  5. Wait, I don’t get it. If everyone is allowed to open-carry firearms, then how does that prevent some people from being able to carry while others are permitted?

    The only people who want to restrict who can and can’t carry firearms are the anti-gun psychos.

  6. I like the “I was without arms and face-to-face with a man who may or may not have wanted to kill me—and a man who had the freedom to make that decision without repercussions.”

    So, did anything bad happen? Well, he did buy two decorative pins so clearly he was a threat to society and everyone in the store. /end sarcasm

    Last time I checked, if he killed this little SJW, he would be arrested, prosecuted, and most assuredly convicted, so that is a pretty big repercussion for murder.

    If she wants to talk about deterrence, perhaps she should not be “without arms” as she bemoaned.

    One final thing, being a doula and for “reproductive justice” (i.e. abortion) are diametrically opposed. If you support killing babies in the womb because they are inconvenient for a woman and later being a cheerleader for a woman to give birth, you are really confused. The crazy comes through loud and clear.

  7. There are some serious logical and ethical discrepancies in this.

    “Kenya Harris was an alleged beatdown.” Yes, by a cop. So, going with traditional liberal logic, only cops should have guns. So what does that add to this story. But because she is a new Black Activist SJW liberal, cops shouldn’t have guns, and so nobody should have guns? And how a beating by a cop relates to civilian (even through cops technically are civilians) carry is still dubious.

    “I probably could have taken him on in a fair fight. Lord knows, I’ve fought men bigger than him before.” So she’s totally OK with violence. In fact, she’s somewhat proud of her violent abilities. But gun are a no, no.

    “I’m imagining myself as Storm from X-Men dismantling oppressive systems with Black feminist thunderstorms.” So is she imagining a lightning based genocide of white males everywhere, or just specific white males in positions of power? Either way, as a white male, I am actually afraid of someone who daydreams about killing me and my son because of our skin color and gender.

    “The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and the whole foundation of America’s justice system works as it was always intended: allowing certain people to feel safe at the expense of others.” WTF is she talking about? First, when did feeling safe become part of the Constitution? Second, the idea that all men are created equal and all citizens (per the 14th A) have equal rights under the law, flatly contradicts the notion that the Constitution has a two tier system of citizenry.

    “After he burrowed his nose into every corner of the bookstore, all he bought were two button pins with probably the most unpolitical messaging on them.” Either she was disappointed that he didn’t buy a dozen copies of The Turner Diaries as stocking stuffers to prove he was a racist or she can’t believe a person would walk into a store and walk out without spending much money. I can’t tell.

    “One customer noticed that subconsciously all the books they had collected to purchase were about men and violence.” So most of classical Sci-Fi, Fantasy, mystery, comic books, graphic novels, history… pretty much everything but paperback romance/erotica except for Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray. But I don’t get what the problem is here. Unless she thinks that books about “men and violence” lead to men causing violence – because that argument totally hasn’t been destroyed with both rock music and video games. So are we to start burning books now?

    Whether or not this scenario happened, what I learned is that this woman is a big ball of crazy. Sure, I hate open carry as much as the next CCW permit holder, but I think it is paranoid to see white supremacists lurking in every corner. She’s obviously OK with violence and possibly mass murder, as long as the right people are getting killed with the right implements (cop shoots black man = bad, white people being exterminated with electricity or gas = good?). She both doesn’t understand America the Constitution, and hates them at the same time. If this article is supposed to scare me, it did. I’m scared of this woman.

    1. J. seriously. You HAVE to open your own blog. You do some fine writing and it is getting wasted in the comments.
      Anybody else agrees?

      1. I’ll second that. Although, as a concealed carry permit holder, I do 100% support open carry. I don’t how they carry, just so long as they carry.

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