They only work if the people you are using them against have some sort of morality. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and setting yourself for failure and jail time.

For all we hate them, Antifa is effective. Canadian truckers? Not so much.

There is a lesson to be learned here.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “A thing about peaceful protests.”
  1. They only work if the people you are using them against have some sort of morality.

    Had the Japanese got as far as India, Gandhi’s theories of “passive resistance” would have floated down the Ganges River with his bayoneted, beheaded carcass.” — Mike Vanderboegh.

  2. The ultra left nutballs are all in dither because they’re having to keep calling the truckers ‘nazi’s’ etc. but also having to continue hating the police and their Gestapo tactics.

  3. Remember what is happening to the people that dared to enter the US Capitol on January 6, 2021?

    The Canadian Liberal Fascist Government has already said they are going after every protester if it takes months or years. They are freezing their bank accounts, pulling licenses, canceling insurance and bonds, seizing business assets. And the Ottawa Police are BRAGGING about it.

    They are not using January 6 as a model. They are using Stalin and Lenin as a model. All against people peacefully protesting against their government in Ottawa, their federal capitol (equivalent to DC). They intend to destroy people that dared to protest Justin Trudeau and the ridiculous COVID Mandates.

    Justin Trudeau is a coward who is going to drown Canada in blood.

    1. Oh. BTW
      The Ottawa Police Cheif Sloly was fired/resigned a week ago at the request of the City Council I bet he is thanking his lucky stars. The Ottawa Police Board and the lunatic in charge of it, Diane Deans hired a new police chief Friday 2/11. Matt Torigian watched the developments and a few police board meeting; and said, “Nah!!!” Sunday, two days later. Also, No, you do not owe me anything, I am going to stay far, far away from Ottawa. The guy in the video is the interim police chief.
      Like all good Liberals, the majority of Ottawans despise the police. Watch them throw all the police under the bus in the next six weeks.

      1. C’mon, the Nika riots were as close to the Antifa riots as you’ll find in antiquity — the super-rich manipulated legitimate law enforcement into an abuse of power to try to protect their positions. Two chariot racers — one from the Blues, one from the Greens — committed some crime (lost to history, from what I know) that usually warranted the death penalty — a real crime, not something like lese majeste. The possibility the two popular jocks would be executed angered the populace.

        Meanwhile, Justinian’s legal and tax reforms were pressing on the rich and powerful. They couldn’t bribe the guy in charge of the tax reforms fast enough to protect all the carve-outs they’d accumulated over the centuries, and the legal reform made it impossible for their lawyers to cite contradicting case law dating all the way back to Julius Caesar. The same lawyer would argue opposing decisions as “precedent” depending on which gave him an advantage — Justinian’s reforms introduced specific case law and precedents being overridden.

        So the rich made it clear to the plebs they’d support them against the emperor, seeded the crowd at the chariot races with instigators, and “gave them room to destroy”. The rich then found a distant cousin of Justinian’s and picked him to be their compliant replacement.

        Granted that Justinian didn’t handle the beginning of the riot well — reportedly fleeing to the palace and plotting to abandon the capitol to re-take it later, choosing a civil war over putting down a riot. But, again reportedly and I’d heavily salt the claim due to its source, Theodora chewed out the life-long high-rank men and shamed them into standing up to the mob.

  4. You have to give TPTB enough rope to hang themselves.
    Govt. Goes Full Retard: Achievement unlocked.

    The question is whether, next time, the truckers will go all Concord Bridge and Bunker Hill, and then string Turdoo up by his scrawny neck, or whether they’ll just turn belly up, knuckle under to the new Soviet Union overlords to our north, serve them tea and biscuits, and go back to work in the salt mines.

    They have the moral high ground, and if they next become Catholics in Belfast levels of ungovernable, there’s no one to blame for it but Turdoo and his turdooligans in the pic.

    Mind that these are descendants of the Tories who thought George III was a rather decent chap, and the Quebecois (who should have been permanently decamped to France circa 1760) are even Lefter than that.

    What happens now determines whether they wish to be actually free, or merely well-tended sheep to be fleeced and slaughtered, at the farmer’s whim.
    History says the former is like trying to pull to an inside straight.

  5. Don’t think of actual peaceful protest and civil disobedience as the full means nor that it’s supposed to win instantly.

    It’s a tactic, like deescalation or ‘verbal judo’, a way to tell someone to back off now, peacefully, and with an opportunity to save face. It also gets your message out that you are reasonable people who want to do normal life stuff, not violent nutjobs. You want to build sympathy over time.

    And if a government reacts with waaaaayyyyyy too much force, they become the baddies. The mask comes off the nature of the rulers, and it become more obvious if and when the people actually need to escalate.

    Don’t forget that a lot of the events preceding the American Revolution could be considered peaceful protest.

  6. I am not sure why, but this gives me the feel of the Russian revolution of 1905.

    May be because before 1905 there still was belief in petitioning Tzar for redress of grievances. But no such illusions after.

    It is possible this is what is happening right now in the West. Illusions crushed. Trust in governing bodies destroyed. Police and military despised. Society fractured.

    We are here.

    1. Given that mandates are dropping even in blue states like Massa-2-shytts, what’s the over&under on Canadian Truckers immigrating down here legally since we have a legitimate shortage of Truckers here??

  7. Nobody did anything spicy after the demonrat Gestapo murdered a half dozen defenseless demonstrators on J6 (and then spent the whole year after kidnapping and torturing dissidents), why would this latest act of brutality be any different?

    At this point I’m pretty much resigned to just enjoying myself as I can, while I can.

  8. I remember watching the movie GHANDI with my parents. My father, at the end, said that India and Pakistan were only released from British rule because the British were a noble people, and could be shamed when they understood what they were doing. Now, I’m not advocating throwing The Switch, I’m merely pointing out with regret: TINVOWOOT. Alas.

  9. The Canadian government will just keep pushing until they get the one violent reaction they are searching for so they can then scream about it as justification for everything that led up to it. If the truckers ARE going to do violence, they need to do it under the radar. Like finding those cops on the street and having a ‘conversation’ with them. Let the world know just who ordered them to do that, and who willingly did it. Perhaps disabling cop cars, or those of the tyrant MPs, things like that, that can’t be pinned on them with proof.

  10. I agree with Jeff. “Wait? What? Don’t I remember you ordering us OUT of Ottoman (autocorrect, not satire….I think…) and vandalizing the trucks of those who did not depart? And thumping on the guys who stuck around? And horse-stomping the little old lady who waved an “assault sign” at a cop? Why, being the good subject that I am, when Justinian Turdoo ordered me to go home, why, I went home!”


    “I’m feeling kinda feverish, I am. Body aches, too. Gonna have to go to my doctor’s, in 2weeks when I have my appointment, and get that test, I am!”

  11. Well, except for happening in different cities, the police largely didn’t change. The difference is the attitude towards the protestors and their causes among the people in charge of the police. Antifa was never going to get an aggressive reaction from leftist governments.

    I’m reminded of a Tea Party protest at an Obama appearance in Illinois that was met with police in riot gear. Nothing happened, of course, but the response was obviously at the demand of the local pols, not based on any honest threat assessment.

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