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Mark Caputo is with Politico.

The there was the revolving door with the media and the Obama administration.

As the rhetoric gets more and more out of control, and we seem to get pushed more and more towards a violent confrontation to resolve a number of problems in this country, there is a fact I’d like to remind some people of.

I believe many in the legacy media have a love of Water Duranty.  He lied, covered for, and supported Stalin and won a Pulitzer for it.  They see themselves less as a Woodward and Bernstein trying to hold truth to power and more of a Walter Duranty, winning awards and praise for pushing an ideology.

There are a few other named I think they should add to their collective memory.

Julius Streicher, publisher of Der Strumer.

William Joyce, known as Lord Haw-Haw

John Amery

These men were all hanged for being Nazi propagandists.  They never carried a gun in combat, patrolled a death camp, beat prisoners, or ordered massacres.  All they did was put pen to paper and their voice to the radio.

Propagandists are combatants.  They have been dealt with as such.

The media in this country needs to ask itself this very important question:

“Do we follow in the footsteps of Cronkite, and Woodward and Bernstein, or do we follow in the footsteps of Streicher, Joyce, and Amery?”

They can’t do both.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “A tad bit of history”
  1. “The press is not your enemy.” I respectfully disagree. People who think the constitution “grants rights” from an all powerful government to the people, people who thinks I am a terrorist because I own firearms, people who want to take everything I own and give to someone who hasn’t earned anything, and people who think it’s necessary to harass and intimidate innocent people on the street because of their political preference, but can’t take a protest directed at them, ARE my enemies.

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