Rainer Hachfeld cartoon

Rainer Hachfeld is a German freelance cartoonist who appears to specialize on shocking people.  Now this cartoon would have gone ignored the way of the rest of his production in the US if it was not by the re-distribution by our dear friends of the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence. They claim to be as horrified but needed to share with everybody else. Yeah, right.

Now, in my case, I really do not care about what people outside the U.S. have to say about the fight for our rights and certainly and with relish not the Germans, as the bill for the shit their grandparents pulled on 10 million of what they called “Untermenschen” is still due.

Hat Tip to @beepx22


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “A Rainer Hachfeld’ cartoon is making the happy rounds with the Antis.”
  1. Never heard of him – he isn’t even well known in his own country.
    Browsed through his archive – ist’s a pool of stupidity.

    P.S.: Yeah right. “[…] as the bill for the shit their grandparents pulled on 10 million of what they called “Untermenschen” is still due.” – by that logic you are responsible for the native americans killed by your government last century 😉

    1. Not anymore…they have casinos now. 😀

      Kidding aside, it is my firm opinion that the German character remains the same as pre-1930s. They are so anti-semite that they are being gan-raped by the muslim takeover but since they both sport the same hate for Jews and others, they don’t mind being the greased hole.

      1. Both, the jewish and the muslim community, are very strong in our country.
        Both, the muslims and socialists, are very anti-semite.
        This collides with the jewish community, which is also traditional strongly pro-US.
        But that kinda collides with the “new” german patriotism, which is not anti-US but more pro-Europe (not EU) and supports Israel.
        But that draws a clear line: The new patriotism and the Jews on one side and the socialist with the muslims on the other side (of course, I’m over-simplifying).
        The socialists (you call them “liberals”) are our “ruling elite” and controls virtually all of our media. These guys are as anti-german as one can be. They are no indication of the “german character”.
        Anti-semitism is no part of that character. As a reminder: during the Secon World War there where quite a few US-americans who thought that the deportation of jews was a good idea but I wouldn’t call the american character “anti-semite”.

        The german charcter hasn’t changed the past 1.000 years or more.
        It was Hitler who tried to change that and he partially suceeded – unfortunaly.
        We are very law abiding citizens. That comes from the fact that germany never really was a single country – the numerous kings and dukes and whatnots kept themselves in check (“checks and balances” 😉 – even the emperor was only a king or duke) – that also explains why germany was pretty peaceful for an european country (we mostly fought with ourselves ^^).

        When Hitler seized power it was the first time in our history that someone had absolute power over ALL germany. That was unusual – and it explains why it took nearly a decade for real resistence to form (as a bonus: martyrdom is not exactly a career path in german culture, that strongly hindered sucessful assassinations).

        But now our government is on the way to, once again, seize absolute power.
        And once again it takes some time to form resistance (we’re still used to 1.000 years of petty dukes who kept themselves in check ^^ )

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